The Value of Personal Development

I read a blog post from Katie Freiling She emailed a message with the link from Maui where she is attending an Internet Marketing Summit. The course cost $5K.

This made me reflect on how much money I have spent over the years on my education since I left University. I often hear people say they have spent $50K, $100K or more. I just did a quick rec and I am in the $100K+ category. Oh and that does not include a huge amount on books, tapes and CDs.

I did my first personal development course in 1978 and I remember it was $900. Now $900 back then was a huge amount of money. I have continued to spend on ongoing education over the years. Right now I am on a steep learning curve on internet marketing and social media. I love it except for the technical side.

My education since Uni has been mixed. I have done many personal development courses in various formats. I have also attended workshops and seminars on wealth creation, property, internet marketing, share trading, sales, marketing, training to train, speed reading, leadership and the list goes on…

I sometimes wonder who I would be had my journey not taken me down this path. I was also privileged to work with a company that promoted some leading educators for a number of years. This time was continual learning and I got to hang out with some amazing people.

For me personal development is the most important. All the share trading, property investment and “how to” courses in the world will not help you if you do not like yourself. Your self esteem and how you feel about yourself is key.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” Di Barr

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4 thoughts on “The Value of Personal Development

  1. Christy Dutilly

    I hope we all aspire to be life long learners. I too have invested in myself at more than 100k and won’t stop there. It is such a pleasure and a journey I am so thankful to be on.
    You must have the confidence and also the motivation to act on what you learn. If you act, the lessons learned and the seminars attended will more than pay for themselves. I have experienced it time and time again as I am certain you have. Let’s join Katie and Jonathan next time!

  2. Sue Post author

    I agree with your comment and applying what we learn is key. Hey I agree we will join Katie and Jonathan next time! Sue

  3. Adam Robinson

    I think investing in yourself is the best investment of all. That is an investment that no one can take away from you. And it sure is going to produce. People who continue to invest in themselves, I think, are the ones who truly believe in themselves. Otherwise, why would they even bother. I’m sure you’ll be able to help a lot of people because of your education. And I admire you for that.

    1. Sue Post author

      Adam I could not agree with you more and a great point you raise in that no one can take it away from you.

      I know many successful people who continue to improve themselves and develop. It is ongoing and very worthwhile.

      All the very best to you.