Kalatu Blog – ENv3

Kalatu Blog - ENv3 is Empower Network's third blogging platform.  This third time and they have  real winner. I have not met an Empower Network affiliate who is not in love with this platform - and it is still in beta. Affiliates that have been inactive are flocking back. This is a breath of fresh [...]


Network Marketing as an Option to Retiring

Most people nearing the age where they would be retiring are coming to terms with the fact it unlikely they will have the resources to do this. I have been suggesting that a great alternative is to consider network marketing or internet marketing as an option. In another post I discussed this option. You can [...]


The Lifestyle of an Entrepreneur

Does an entrepreneur always have an amazing lifestyle? The answer in my experience is no. It is possible  to.....depending on what type of business you build. If you want to have an awesome lifestyle as an entrepreneur it is very important how you choose your business. My husband and I have recently moved house and [...]

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