Your Story Is Not Your Own

Your story is your story but your story is not your own.      Someone needs to hear your story. Many people need to hear your story. I did a webinar training session with Ray Higdon this week which was jam packed with pearls of wisdom and this particular concept Ray shared really resonated with me. I [...]


Retiring : Is It An Option?

Will retiring become a thing of the past? Are those blissful years of being a grey nomad now a thing of the past? In Australia the age when people can get a government funded pension is being increased to 70 over the coming years. But even at 70 will people have enough money for retirement [...]


Belief : Believe in Yourself

Belief - to believe in yourself is something we know is essential for success and yet at times most of us doubt ourselves. Recently I wrote a post Expectations – Do You Expect to Win?   where I talked about we get what we expect not necessarily what we desire. To expect to win, to achieve [...]


The Vision for Your Business

First up let me ask you … do you have a vision for your business? If you do can you clearly and quickly articulate it? You would be surprised how many people or businesses do not have a vision and if they do it is sort of muddled in their head. I have seen businesses [...]


Bouncing Back from Hard Times

In my last post I discussed Getting through Hard Times.    Let’s look now at bouncing back from hard times. I was on a weekly webinar yesterday where our guest presenter was Kevin Knecht. Kevin and his wife Melissa are amazing examples of bouncing back from hard times. They were bankrupt and have gone on to [...]


Getting Through Hard Times

Hard times – tough times happen to us all. So how do you get through these times?   The loss of a loved one, a relationship break-up, losing your job or business, financial stress, illness….  hard times come in many ways throughout our life and they happen to us all. I have a belief that it [...]


Expectations: Do You Expect to Win?

The topic of expectations has been following me this week. In my last post I wrote about 5 Tips for Success in Your Business The last tip was about expectations and expecting to win and to expect greatness. This message has been significant for me this week and I have had several "ah ha" moments. [...]


5 Tips for Success in Your Business

I heard these 5 tips for success in your business on a live webinar last week. I share the tip then expand it with my perspective. There are many people who have written on this subject but somehow some of the fundamentals do not get followed.  Even when we know them! The person running the [...]


The Truth About 100 Percent Commissions

When Empower Network introduced 100 percent commissions I remember thinking how is this possible? I have a business degree and worked as a CPA for much of my life. I then worked as a Financial Planner. I understand every business needs to be profitable to stay in business. Paying 100% Commissions brought up so many [...]


Reinventing Yourself: Life After 50

Yes there is life after 50 and yes it can be rich and rewarding.  And yes reinventing yourself is possible.These can be the best years of your life if you embrace your age and are prepared to continue to grow as a person.I was inspired to write this post after listening to an interview I [...]

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