Wisdom from a Great Mentor

Dr Fred Grosse – Wisdom from a Great Mentor

WisdomI am very grateful to have worked with some wonderful teachers in my life. One that I consider a wise mentor is Dr. Fred Grosse. My husband, Ivan, sent me an audio late yesterday afternoon which he had received from Dr Fred. It is an interview which took place after a training day Dr. Fred had conducted.

Ivan wrote in the email to me “Did you get this e-mail, I just listened to the recording of the interview, it is a great refresher.”

I had not received the email but the timing was perfect. Yesterday I had one of those days that you would rather do without. I could not get a browser to work for more than 5 minutes at a time and spent half the day on the phone with tech support people  – but enough of that. I knew listening to Dr. Fred Grosse was just what I needed to get me out of my “poor me-victim” type thoughts.

Listening to the interview which was around 25 minutes long was just what I needed. It indeed was a great refresher as Ivan had suggested. Before I tell you what the audio was “refreshing” for us I need to share about Dr. Fred Grosse.

About Dr. Fred Grosse 

I met Dr. Fred Grosse when I was part of  a company that put on events in Australia and we promoted him down here. He is one of the most amazing, interesting and special  people I have ever met.  Dr.Fred works as a corporate coach and mentor. He is an ordained Rabbi and has a doctorate in clinical psychology along with a whole string of other qualifications.  He is the author of a book called Black Belt of the Mind and has a couple of CD programs. You can find out more here at his website Dr Fred Grosse.

What is really amazing about the man though is his uncanny ability to “know”. Psychic is the only word I know to use to describe this but does not seem to do him justice.

Listening to the Audio

Back to Ivan saying the audio was a great “refresher”. Ivan and I, along with about 30 others, did a 12 month long mentoring course with Dr. Fred back in mid 2004 to mid 2005.

The structure was 4 meetings of 2 consecutive days with lots of “homework’ in between.  Listening to the audio was a very short summary and reminder of all that we covered and learned in the year. It is clearly difficult to have a year packed into 25 minutes but it ignited memories in me and I wanted to share some of them with you on my blog.

What really stood out for me yesterday in listening to the recap was the closing question the interviewer asked Dr. Fred. I wanted to share with you his answers and see what you think.

Question to Dr. Fred

The interviewer asked something like “What is your defining moment in your career of 40 years in the coaching arena – everyone has one”.

Dr Fred answered ” I think when I decided I was an international and that I live in the entire world.” He said that together with his core beliefs  result in him seeing himself as a true International. His core beliefs are:

  1. That he does not want to look back and have regrets.
  2. Stay fit and healthy and live beyond 120. And to develop a program to teach others to do the same.

I have heard him say many times he plans to live to 120. I remember the first time I heard it I could not even comprehend someone thinking they would live that long. I have well and truly since warmed to the idea.

Over dinner last night Ivan and I discussed and revisited Dr. Fred’s teaching and decided to go back through our workbooks. I will be sharing some of my learning here with you as we do that.

But back to living to 120 and being a true international. When I was about 10 at school we were asked to write about what we wanted to do when we grew up (like all 10 year olds really know that)!  I wrote that I wanted to grow up and travel to every country in the world and meet everyone.  My teacher told me that was ridiculous. Maybe the meeting every person was but the travelling part I thought was realistic 🙂

Dr. Fred and his wife  live between the USA and Christchurch, New Zealand with many visits to other countries.

Here is my perspective on living to 120+. I would love to if I am fit and well. I still have so much I want to do and achieve. I also like the idea that there is still so much time left for me and it feels invigorating. I compare this to some of my friends who are also baby boomers and talk as if they are on the last stage of their life.

I hope you have enjoyed me sharing some of the wisdom from a great mentor – Dr. Fred Grosse. What  do you think about the idea of living to 120? I would love to hear your comments on this and if you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends.






Sue Price
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21 thoughts on “Wisdom from a Great Mentor

  1. Adrienne

    Sounds like you both enjoyed going back over those lessons you had learned from Dr. Free.

    I don’t know about that living to be 120 Sue. Even if I were healthy I don’t know if I would want to live that long. I have a feeling that things aren’t going to be as pleasant by the time I reach my late 90’s and I’ll probably be ready to check out what else there is.

    One thing I do know is I’ll look forward to what you’ll be sharing with us. Some of the lessons you’ve shared with us so far have been wonderful and this man sounds like he really taught you both quite a bit. I’m anxious to know what that entailed.

    So, here is to what you’ll be sharing next and hope you’re having a much better day.

    See you later!

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I was like you when I first heard him say about living to 120. I am optimistic that things will be good. I am halfway through reading a book by J Budd and Frank Kern were raving about called “Abundance – the future is better than you think” by Peter Diamandis. It is a bit heavy but sees the future as good 🙂

      Dr Fred is an awesome person. We did both learn a lot from him and I just loved being around him. He is a real straight shooter but in a very supportive way.
      I am looking forward to diving into his content and what I learned and sharing it.

      Great to see you today and I love that we were all feeling the same way. 🙂

      Have a great rest of your week.


  2. Elaine Horner

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Fred Grosse. I enjoyed listening to a few of his video clips. Why not live until 120. Yes, Sue there is so much to do that we need extra years. Every year on Feb 1 I always remember the birthday of George Beverley Shea who is now 103. Here is a clip of him at 102 receiving a grammy award.
    I met him at Lake Louise AB a few years ago. What a humble man with so much to offer.
    I have noticed such a sharp contrast between a lot of people my age who are excited about life and are living it to the fullest and those that consider themselves old and have not much time left. I feel like shouting “Get a Life”.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Elaine

      I am with you there is so much to do and I would love some extra years to fit them all in.

      I have not heard of George Beverley Shea before and the video will not work for me after an ad played it said “it is not available”. I googled him and found lots more though, so thanks for that. An amazing man and a grammy at 102 is so special. Just shows us we are never too old to go for dreams.
      Great that you got to meet him and in one of my favorite places in the world (well that I have seen so far anyway).

      I see that total contrast of the attitudes too. We live in a holiday town and there are a lot of retired people here. Some having a ball and as you say living life to the fullest and then there are the others!

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing about George Beverley Shea with us.


  3. Donna Merrill

    Hi Sue!

    Thank you for sharing your experience and introducing me to Dr. Fred Grosse. I don’t know of him, but am looking forward to your posts. He sounds like the “real deal.” to me.
    As for living to 120 – I believe that is a good way to see oneself. If we do, it inspires us not to give up or give in, but rather see a longer time ahead. Therefore, it makes me want to eat better, exercise, and keep myself in shape to achieve that goal.
    That’s a wise number to comprehend, but having that mindset is awesome.

    Looking forward to more in your next post,
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      He is the real deal. When I was writing this you kept crossing my mind. I guess because you are both psychics. He also is from New York. He now has a house in Phoenix and in Christchurch. His wife is a Kiwi (that is a New Zealander).

      I find the thought of living for a long time just like you say – I am inspired on many levels. If I ever go into the “time is running out” thinking I feel depressed.

      I am looking forward to sharing some of his concepts and what I learned.

      Nice to see you today.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Carol

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I am with you in that I too know people who are miserable at 30 and others who are vibrant at 90.
      I had a close friend when we turned 30 who started behaving like a middle age person and here was I thinking I was still a teenager waiting to know what I would do when I grew up. Hmm sometimes I still feel like that 🙂

      Hope you are having a good week Carol.


  4. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    I think that for some reasons I’d missed this post.

    I am not familiar with Dr. Fred, but as you know what he teaches is right up my alley and would love to know more about him.

    your post, somehow, made me think of a conversation I had just a few minutes ago with an acointance of mine. He was asking me if I had the flu shot and I was telling him that I haven’t had the flu since 1994 LOL, and that I set my mind NOT to have the flu 🙂 Just by going to get that shot it would put my frame of mine into the assumption that I am “scared” that I might get the flu, and I totally refuse this.

    I believe that believing that you will live to 120 will get you there 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Sue.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      Thanks for coming back to this post. Oh yes I am sure you would love Dr Fred and yes what he teaches is similar to your LOA.

      Oh and I am with you on flu shots. I think the only one I had was around the same time as you. You know what happened of course to me – I got the flu and a terrible reaction to the shot. So now I too do it your way.

      The beliefs people have around how long they will live and their health I too believe will be what happens to them. I am sure Dr Fred with live to 120. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

      Hope you are having a great week Sylviane.


  5. Viola Tam

    Hi Sue,

    This is an amazing message! Live until 120. I have been lead to a path of wellness since my association with Neways International. I was educated by the UK researcher, Philip Day, about the possibilty of living to 120. After a number of years on superier nutritional supplements, I set my goal to live to a HEALTHY 100.

    Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom from Dr. Fred. I will re-visit this blog post again and again…. who knows? maybe I will re-adjust my goal to live until healthy 120 as well.

    I have recently re-joined the company after a 12 break. I look forward to meeting up with Philip again when he comes up for another round of educational seminar in Australia.

    For those who may want to check out Philip Day, here is the link:

    Be Blessed, Sue.

    Viola Tam
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Viola

      Of course with your professional interests you embrace the wellness principles and possibilities. I do as well but still was surprised when I heard 120 the first time. Dr Philip Day sounds very interesting and I will check him out.

      I did not know you had a break from the business so all the best with it again.

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend Viola and have a wonderful week to come.


  6. Raena Lynn

    Hi Sue,

    Wow, Dr. Fred Grosse sounds like an amazing person! I’ve never heard of anyone referring to themselves at an “International.” I found that intriguing. Also, the fact that he plans to live 120+ is quite incredible. I’ve heard of people saying they want to live to be over 100, but 120+ is a first. I think he will make it because of his perspective of life. I really like this guy and I can see why you admire him. With the information you presented so far, I am very interested in reading more about his teachings. Mission accomplished Sue! I will return!

    Raena Lynn
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Raena

      Thanks for making it here. 🙂

      I know one other person who considers he is International. He is also a speaker but on property investment. He was born in New Zealand, lived in Australia for much of his youth and now lives in the USA. He has though lived in many places and has parents from Europe. I used to introduce him as “a citizen of the world”. I thought that was cool.

      I agree with you he will most likely make 120 because of how he lives his life.

      Nice to see you today. I love our hangouts.

      Have a good rest of your week Raena.


  7. Sonia

    I think the moral of his teachings is to have the ultimate goal and life your life as you move towards it. His mind is to live to 120yrs old and he just might get there. Whether he makes it there or not, he will keep him motivated to stay at optimal health and eat the right things to stay healthy each and every day. I like the way he thinks and he doesn’t make impossible goals, but goals to look forward to.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Julia

      Firstly apologies for my delay in responding to your comment. I am on the other side of Australia as my mother has been very ill and I have not been online.

      You know I think I agree with you on the lifespan. My mother is 84, my father 85 and both are going into care. I want to live as long as I can and be healthy and fit. I think the important thing is to live each day to the fullest.

      Thanks for your comment.

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