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Empower Network offers a blog for each of its members within a WordPress blog system. It means people can get started blogging very easily without the steep learning curve. I think it is perfect for anyone starting out online, building a Network Marketing business or doing Affiliate Marketing.

The system eliminates the need to maintain your blog, learn SEO and all the other things that go with having your own independent blog.

For some time now I have been really clear I do not want people in my MLM down line to lose as much time and focus as I did with a huge learning when first coming online. Maintaining a WordPress blog takes consistent time and effort.

However until now I was unsure as to which way to lead people. I want to work online and I want my team to do the same but I want us all to be efficient. I was looking for a solution that could eliminate or reduce the lengthy learning curve for people.  I have found what I was looking for with Empower Network.

When I first came online two years ago I had been told I needed a blog as my “home”. At the time I was pretty much technophobic. To give you an idea, when someone asked me what browser I was using I did not know what a browser was!!! I had been in management positions most of my life and had someone to do my online work. So it was a daunting process for me. I had never heard of plugins, widgets, SEO and so the list went on.

I found an online webinar course on WordPress taught by fellow Aussie Jodie Thompson along with her US partner Kimberly Castleberry. It ran for 6 weeks and in that time I built my blog. The fact I did it still amazes many people who know me (including myself).

Then I repeated the course – a few times. It took me the best part of a year to really know what I was doing. During that time I made very little money and lost sight of the fact I had come online to build my Network Marketing Business Now I realize my story is all too common for many of us finding the online world.

This is why finding Empower Network feels like a total blessing for me.  If I can help others find their feet online relatively quickly I am all for it.  Not only does the system simplify the blogging process it also offers a very lucrative income stream if you refer others to the system. You really can get paid for blogging and reduce the amount of time it normally takes for bloggers to make an income.

I see this can be a great supplementary income for people online. For anyone wanting to quit their JOB this might be your answer in speeding up the process. This can also be an additional income source for Network Marketers as they build their residual income.

Can you see from my experience that Empower Network can provide a simple alternative? Check out more about the Empower Network here.

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