What is MLM? – Part 6

What is MLM?What is MLM? – Part 6

This is my final post in my series What is MLM? I started in part one by explaining what MLM is and dispelling some of the Myths.

In my video here I share with you my two favorite benefits of the MLM model. They are that you can build a Global Business and have an awesome lifestyle.


So what do you think? If you are in an MLM business do you agree with my thoughts? If you are not have I convinced you to consider this model as a business?  Please leave me your comments below. And please share this post with your Twitter and FB friends by clicking on the share buttons. I appreciate you telling others.

If you missed my earlier posts in this series  of What is MLM you will catch them here.


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And that concludes the series of What is MLM?

18 thoughts on “What is MLM? – Part 6

  1. Linda G. Cox

    Thank you Sue!! I have to agree with you, travel is my favorite aspect too! Since I’ve learned that even in my condition I can travel, I’ve started to dream again! I’ve also found that this community online is the greatest! I love surrounding myself with people who agree with me, like you! I know in my heart that I will succeed online! It’s too much fun!
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    1. Sue Post author

      Linda it is so good to see you traveling. I am looking forward to the day we all meet each other. I know we will.

      I also love the online community. I feel like I have known many people here for longer than I have but I think it is because we do really connect.

      Take care


  2. Oliver Tausend

    Hi Sue,

    I enjoyed your personal story and your teachings. Having the head in the clouds and being unrealistic is definitely a good thing. Realism is a flaw in my opinion. A realist is only a pessimist in disguise.

    Building an international MLM business is easy thanks to the internet.

    I second you on your address to the young generation 🙂

    Take care

    Oliver Tausend recently posted..The School System – Entrepreneurial Lessons And The Torture Of ChoiceMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks Oliver. I have enjoyed doing this series. I like your comment on realism very much. I have been told so many times throughout my life I need to be more realistic. I will be borrowing your words next time 🙂

      I love the internet and the opportunities it gives us.

      Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Terry Petrovick

    Great series Sue!

    After being full time for over 17 years in MLM my favorite part is the Quality of Life it has allowed me to create.

    This business has helped me to become the person I am today (and the journey was not always easy), it has helped me to earn millions of dollars and has allowed my kids to have two full time stay at home parents which is rare in today’s economic climate.

    While I have built teams in 16 countries with one business, I found another that allows me to create income streams virtually anywhere in the world.

    Now, I don’t have an interest in traveling to all those countries but I love having income coming in from around the world.

    MLM is a beautiful thing.

    Keep Charging After Your Dreams!

    Terry Petrovick recently posted..The Secrets to Creating High Converting Landing Pages and Squeeze PagesMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for the comment Terry.

      I know you have had an awesome lifestyle because of MLM. Your son did you a real favor all those years ago when he asked you that question and you were wise enough to make the changes. You are an inspiration to many of us in this industry.

      I thank you for opening my eyes to the world online. That has not been easy or quick but it has opened up another world. I too love the idea of a truly global business.

      Have an awesome day.


  4. Shivam Garg

    Hi Sue,
    Well nice blog and comments too.I entered the MLM market a few months ago and i feel that it is the best way i could find to improve my people skills.I just really love to convince people.Every time I get a new follower it boosts my confidence.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Shivam
      Thanks for the comment. I think you are smart to choose MLM to improve your people skills. It is a great industry to learn so many skills.

      All the best.


    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Andrew. I find many people do not understand MLM. I hope I can help them.


    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Gianna
      Thanks for your comment. MLM is a great concept. I initially was very skeptical but I understood it properly. If you have any questions I am happy to have a chat to you. Just let me know.


    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for your feedback. Would love to call you by name but Texas Payday Loans will have to suffice.

  5. Andrea Martinez

    This is very informative article about MLM, I heard it before to my friends and they said that it really helps a lot. They introduce it to me and it finds me good and I think I should try. Internet marketing is such a good way in generating money. Well, anyway thanks for this great contribution about MLM I learn a lot.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Andrea thanks for your comment and I am glad you learned from the article. MLM is a great system and I hope you do try it.


  6. Adam Robinson

    Multi-level marketing is believed to be one of the best industries one can invest into. Its system could provide people the ability to earn with just a very low entry fee. It also involves training which could make one better individuals as well.

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for the comment Adam. Yes MLM is a good model for the reasons you have given. I do think the training is one of the most valuable aspects of MLM.