What do you do when Life Happens?

Life Happens

The words from John Lennon’s song  “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” has always resonated with me but recently it consumed me.

My husband and I had just finished the last module of Ray Higdon’s The Power Mind course (yes it is my affiliate link). The course is all about creating the life of your dreams. Law of Attraction type ideas and excellent content. So I had been redoing affirmations, vision boards and redesigning my Daily Method of Operation.

So I was pumped up to have a very productive December and then the call came from my brother. My Dad was going into permanent care and my Mom was in Intensive Care Unit. My parents live on the other side of Australia from me (like LA to NY).

My parents are in their mid eighties. Dad had a stroke 7 years ago and as a result he cannot care for himself. My mother has been insistent he could not go into care and she would look after him but it has taken it’s toll on her. She has  become run down, very frail and had a fall. She broke her hip had surgery and then had heart failure. So not good!

I managed to get a flight over to Perth where they live and spent almost a week over there.

My Dad is okay he is in a nice place and being cared for well. Mom is out of ICU but still a long way from recovered.  It was heart wrenching to leave her to come back home.

What do you do when Life Happens? – or Sh*t happens?  When it involves your family especially I think most people would be like me and attend to the family crisis and work gets left behind.

Lessons I learned from this episode of Life Happening 

Things like this happen to all of us at times through our life. What it made me really reflect on most was the absolute importance of passive income.  My husband and I have some but not enough to live on.  This event made me vow to get our passive income up to what we want it to be fast. That was my first lesson from this event.

Life Happens – “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

The week I had in Perth was such a reflective time for me. My Dad is in care right opposite where I went to University. It seems like yesterday I was there planning my life ahead. My parents were young and vibrant then and I thought they would last forever. Of course I know no one does live forever but I had that sort of Peter Pan belief happening.

So lesson and vow number two for me was around this. Life does not last forever, we never know when we are going to lose someone we love or when our health will fail us or our loved ones. Seize the moment, live every day as if there are no tomorrows. That is how I intend to live the rest of my days. This is not a dress rehearsal, it is life for real.

Here is a photo of Mom and Dad just 5 years ago.  Life Happens

This was their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married very young and have had a wonderful life together.  Up until this last year even though Dad had had the stroke they were doing pretty well still living in the house I grew up in.

We were in a Stretch Limousine here on our way to a lunch with some of their friends and family. They new about the lunch but the limo was a surprise.

Let me ask it again What do you do when Life Happens? Please share some of the times you have had life exert itself and what vows have your made or lessons have your learned? There are always lessons for us in all things.

Do you have sufficient passive income to allow you to have time off to be with loved ones? If not join me in 2013 and make it the year to build your passive income so where you can do that. To me then I will have true freedom.

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34 thoughts on “What do you do when Life Happens?

  1. Adrienne

    Hi Sue,

    Your parents make a gorgeous couple and it looks like they’ve lived their life to the fullest. Life does get in the way at the most unexpected times.

    Since building my own business online I haven’t really had anything knock me off my feet accept me losing a dear friend this year to cancer. I couldn’t really concentrate and was definitely not my best but I was still functioning and working for the most part.

    The answer to that question for me is no. You are right, we don’t think about that until it happens to us. I’m not taking this for granted at all but it’s obvious I don’t have everything in place as it should.

    I’m already going to be stepping up my game this next year so your post was a good kick in the pants for me. I’m sorry you had to go through this but am so thankful that your Mom is going to be okay.

    Thanks for the wake up call!

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      My parents are lovely. They are special people and have had a beautiful long life together.

      I remember you losing your friend and I know you were still working. I think sometimes working is a good way for us to just keep going. For me traveling and not having access to internet for much of the time made it extra difficult.

      Mom is doing okay. I will be glad when she is out of the hospital and in rehab for her hip.

      I am so determined to get my income up next year. Our mortgage business residual took a hit with the economy but we’ll get back there. I am glad you are going to step yours up too next year. Hey our leader bailed on us this year and I must say I was not expecting that one.

      See you on our hangout tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

      Thanks for your comment Adrienne.

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  2. Raena Lynn

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for sharing your story and posting the picture of your parents. It added so much more to your post because I can see they are a lovely couple! I’ve heard of 50 year marriages, but personally I have not heard of any in the 60″s. They are very fortunate! I’m very glad to hear they are okay.

    Life happens, but I think it goes back to how we handle it. When faced with family or personal issues, it’s almost like a test or lesson. Do we panic and fall apart? Or accept the challenge/s and weave through them so the situation becomes the best it can be under the circumstances? You did exactly what you needed to do. Your family is your main priority and you made sure your parents were taken care of and you took the time needed to ensure their well being. Events which include sickness and loss are the most difficult. We are talking about people here!

    It’s easy to have a plan of how you would handle these types of events, but in reality, we don’t know how we will do until something rocks our world. John Lennon’s lyrics are on target! ”Life is what happens to you while you’re busy
    making other plans.”

    I always wondered how much money the person who coined the words “s*** happens” made? It’s only two words, but I’d say most everyone can relate to it…so true! There’s a lot of things happening around the world…easy way to say it!

    Raena Lynn
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Raena

      My parents hit 65 years of marriage this year! I do not know anyone who is longer either. They have had a long life together and until Dad had his stroke they were going along just great.

      I almost titled this post “What do you do when s++t happens” meaning I was going to put in the real word. I was not sure the reaction I would get so went for the softer option. I did put it in Google Adwords Keyword tool and there are 74,000 global monthly searches for it – so maybe someone did make a lot of money 🙂
      I agree with you we all know what it means and can relate to those two words.

      I know we all have these type of events to deal with in our lives. I look at people like Mark Hoverson and so admire that they have set themselves up financially at a young age. It does make it easier I think if you can just take time out when you need to.

      Thanks for your comment Raena and see you on the hangout soon.

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  3. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    Your parents look great on that picture.

    I know what you mean about thinking back on your life and realizing how time has flown by. It has happen to me so many times.

    I also thought that my mother was going to last forever, and she is now in the last stage of Alzheime disease, and it was so painful to watch her lose her memory. I don’t wish that nasty disease to my worth enemy.

    Thank you for sharing this story and how it made you reflect on where you are in life and what you have to work on to make some things happen.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      Oh wow I did not know your mother has alzheieme. It is a hideous disease for sure. Does you Mother still like in France? I cannot believe how common that disease is now. Awful!

      I think it is really hard to see our parents deteriorate. I guess as they were the ones that initially took care of us. I know it is part of life but it does not make it any easier.

      Life does go so quickly we need to really enjoy every day. I think your work with law of attraction is so important to help people live how they want to.

      Thanks for your comment Sylviane

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  4. Donna Merrill

    Hi Sue,
    First I want to tell you that the picture of your parents is beautiful.
    But, life does happen. I learned that myself last year when hubby and I were doing workshops and such. We were pumped up and ready to roll, then suddenly my father-in-law had a massive heart attack at the age of 87.
    For seven months we were the care takers at home with him. He was too fearful to be in a hospital and also, from his heart attack, his mind went too.
    We couldn’t even have time to blog.
    Eye opener 1: I vowed that if anything happened to me to put me in this condition, I wanted to be in a nursing home so I wouldn’t disrupt my children’s lives. I went to my attorney and had that written up. I won’t be a burden!!!!
    Eye opener 2: Each and every day as I follow my DMO, I must keep in mind that “Life Happens” and if it does, it is ok! People understand.
    Eye opener 3: Life is too short to get wrapped up in business. So every day I try to do something out of my box that has nothing to do with business.
    This all helps me keep a healthier mindset.
    Well, that’s my two cents!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      Thank you for liking that picture. I really love my parents a lot.

      That must have been very difficult for you and David when his father was living with you. I agree with you I do not want to be a burden to my children either. I just hope we are all able to go into care and not think we can manage like my mother did. Clearly she could not manage.

      Oh I love your last Eye opener. Life is too short to be wrapped up in business. So true Donna. I have often heard it said that no one on their death bed says they wished they had worked more. But still people do it, me included for too much of my life. I used to identify myself by my business. I do not do that anymore.

      I think you have a very healthy attitude to life and good balance.

      Thanks for your comment Donna

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  5. Barbara Charles

    Wow Sue! This of course, struck very close to home for me having recently lost a parent. You are so right that passive or residual income is critical for us as we may have to now care for our older parents. The other reason I want to generate this income is so that I will not have to depend on my children. Create it now, so that I am cared for without burden to them. I’ll take that pledge with you for 2013 to get everything in order and create residual income because life is truly now. I keep getting lessons in this daily that life is short and this is the real thing….we don’t get another change to live this one to the fullest. I am so glad they are doing well. You are blessed…love them well. God bless you Sue for being a loving daughter. 🙂
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Barbara

      Of course it would be close to home for you having lost your Dad this year. I am like you I do not want to be dependent on my children either. Or on anyone really. I think we all need to be building our residual income.

      It is strange really as we get to this age as Baby Boomers we are now starting to get a real sense of our mortality. I know when I was in my 20s and 30s I thought I would live forever. I think seeing our parents ill or pass on gives us a real reality check.

      I am lucky to have great parents who I do love very much. Not everyone has that and I am blessed.

      Thanks for your comment Barbara and you go and have an awesome cruise girl!

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          I think by now you will be on the cruise Barbara. Looking forward to seeing your pics



  6. Ken Pickard


    First off what a great story and lesson. Not in the sense that your parents fell ill, but the fact that you shared your journey through it. Your renewed sense of creating a passive income is spot on. Some times we need these little jolts to get us back in the game, and for the right reasons.

    I love the picture of of your parents. What a legacy of life ad love they are leaving to you. i envision the day, when you’ll be able to do what ever you need to because money will not be an issue.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Ken

      Thanks for your feedback. It is often as you say through the little jolts (or Mack Trucks) that we do get serious about our game. I think for me mostly I really “got” that there is not always tomorrow. I now have a sense of urgency I have not had before.

      This was also on the back of our almost 17 year old dog dying. So many changes in our life.

      It is a great picture isn’t it. They have been awesome parents so I am blessed.

      Have a great week Ken

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  7. Sapna

    Hi Sue

    First thing first, the photo of your parents is really gorgeous and you have been a lovely daughter.

    I really don’t know how many of us are truly prepared for, when life happens. I have learnt this the hardway, I lost my parents when I was very young and I was not at all prepared for the same.

    They were very lovely and young couple, nobody expected them to die so early but cancer is a dreadful disease and it attacked my mother as well. My father could not sustain that and he died of heart attack. My mother could not take that and she died after six months, she could have survived for extra years, but Father’s death was the major setback for her.

    They did not plan anything as they were in their forties, I was not knowing where the money of parents was because I was very young, it was with the help of my grandparents I could really figure out the money, the banks and then for the next 4 yrs I lived on the pension, till I completed my Engineering and got a job.

    Really a great post to get reminded for everything, but now for children I have everything in place so that they don’t have to suffer if something happens to me.

    Thanks for sharing this great post, I really appreciate that.

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sapna

      Thanks for the compliment about the photo and me as a daughter.

      Wow it must have been so hard to lose your parents when you were very young. That is such a sad story. So you would have known from a tender age life is not forever. I am sure you take nothing for granted. I am sure you do have everything in place for your children.

      My mother’s mother died when she was 11. Her father did not cope with it and could not look after my mother and her sister. My mother then used to worry that she would die young. I am so happy she did not.

      Thanks for sharing your story here Sapna.

      Have a great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  8. Mary Stephenson

    Hi Sue

    I don’t think we are ever really prepared for what happens. Even those who appear to be prepared. I think about all the family situations and none were really what any of us had expected.

    What does happen in major crisis is that we can be shocked back to the reality of our own mortality and that we are just as vulnerable as the next guy. When it happens to your own family it definitely has a way of impacting your life.

    Only when things are really bleak do we comprehend the errors of not preparing for what might transpire. It is at that time you either sink or swim. My optimism is keeping me a float. But I also know that if all I do is float I will never get to that secure place.

    My point is that the sooner one learns the important lessons in life the better, it is having to repeat them over and over again that is really getting old. But I believe this is the last time I need to learn, if I can just get swimming!

    My parents were late in life when they had me, so when my mother died I was 39 and my dad died 3 years later. It was a shock. My brother in-law who seemed healthy had a massive heart attack this year, that was a huge shock.

    Glad your parents are doing okay.
    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Are Events In Our Lives Predestined?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mary

      I agree I do not think we are ever prepared for these type of events either.

      It is sad that we seem to have these bleak times to comprehend the errors of not being prepared as you say. It seems to be a common thing even where we hear most success stories that people became motivated because of some adversity. I guess it is human nature to some degree.

      39 was young to lose your parents. I am blessed having mine so long. Not many of my friends in my age group have parents still alive.

      Wow I am sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. It is worse when people are younger that this type of thing happens.

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing here Mary.

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  9. Carol Lynn

    Wow Sue, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through such a rough time. I can sympathize with your situation, although somewhat different, my grandmother is elderly and failing and she lives with my parents who try to care for her, but it; incredibly difficult. I live 2 hours away so I try to get up to them once in a while to visit and just give them a break.

    Your parents look so happy in that photo, that seems like it was a great time and a great memory. Those are the important things we have to hold onto, as you say “when life happens”.

    I think when life happens we just go deal with it. Sadly, it’s sometimes the only time we make time to deal with it. There are times I’ll miss a family event or cancel a date because of work and I’ll think “now what if someone got sick, injured or even died… I’d make time then, wouldn’t I? So why not make time NOW when you can enjoy the people in your life?”

    Your point about passive income and building up a reservoir is so relevant. You never know what will happen. It could be a family issue, or even something like the economy. Look at all the people who lost so much. It’s hard to think about stuff like that when things are going well but those are the times when we HAVE to think about it, plan and be as prepared as we can. You never know what will happen and when so try as best to do what we can to prepare and then we just have to be strong enough to get through it to the other side.

    I wish for the quick recovery of your mom and will keep your family in my thoughts.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Carol

      Your grandmother is very fortunate to be able to live with your parents. It must be difficult for them though. It is sort of ironic really when we get to a certain age and our kids are off our hands and we think we will have freedom we have our elderly parents to deal with. It has happened to so many of my friends. For me it is hardest living so far away.

      That is a great photo of my parents and yes nice memories.

      I too have cancelled many events over the years because of work. I think we need to remember at the end of the day our family are so important.

      Yes there are so many people who lost so much with the GFC. In my age group I know many people who’s retirement nest egg was severely eroded. I look at some of the young dudes on the internet who are making really good money and it is great to see them doing it.

      Thanks for your wishes for my mom Carol. I appreciate it. I also appreciate your comment and share here. Thank you.

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  10. Sonia

    Girl, I know how you feel and I am going through some situations in my life too. This post was something I needed to see and I appreciate you sharing your story about your family with us. I couldn’t imagine losing my parents and what you are going through, but happy to hear that they are doing well.

    Life happens more than we know, it just depends on if the person is really “paying attention”. Some people go through stuff and never learn the lesson right in front of them. They either don’t care or it wasn’t serious enough to make a dent in their life. And then something tragic happens and then they learn.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sonia

      I saw your comment on Facebook that you had some personal issues in your life too. Not easy for any of us and I hope yours sort out for you.

      Good point on the “paying attention”. I have a belief that if we do not learn the lessons from adverse events we just keep repeating them. Now I would like to say that I always learn the first time but sadly I have not. I have repeated several situations in my life before I got the lesson.

      Thanks for sharing here Sonia and I hope your situations are sorted soon.

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  11. Justin

    Hi Sue,
    I have a similar situation with my Grandmother. My Grandfather just passed away and now she is alone in a big home. I offered to let her live with me so she would not have to be alone but you know how pride can be. 🙂

    Take Care.
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  12. Kesha Brown

    What do I do when life happens? Like you said – it’s just better for me to “seize the moment.” It can be quite refreshing and positively surprising when life says, “This is happening so take heed NOW!” 🙂

    I also don’t think there’s any point in questioning much or being angry or upset about “life stepping in the way of our plans.” I think that’s what make it so worth living! 🙂

    That’s just my 2 cents though, ha!
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Kesha

      Thanks for your “2 cents”, I appreciate it.

      You have a great point in that it no point in questioning. That can do your head in if you start to go down the “why” path.

      Life is worth living as you say and the best plans can be disrupted.

      Have a great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  13. Viola Tam

    Hi Sue,

    I can understand how you must be feeling when you have to return to your own routine. Me too love that photo of your mum and dad 🙂

    What do I do when life happens? I tend to have this glass half full mentality. My dad passed away 11 years ago when he had had a nasty fall. It was painful as he had always been ‘best friend’. Yet, I looked back at his life. It was a blessed one… and he died of massive injury from the fall. It was something not nice but fitted nicely with his thinking that he would rather die than being a vegetable without quality of life.

    Accepting life as it is is POWERFUL. I am getting better and better at that. Thanks to ageing 🙂

    Have a great Festive Season, Sue!

    Viola The Business Mum
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Viola

      I agree your Dad’s passing sounds like it was in line with his wishes. I know I am blessed to have had my parents for so long. I do not like seeing them the way they are though.

      I am with you on that one accepting life as it is has to be one of the benefits of ageing. I used to whinge a bit about getting older until I read a quote one day that said something like “do not complain about getting older, too many lives are cut short way to soon”. That was a leveler for me!

      You have an awesome Festive Season too Viola. Thanks for your comment here too.

      Sue Price recently posted..What do you do when Life Happens?My Profile

  14. Radu

    I wish you parent get healthy in no time. Anyway, setting up goals will help you to evolve. And to answer your title’s question, deal with whatever hits you.
    Radu recently numberMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Thanks Jess and Brandon. I think we can often learn from the stories of others. Thanks for your comment.