Tony Robbins: 10 Day Challenge and Values

My last post was letting you know that Tony Robbins had a give away book.  If you missed that post I suggest your read that one first.

Here is the link How to Get What You Want

In that post I said the book was only available until the 30th November but it is still there. Here it is again, just click here.

10 Day Mental Challenge

In my last post I mentioned he suggests a 10 day mental challenge. I have shot a video here to explain how it works.



What do you think? Are you up for doing this 10 day mental challenge ?

I tell you what it is not easy. I had a day yesterday when it seemed like everything I did went wrong. Just little things but I could feel myself reacting.

Example –  my internet has been cutting in and out this week. I think it is weather related as we have had storms hanging around and strong winds. But when you are uploading videos or in the middle of editing them and you lose everything do you stay calm?  Hmm I was getting stressed. And then got more stressed at myself being stressed 🙂

I am back on track today with my 10 day mental challenge.  It might be I start over a few times!


Tony Robbins book which is called Re-awakening the Giant Within and is a condensed version of his original book.

Tony says

Values guide our every decision and, therefore, our destiny.

Those who know their values and live by them become the leaders of our society.
They are exemplified by outstanding individuals throughout our nation, from the boardroom to the classroom

– Tony Robbins.

He talks about values in terms of values we move towards to gain pleasure and those we move away from to avoid pain.

I have another video with my take on his message and some examples from my life.

I find it really interesting that he has found that people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.

How do you motivate yourself to do something like in my gym example?

Do you know what your values are? Do you know how your prioritize them?



Conflicting Values

Another thing to think about is do you have conflicting values?

I have a good friend who is a life/business coach. She was staying with us and we were discussing values. It is part of the work she does with her clients.

She picked up from listening to me that I may have had some conflicts running in my values. I had said to her several times that I valued Freedom above all else.

I elaborated that meant doing what I liked when I liked. She kindly pointed out that was a contradiction to my major goal of building a business and having a team. Clearly I cannot do what I want whenever I want if I am leading a team.  That was a Aha moment for me.

The funny thing is that I have not always been that strong on having freedom above all else. I realized I made it a value when I was burnt out in a previous business where I had a large team and people calling me night and day.

It is well worth looking at your own values and making sure you do not have conflicts like I did.

You can probably tell I am enjoying revisiting Tony Robbins work. 🙂

Please leave me your comments below. Did you get the book? Do you know what your values are? And are you up for the challenge?

Make it a great day.






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