The Importance of Mindset

In recent posts I have been talking about the various quadrants that make up the Cashflow Quadrant™. Today I am going to talk about “head space”. I was already on a path of personal development when I met Robert Kiyosaki and I have learned over the years from many great teachers. Robert is perhaps the person who caused me to change my thinking the most as he remained my teacher for such a long time. I often “hear his voice in my head”.

Having promoted his seminars and workshops I witnessed many people go  into them with a goal to learn the nuts and bolts of investing and  become rich. What they experienced however was something much different and deeper, that being, they had their mind stretched! Robert teaches his students to clean up their limiting beliefs.

It was through this experience that I had a question that had been running around in my head for years answered. The question was “why was it so many people came to seek advice from a financial planner to then only follow the advice for a short time.” I also wondered why people who came into money (lottery, inheritance) would blow it so quickly. The answer is “mindset”.

I think this is what sets Robert Kiyosaki apart from so many teachers. Teaching financial and investment strategies to people without them having the correct mindset is flawed.

I have learned that working on my mind and beliefs is an ongoing process. I have also learned that we have choices about how we react to any given event. This too is ongoing for me.
This week I feel I have had challenges that keep popping up. Two of them were;
•    Our backup computer just stopped working. Our technical man has taken it away.
•    I jumped out of bed yesterday morning to go to my yoga class to find the carpet under my feet soaking wet. Our hot water system had sprung a leak and several rooms in the house were flooded. We had tradesmen here all day and as we work from home it was a day of interruptions.

There was a time when I would question how I had attracted such events and beat myself up in the process, which is sort of counter productive. I now tell myself it is just “stuff happening” and it is how I deal with it that is important. Another great teacher of mine Stephanie Burns says “life exerts itself”.

How do you react when “life exerts itself”? Let me know any thoughts and strategies you have.

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      Hi Les
      Thanks again for the feedback. I just checked out yours and I love your video. You have inspired me to get on with mine.