Taking Responsibility Is Necessary To Be Successful

taking responsibi

Taking responsibility for our lives and our actions is necessary for us to be successful. It is not easy,  however  it is necessary to have true  freedom.


Knowing we are responsible and that we can create our lives is liberating. Blaming others keeps us in victim mode.


We are not victims.


We are powerful human beings.


I think these two quotes sum it up well.


“The price of greatness is responsibility.”  ― Winston S. Churchill

“Big pay and little responsibility are circumstances seldom found together. ” – Napoleon Hill 


Successful people understand this and they take responsibility for their  life and actions.


Sadly though the majority of people blame others. They blame their parents, their boss, the government, their bad luck and so it goes.

Oprah has an excellent message on taking responsibility here.


I think Oprah is a wonderful example of someone  taking responsibility for her life  and as a result had great success.


Many of my blog posts are about the Law of Attraction. It is a subject I love and am passionate about.


The Law of Attraction entails being responsible. It means we take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives.


My post here explains how it works.


What Is The Law Of Attraction? – You Need To Know


Here are some tips on how to start taking responsibility

  • Don’t blame – anything or anyone.
  • When things happen that you don’t like don’t waste your time with “should’ve” , “could’ve” or the deadliest of all “if”. What has happened has happened. Accept it an move on.
  • Don’t beat up on yourself. Accept yourself and your creations both good and bad.
  • Ask yourself empowering questions.
  • Look for answers and solutions.
  • Know you are a creative being.



 Taking responsibility for everything


In my own life, when I first started to understand what taking responsibility really meant, I could only see half of the equation. I could clearly see how I was responsible for the good but not for the unwanted things in my life.


I have two blog posts that clearly illustrate examples of both.


How To Make The law Of Attraction Work Positively


How To Have The Law Of Attraction Work Unintentionally (meaning what you don’t want).


This year I have faced  a serious health challenge. When I was diagnosed I did not blame anyone but I did beat up on myself.


I went into a continuous loop of questions like “how did I create this?”, ” why did I create this?”.


And then more berating myself with self talk like “After all the personal development I have done this is what I have created” and so it went on.


None of this is slightly helpful and I had to stop and take responsibility for my circumstance and make a decision to accept it and take positive steps for a return to health.


When I did this many things fell into place for me including the perfect medical team


I also felt powerful and knew I would come out the other side.


Can you see how me taking responsibility helped?


Eventually we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions, everything we have done, and have not done. ”
― Hubert Selby Jr.



Taking responsibility is necessary to be successful and to be happy. It gives us freedom.  It is not easy but it is worth it.


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10 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility Is Necessary To Be Successful

  1. David Fa'anunu

    Incredible read, really heartfelt and thought provoking. I could’nt agree with you more on the subject Sue. Best wishes on the recovery through the ailment you are going through.

    You are a perfect example of the quote below:

    “The best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm on doing today’s work superbly today” – Dale Carnegie

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Thanks for your best wishes David. I am going well with my recovery. Thank you so much for the Dale Carnegie quote. It is perfect for me right now. Much gratitude to you.

  2. Helen Lingard

    Sue – Im so glad you came out of your health scare and just love your blogs… this one is no different..Oprah is amazingly inspiring.. taking responsibilty is great, if somewhat scary:) great share thank you

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Helen I am also very happy I am through the other side of the health issue. I am also glad you like my blogs. I love yours too. 🙂 Have a great week.

  3. Nancy Spencer

    Sue, I’m so sorry you have been going through tough time. I enjoyed your post. You are absolutely right. “You are the Greatest Miracle in the World” Og Mandino

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Thanks Nancy and I am pretty much through the other side of my health issue. I love the Og Mandino quote. Now he is someone who I absolutely loved and had forgotten about so than you for the reminder.

  4. earl hackett

    Wishing you a good recovery.
    Agree we should all take responsibility for your own lives. We have the ability to past on pieces of our life because we took the time to “put it in writing for the world to see”.
    As a blogger we should observer life and pass on what we see. I wrote about Rosa because I sat in her historic seat when I went home near the (Henry Ford Museum). When I came back to Philadelphia and bought her book from a vendor right before I walked in the auditorium and the Keynote speaker (Dick Gregory) mentioned her name I knew things happen for a reason.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Thank you Earl. I appreciate your wishes. I am getting much stronger each week.

      I agree with you that blogging is a great platform for us to put out our learning and observations. That is a great story about Rosa and I agree that things happen for a reason.

      Thank you for your comment Earl.