Surf Festival : Including Surfing Dogs

This weekend saw the opening of an annual surf festival in the town I live in.

Now I am not a surfer but I love watching people surf.

Surfing represents the life of freedom to me.  Maybe that is because my nephew has traveled much of the globe surfing.  My brother also surfed and so do many of my friends.

Surf Festival – Noosa 23rd Festival of Surfing

Noosa is a holiday resort town on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia.  The surf festival has a lot of fun events including surfing dogs.

The surf festival lasts for 8 days.

There are more than 500 participants with the majority of our international entrants coming from the United States.

There are other teams from Japan, New Zealand, France, UK and New Caledonia.

We also have a busload of European backpackers that are competing in the Backpacker Challenge.  There are 24 of them who had never surfed before they arrived here.  They attended a surf clinic that ran for just a couple of days and they are up and surfing.

Most of the international entrants make it part of their vacation.

A little about Noosa

Noosa Main Beach while on the east coast of Australia faces north which means it is protected (for my friends in the northern hemisphere everything is upside down here).  🙂

The waves are not huge which makes it ideal for the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) which is very popular and part of the surf festival.

The beach is very beautiful and it is adjacent to a beautiful national park.  Here are some photos I took yesterday.


This was the beach early in the day

surfer dude

 The start of the national park

Surf FestivalThis track heads around the park and is a beautiful walk

A couple of fun events included in the surf festival

Little Humid Costume Surf   – this video is from the Noosa Festival  of Surfing website.



Surfing Dogs

By far the most popular event is the surfing dogs.  We watched it late yesterday afternoon and here are some of the pictures.

 Surfing dogs

Dogs patiently waiting


Surfing dogs


Surf Festival

Here is a very short video also from the festival website.

The Dog Surfing Spectacular 2014


Surfing and Internet Lifestyle

Yesterday my husband and I had lunch in a restaurant on the beach then wandered down and watched the events.

I was filled with gratitude that we live in this beautiful place. I remember when we first visited Noosa and fell in love with the town. We dreamed one day we would live here.

At that time our reality was far from our current  lifestyle. We lived in a city and even though we had our own business we did not have lifestyle freedom. We worked from our office premises for many hours each day and missed out on much of our kids’ lives when they were growing up.

Now with the internet there are so many more options.

If you dream of traveling the world surfing ….. or just traveling the world you may like to check out what I am doing now.

Or maybe you want to spend more time with your family ….or just want to live life on your terms.

It is possible and you can have the life you want.  Check it out here.

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Make it a great day.






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