Success Mindset

Success Mindset how important is it?

Success Mindset

I was contemplating the topic for this post  and in doing so looked back through my previous posts. I noticed the topics on mindset and success mindset attracted the most comments.  The search back ended at the beginning and my very first post.  I began my blog in February 2010 and my first post is titled “My Journey Begins“.

I did not know about key words then, or much else about the online world really,  but it felt like this was the place to start. Have a read it is only very short and sets the scene for this post.

Reading my very  first post again  now made me reflect on how far I have come both in my ability as a blogger and also technically. I was terrified of technology when I started as you will learn when you read my first post. Now I love new technology –  so what a turn around! Maybe my success mindset paid off.

I should say here I will never be a “ techo” and there are things that  I hate doing like upgrading wordpress 😆   but  I love new technology and what it can do for me.

While giggling about my first post and contemplating how much I had learned, I heard the voice of my friend  and one of my  favorite teacher’s in my head saying “share your wins”.  The person I refer to here is Blair Singer who amongst other accomplishments  is an author and the founder of Little Voice Mastery teaching people to develop a success mindset.

I first attended a 3 day workshop with Blair about 20 years ago. Since then I have worked with him and seen him work with various teams. He taught me years ago to start team meetings by having team members sharing their wins. Some people do this naturally while others like me often play down their achievements.  So over the years of using this ritual I became better at acknowledging my achievements. In reflecting on this yesterday I realized that  since I have worked from home I do not take the time to do this as often so I am resolving to make it a daily habit.

I think it is a practice which is fundamental to developing a good mindset;  a mindset that supports us in the success we desire. Blair has some great tools on the topic. You can check him out at Blair Singer

Do you know the little voice I am referring to? If you said “what little voice” then that is the one. It is the voice that chats to us all day. By sharing our wins –even to ourselves we are using that voice positively.

I would love to hear what you have to say on this topic of Success Mindset . Do you share your “wins” easily or do you just move onto the next task? Do you downplay your accomplishments? Does your “little voice” support you?

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40 thoughts on “Success Mindset

  1. Linda G. Cox

    I have a mother who taught me to do this very thing, it cracks me up when I think about it. I remember her putting together a puzzle with those tiny pieces. When she would find the right piece, she’d continue to press the piece over and over for almost a minute (well maybe not that long, but it sure seemed like it.)

    I find myself doing the same thing. Blogging is a new found passion of mine and I’m very insecure. When I post something that looks good, I just reopen it to have a peak, just like mom did with the puzzle pieces!
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    1. Sue Post author

      Linda you should not be insecure about blogging. Do you acknowledge your successes? I guess checking on your post that looks good is doing that.

      I laugh at your picture of your mother and how ling the time seemed for you when you were young 🙂

      It is interesting to understand where we get our habits from.


  2. Oliver Tausend

    Hi Sue,

    thanks for sharing your personal story and congratulations to your successes. I hate the techie stuff too but I am amazed how easy it is to upgrade WordPress 😉

    Oh yes, the Little Voice, our best friend and sometimes our worst enemy. It’s like a little child who always wants to ne reassured that she is loved. If you don’t show the love or think you can work with pressure, you’ll soon realize it won’t work.

    The best thing to do is to manage it, as Blair suggests. I think there’s no way of getting rid of it. I think it doesn’t make much sense either.

    I have learned to share my wins freely, at least in a safe environment, lol.

    Take care

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    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Oliver

      Wow you are the first person I have heard say that about wordpress upgrades. You should share how you do it as a post maybe. I had a bad time last upgrade so have been avoiding doing the latest.

      I like your point on the little voice being both our best friend and sometimes our worst enemy.

      You have a very good point also about sharing wins in a “safe environment “. That is a very good distinction.

      Have a great weekend.


        1. Sue Post author

          Oliver I can see you were not trained by Kimberly Castleberry 🙂
          Kim and Jodie Thompson ran a wordpress course when I first came online. Kim taught us a very detailed procedure to upgrade wp. She has a post about it.

          It entails deactivating your plugins, theme and a few more steps. If you read it you will see why I do not like doing it. 🙂

          Given you just hit the upgrade button and obviously have not had problems I will be tempted to do the same next time!

  3. Kylie Doak

    Hi Sue

    Congratulations on sticking with your blog! 🙂

    I’ve just re-read your first post… you certainly have come a long way in 15 months! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to look back and realise just how far you’ve come? I feel that way too.

    Hmm… that little voice. That chameleon-like little voice that flips between encouraging me and putting me down; that little voice that encourages me to share my wins then berates me for “bragging”; that little voice that can leave me feeling completely overwhelmed, or have me feeling like I can take on the world.

    Yes, I know that voice intimately, Sue! Sometimes it’s my best friend; other times it’s my worst enemy. I much prefer friends than enemies and am pleased to say that the little voice is more often my friend these days than not!

    I hadn’t heard of Blair Singer until reading your post – thank you for introducing me to him! I’m looking forward to learning from him too.

    ~ Kylie ~
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    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for the great comment Kylie. I laugh when I look back at the beginning and realize how far I have come. I guess it applies to all of us although I think I was more tech phobic than most.

      The little voice is certainly the same for me – best friend or worst enemy. I so relate to what you say about the little voice berating you for “bragging”. I hear that voice as my mother who always told me not to brag or not to “skite” – is that even a word? 🙂

      Blair Singer is one of my favorite teachers. He has some wonderful material.

      I think mastering our little voice is essential for real happiness but I am guessing it is an ongoing process.

      Have a wonderful day.


  4. Louise Steiner

    Hi Sue
    First of all congratulations on traveling as far as you have in the last 12 months. You can be very proud of what you have achieved in such a short time, especially for a “tech phobic” 🙂

    It seems we are all in agreement about that ‘that little voice’ sometimes being our worst enemy. I have become much better at acknowledging my own successes to myself, but do not share them easily with others, as you know.

    I truly appreciate all the personal development tips you come up with, and acknowledging my successes on a daily basis is something I am going to try and remember to do from now on.

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    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Louise
      Thanks for the acknowledgment. I think sometimes it is good to go back and really appreciate how far we have traveled.

      One idea to start acknowledging your success on a daily basis is to write them down at the end of the day. Do it for 30 days and it starts to become a habit. I have done this a couple of times in my life and it works 🙂

      Otherwise it is easy to focus on what we did not get done (well for me anyway).

      Have a great week.


  5. Don Enck

    Hi Sue,
    It is really amazing just how far so many of us have come in a rather short period of time. It just goes to show what a person really can do if they set their mind to it.

    There are times when I find myself thinking that I really don’t know that much about blogging or the online world but then I when I’m having a conversation with someone it becomes apparent that I really do know a lot more than I give myself credit for. The little voice in our head can be our best friend or our worst enemy. ealing with it has been an ongoing process for me. I’m currently taking a class called “Self Mastery” which is looking at how we see that voice inside and how we can begin to treat it differently.

    I number of years ago I was into a personal development course and I came across the concept of creating a “Book of Wins”. Essentially a journal where you write down all the things, big or small, that were a “win” for you that day. It was a great process and exercise and it helped me to give me more credit where credit is due.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for the comment and great suggestion Don.

      Dealing with the little voice is something everyone faces. I love your idea of a “book of wins”. I find writing things down helps me heaps.

      I really relate to what you say when you feel at times you do not know much about the online world. I am the same which is why writing this post has been good for me. When I went back to where I started from I realized just how far I have come.

      The course you are taking sounds excellent. I look forward to hearing more about it.

      Have an awesome week.


  6. Linda G. Cox

    I agree completely! I can’t say it enough, the mind is a powerful thing! When we decide to achieve, it’s destined to happen!
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    1. Sue Post author

      Linda I think you are a great example of deciding to achieve and then making it happen. I am very inspired when I watch and hear about your journey.

      Have a great week.


  7. Andrew Walker

    Sue, thanks for sharing your blogging adventure with us. It’s very inspirational to see how you are able to master WordPress within a year. Looking at your site I thought you’ve been blogging for ages! Thumbs up for your quick learning curve.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for your comment Andrew and I love that you thought I had been blogging for ages.

      I love blogging now and if I can get to here anyone can 🙂

      Have an awesome week.


  8. Kathy Barber

    Great job Sue!

    It’s great to hear how someone has progressed through the blogging world and is still encouraged!

    I have a difficult time in ‘sharing my wins’. It has really just come to light how much so, just recently when I was debating on whether or not to send my first publishing to him to read. WHY would I even think twice?? He’s my brother. His response was more than I had hoped for, which was encouraging. So, you hit it on the head for me with the ‘sharing the win’ theory.

    Thank you so much,

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    1. Sue Post author

      Kathy thanks for your comment. I think there are many people who have difficulty in sharing their wins. It is something many of us have to practice doing.
      Good on you for reaching out to your brother. Sometimes our family can be the most difficult as we have so much “history” there.

      Keep sharing and have an awesome week.


    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Shivam
      I agree it is amazing when we look back at our journey. You are spot on with there is a lot more to come. We live in such a rapidly changing world I think the one certainty is there will be change.
      Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  9. waterpearls

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your story here and you are right that a mindset that supports us in the success we desire and I always believe in that and Congratulations to your successes.
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  10. David

    This is David. Hello to all. As I am new to the internet and blogging in particular,I have a lot to sort out and to learn. Thankfully, bloggers are some of the classiest and most informative people anywhere. I need all of the information I can get and this post helps a whole lot. Thank You for posting this. I am determined to hang in there because I believe in the process.

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi David
      Thanks for commenting. We all started not knowing much when we came online. There is a learning curve and we all go through it. You are correct in saying bloggers are informative people. My experience has been helped by the amazing support I have found online.
      Have you found Kimberly Castleberry’s blog ?
      I have learned a lot from Kim so I suggest you check her blog out.

      Stay determined and do hang in there.


    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Haley
      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you the mind is very powerful. Thanks for dropping by here.


  11. Michaelé Harrington

    Hi Sue,

    I agree with everyone else on how well you’ve done. In the last few weeks I’ve scooted around to blogs that I haven’t been to for a while and they were showing parked domains! So it just goes to show that not everyone perseveres like you have.

    I think everyone really struggles with the tech stuff initially. I can’t tell the number of times I just wanted to throw my computer out the window when I first started! And you’re right, people need to take a breath and acknowledge how far they’ve really come.

    Just before I read your post, I was searching for something on my blog and ended up finding my first post too. And I almost fell of my seat!! It has no headline, no intro, no pics, no signature, nothing. It just had 10 points on Twitter. As I looked at, I immediately felt compelled to want to fix it up and then I stopped myself. I thought lets leave it exactly as it is so that I have a reminder of where I started.

    Thanks for your inspiration 🙂
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    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Michaele

      I am not really surprised you found a lot of parked domains. I think the stats on numbers quitting must be quite high.

      We were discussing it in our little syndication tribe a couple of days ago this topic and we all felt we would have quit without each others support. I think that is essential.

      Oh and how far we have all come! I was reminded again this week when I was helping a friend online and she kept telling me how much I knew. I laughed to myself but it was a good reminder.

      Good on you for leaving your first post as it was as it would be tempting to “fix it”. Much better I think to have it there to remind you of your journey.

      Thanks for your comments and support Michaele.

      Take care


    1. Sue Post author

      Dorothy thanks for commenting. I agree your everyday life tells us what our mindset is.
      Thanks for finding me,


  12. Alice

    Hey Sue,
    Great to hear you’re doing so well. I love new technology as well, as it means new opportunities. I share every win I have, even though they are few and far in between the failures, the wins are what keep me going. So whenever I can help someone win with my win it is like a double win. 😉
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    1. Sue Post author

      Alice thanks for your comment. I agree with you, technology does offer so many new opportunities.

      I love your wonderful attitude to your wins. I am sure you inspire other people.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  13. Brianna

    In accomplishing something you have to keep your mindset first and focus. I share my wins in a several times, and many people inspired even though it is just a simple wins but for me when you do it with passion and determination you will be it is the greatest win.. Thanks for sharing this very inspirational post and my great pleasure to have you here and hope you feel the same way too. Keep inspiring!
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    1. Sue Post author

      Brianna thanks for your very nice comment. I certainly aim to inspire so I am glad you saw the post as I had intended it.

      Good on your for sharing your wins. It is such an important thing to do.

      Have a great day


  14. Adam Robinson

    I have a small team of my own and I make it a point that their achievements are voiced out, even by me or by themselves. This practice is so effective as it builds confidence and inspiration to perform better. As for my own acocmplishments, I usually just give myself a tap on the back. I usually don’t express my accomplishments vocally. I’m quite shy when it comes to that regard.

    1. Sue Post author

      Adam I think most of us are better at acknowledging other people’s achievements than our own. I think many of us do not want to been seen to brag. Well that is me anyway. But I am learning to celebrate my successes.

      Sounds like you are great at encouraging your team. Well done.


  15. Connor Adams

    Having a success mindset are great. In doing something like blogging it always start with positive mindset and a right attitude and it also requires passion and determination in pursuing things you’d like. I always share my wins even if it is just a simple wins but I share it cause it is only my way to help and inspire others to make them stronger when they feel weak in doing that particular thing.

    Thanks for sharing this great article and I learn a lot of things here!

    God Bless You More!
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    1. Sue Post author

      Connor thanks for your comment. Good on you for sharing your wins and helping others. I think that is very important.


  16. Mika Castro

    It’s a maddening position to be in, especially if you don’t understand why it’s happening. You may think you’re doing everything right, but circumstances just won’t bend to your will.
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