SEO Plugin – what a great find!

SEO Plugin – what a great find!

SEO Plugin – I am all for making everything I do easier and a great SEO plugin has just made my blogging life a whole lot better – welcome to SEO Pressor!

SEO Plugin

I have been hearing about this plugin for a while but not checked it out until I saw Ray Higdon demonstrate it in his Pro Blog Academy course.  It is so easy to use and really helps with the process.

For me to even think of writing a post about SEO or an SEO plugin is funny. I am not a technical person and thinking about doing SEO does my head in. It was only when I did Rob Fore’s course which I posted about here at Posting on Purpose for Profits that I really started paying attention to the basics.

SEO Pressor,  this great little SEO plugin was developed by Daniel Tan.  Having used it now for just one week I would say it is awesome and also for people like me MANDATORY!

I think if you are serious about making money with your WordPress Websites by scoring high GOOGLE Ranking, you need this SEO plugin, period. I so wish I had this SEO plugin a long time ago. I am now working my way back through my posts to correct all my SEO omissions. Eek and I am cringing at how badly some of my posts score (you get a score out of 100).

Oh and my Alexa ranking which is still way too high dropped by  just over 100,000 with me cleaning up some of these posts – oh my little SEO plugin friend!

Daniel states he has got #1 Ranking in Google for a keyword against 219 million competition! That’s how powerful on-page SEO can be!

Here is a bit of the information from the sales page for this SEO Plugin

“Hi my name is Daniel Tan,

We all know on-page SEO is important! Having excellent on-page factors give you the advantage to rank high in search engines without the need for excessive off-page works.

To illustrate how important On-Page SEO is, almost all SEO companies start a project optimizing On-Page factors FIRST. No matter the industry, the niche or the type of websites you have, on-page is always the #1 area you must look into, or there will be a big price to pay in lost revenue and income!

I do the same in my SEO Business. I always look at the On-Page factors first before I proceed with link building. If the on-page factors aren’t sorted out well, going after link building is just a waste of effort and time.

However, I have encountered several challenges while doing on-page SEO manually.

Checking on On-Page factors one by one using a checklist is very time consuming. To solve this problem, I hired assistants and trained them to use my checklist.

Then I found out not every assistant completed my checklist well! Some of them simply tick on the checklist without actually analysing the website. This happens a lot especially when we have backlogs!

This also got me thinking about the newer Internet Marketers out there who don’t have the experience and know-how of doing on-page SEO as it can get quite daunting. They may spend years trying to get things “right” and never get any closer to understanding on-page SEO than when they first started. Or they may outsource and hire professionals to do the job, but as you can see from my experience sometimes you end up getting unreliable people and waste precious time, money and effort!”

This is why Daniel developed this neat little SEO plugin – called SEO Pressor.

Let’s now take a quick look at the SEO plugin in action. I have written this post but not done the SEO as yet. You will see it tells me what to do.


Okay the video for SEO plugin is in here now and the score is still 93.33% so I am leaving it at that 🙂

So what do you think of this SEO plugin? Do you already use SEO Pressor and if so let us know how you like it? If you do not already have it here is my affiliate link so that you can check it out SEO Plugin. If you think others could benefit by this information please share this post.

Sue Price

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36 thoughts on “SEO Plugin – what a great find!

  1. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    I can’t watch the video right away, but will later on. From what I’ve read it really sounds great and like you, I am not an SEO expert only maybe with keywords when I put mind into it. I have had keywords ranking first or second when I was doing it right, but I don’t always make the effort, especially when I am working for myself 🙂

    Thank you for this information, Sue. Will check further.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Why Are You Blogging?My Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      I never paid too much attention to SEO. I share a virtual assistant and he does some for me. Sometimes I did key word research and sometimes not. I now have it in my face!

      Check out the video if you have time as it is only 3 minutes and shows it in action.

      Thanks for commenting


  2. Carol Lynn

    Interesting, I haven’t tried this one but it sounds like a good option for people who want that simple “checklist” type of SEO without having to obsess about what’s on the page. You’ll have to let me know how it works over time and if you get better search listings as a result. It also sounds like a lot of work to go back and edit all those blogs but if it helps your search listings then it’ll be worth it. Thanks for the intro!
    Carol Lynn recently posted..Build A Better Website: The One Thing You Must Do On Your Services Page If You Want To Make The SaleMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Carol

      I had heard of it several times but it was when Ray demonstrated it I wanted it. I will let you know how it works out for me.

      I am not sure how many posts I will get to go back through as it is work! I have some with good key words that still get traffic so I will do those at least.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Adrienne

    Hey Sue,

    Great review of this awesome plug-in and of course, I use it as well.

    The funny thing is that I’ve yet to get my posts to 100%. I’m still scratching my head over this one because on the last post I wanted to rank for it suggests putting your keyword in the first sentence. Not only did I do that but I actually started it off with those keywords.

    Then it said to interlink some posts and I did three but it said I didn’t do any. It’s stupid stuff like that which isn’t working for some reason but I’m still getting over 90% scores so I’m not going to let that bother me because I know I’ve done them. Have you run into this issue yet?

    Either way, it’s a great plug-in to have because let’s face it. As marketers you’re going to want to get some of your content ranking in the search engines period.

    Best of luck with this one and thanks again for the great review.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Network Marketing Gets Such A Bad RapMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I genuinely have fallen in love with a plugin – oh how funny is that! Thanks for recommending it, well at least backing up Ray’s recommendation. It really makes life easier and keeps SEO in our mind.

      I have a bit of that happening too with the plugin suggesting something I have done. I also had the keyword in the first sentence message when it was there. Not in all posts so a bit weird. Same with me for links too.

      Are you going back over your older posts?

      Have a great rest of your week Adrienne


      1. Adrienne

        Hi Sue,

        It really does help you understand if you’re over stuffing your keywords doesn’t it! Glad you like it as well.

        So, I’m not the only one having these issues.

        I’m not going back over my older posts. I just decided to work with it from this moment forward. That would be way too time consuming don’t you agree?

        Thanks Sue and you enjoy what’s left of your week too!

        Adrienne recently posted..Why Network Marketing Gets Such A Bad RapMy Profile

        1. Sue Post author

          Yes I am having the same issues so might ask support.
          If I was you Adrienne I would not go back over my old posts but my Alexa ranking has improved so much since I started I will go back over the posts that I care about. I did not even know what H1m H2 and H3 tags were until we did Rob Fore course! So you can imagine what my scores are like 🙂
          I am doing a few day.

          Hey yes my weeks is almost done. It is now Thursday afternoon.

          Take care


  4. Donna Merrill

    Hi Sue,
    Thank you for sharing this. My mindset is not so much on SEO. I know that I need to do something about that, but never got caught up in it.

    Here, Is a great plugin to help! It is like having a virtual SEO assistant at your side.
    I’m popping over to see what it is all about after this post.

    Thanks again for sharing this
    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Law Of Attraction – How It Worked For Me!My Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Donna

      My mindset was anything but SEO and that is why this is so good for me. I figure if we are going to write posts we might as well get found 🙂

      I love it!
      Thanks for your comment


  5. Bob Clarke

    Hey Sue… I LOVE SEOPressor.

    I’ve been using it for over a year now and it really helps me keep my SEO in front of my mind. I “gently” reminds me when I need to optimize certain parts of my post for SEO, and it even tells me what to do.

    Your readers who are bloggers should definitely check it out.
    Bob Clarke recently posted..HOT FUN in the Summer Time!My Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Bob

      Oh so it is not just me having a love affair with SEO Pressor 🙂

      Yes it is sort of in your face so you cannot ignore SEO which I must confess I did frequently.

      Thanks for your comment Bob


  6. Poppy

    Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks
    Poppy recently posted..weslaco homes for saleMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Poppy
      I do not know how to get listed in yahoo news – if I am not sure how I got there 🙂 So sorry I cannot help.


  7. Lizzie

    Howdy! I know this is kinda off topic but I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest writing a blog article or vice-versa? My website goes over a lot of the same topics as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Wonderful blog by the way!
    Lizzie recently posted..Find the best search engine optimizers!My Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Lizzie
      I just had a quick look at your website. I see it is SEO based. My blog is not and this is the first post I have ever talked about it and then to rave about a plugin! Not sure what you had in mind? Let me know.


    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Barbara
      It is a great find! I have never been so excited about something like this since I started on the internet. There is so much to learn and I think anything we can do to make our life easier and streamlined is great.
      Thanks for your comment

      Take care


  8. Ileane

    Hi Sue, I’m in love with SEOPressor too! It has given me great results and I am even ranking for terms like “blogging tips” which I think is all because of this little plugin. I never try to reach 100% and by now I could do most of this without even without using the plugin because I know the steps so well. But for me the big reason to keep it around is all of my guest bloggers.
    You would be surprised at how many people forget to add the H2 and H3 tags. It’s almost like they are afraid to do it! It’s a shame too because the bottom line is that if they leave them off I’m going to add them anyway so they might as well do if themselves. LOL!

    Thanks for the video. That was my first time hearing your voice – very nice!!
    Ileane recently posted..Review of the SEOPressor Plugin For WordPressMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Ileane

      I am glad you love the plugin too. I am sure over time you get to a point like you where you could just do it but do you think having it there is a reminder anyway? I also imagine it is great for guest bloggers.

      Oh I was worse than the people who forgot to do the H2 and H3 tags – I did not know I needed to!! Embarrassed to say that but it is true.

      And thank you so much for the comment on my voice. I have had a cold all week and was concerned I would be really croaky as I have been losing my voice on and off. It is winter here in Australia 🙂

      Thanks for your comment


  9. Ken Pickard


    Great review of this cool little plugin. Your on page SEO will never look the same again. It is like having a little SEO guru in your back pocket.

    With any of these plugins, I’ve tried three of them) there are little hiccups along the way some times. they are not always perfect. But they do follow a checklist of “SO best practices.”

    With that I want to share that it’s not required to hit 100% like some think. Sometimes a post just doesn’t read well if we maximize the on page SEO stuff. My rule of thumb is 70-80% is good if you are comfortable with the post.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
    Ken Pickard recently posted..Leadership Development | Why You Should Not be Attached to the OutcomeMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Ken

      Hey I like that having a little SEO guru in my back pocket. 🙂
      Thanks for the tip on the score. I had been told to get to 90% or more.

      I guess when we first use a plugin like this we are not sure if it is us not using it correctly or a hiccup in the plugin but I am used to it now.



  10. Sonia

    That’s a fantastic too. I am going to get this via your link too! I have been looking for a tool that not only educates me, but applies the automatic fix so I don’t have to. Another great feature is that is shows me where I need improvement and how to fix it.

    Stuff like this is what new bloggers need to educate them properly on how to get ranked well for key words and lower their Alex score in the same instance. I also like that its priced reasonably too. Nice video and I didn’t know you had an accent. Very COOL! Thanks Sue for telling me about this plugin.
    Sonia recently posted..How to Leave Your Blog In Good Hands When On VacationMy Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Sonia

      I know you will be happy with the plugin. It is worth the investment and thanks for using my link.

      Yes I am Australian so I have an Aussie accent. Funny isn’t it that when we read posts we get to know the writer’s “voice” but we do not really 🙂 I know the first time I talked to Adrienne she sounded nothing like I imagined. But what was I thinking she is a Texan!

      Thanks for dropping by Sonia I appreciate it.


  11. Michelle

    Very interesting article with loads of such useful information, thank you for sharing all this great information with us i am sure this will help so many people get through there problems.
    Michelle recently posted..Yahoo Voice HackedMy Profile

  12. April Atkins

    I think I better check out this plug-in then. The way you write was just awesome and makes me want to follow everything you say! Nevertheless, I still need to earn money and that is why I will check out everything that can rake in the sales to my site.

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi April

      Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

      I love the plugin and if you get it I am sure you will too.


  13. Patricia Gozlan

    Hi Sue,
    Although I do not have the time and patience on doing SEO for my posts, I find it exciting to see the results people are having using this tool.
    I am using 2 plug ins which automatically do the SEO, and I admit that if there were a way that could easily personalize my SEO for my articles with no loss of time I would be interested as long as this system attracts more targeted people on my site, that s women in business.
    What works for me is content and consistency in posting twice per week since 2 years now;)
    Thanks Sue for sharing this great article with us!
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..Give Me 1 Minute And I’ll Show You How a Small Lie Can Change Your Whole Life!My Profile

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Patricia

      I am with you on not having the time or patience for SEO which is why I need plugins that do it for me 🙂 Some people love it but not me!

      Consistent posting is definitely the best think we can do as bloggers. I started off that way then totally lost track and was very inconsistent. I learned my lesson! Ray Higdon said on a webinar last week his number one tip is “be consistent”. Good on you for keeping it up for two years.

      Have a great week Patricia


  14. Leo

    This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing, Sue, but I’m a newbie. Thanks for the headsup. I’ll check out the video — it sounds like just the thing my website needs to get a good headstart out the gate.
    Leo recently posted..CPA Salary RequirementsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Leo

      Thanks for checking it out. It is a great find. I had not heard of it either until quite recently. I am sure you will like it.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Pankaj

      Glad to hear you use SEO Pressor as well. It certainly does help. I really need to use all the features in it I am not currently using.

      Thanks for your comment here.