The Right Mindset for Success in an Online Business

The right mindset is a critical factor if you are to have success in an online business.

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Of course there are many factors that you need to be successful in an online business but without the right mindset none of those matter much.

A conversation I had with a friend earlier this week prompted me to write a post on my other blog about baby boomers.

More specifically it was about not being too old to start online. You can read it at  Baby Boomers are Not Too Old to Have an Online Business

It is a very short post with a video. I talk about my journey online and how for the longest time my thinking was getting in my own way.

Specifically I kept thinking I had to be more techie. I  would tell myself I could not succeed because I did not grow up with computers as an example.

One of the comments I received was from a young woman who had been telling herself she was too young to have success.

So I got to thinking that these are all excuses that can stop our success.

Here are some excuses I have heard from people who say they cannot have success online.

  • Age – too young too old  ( I have used that one)
  • Too busy
  • I am not entrepreneurial
  • I am not a technical person  ( that was me)
  • I do not have the money to start
  • I don’t know where or how to start
  • I am not a marketer

If you have the right mindset for success in an online business you know these are excuses.

right mindset

Here is the truth.

1. Age – There are people of all ages having success in their online business. I know 20 year olds who have built six figure incomes online.  I know of people in their 70’s who are having success online. It is all about having the right mindset.

If you are a baby boomer or beyond remember you have a wealth of knowledge, experience and life skills that you bring with you.

Age is no barrier.

2. Too busy –  This one comes up especially when people still have a job and want to start an online business to transition into in the future.  Often these people dislike their job and want badly to be able to create their life differently. If this is you then you need to find a way or you will never make the transition.

I know people in the business I am part of that work 60 hours in their jobs and they are still building a successful online business.

Maybe you can get up earlier or stay up later. There is always a way if you want it.

3.  I am not entrepreneurial –  I hear this one quite a bit but here is my opinion. It depends what you are going to do in your online business.  If you are going to be a creator of new products and systems then sure you need entrepreneurial skills but there are many systems you can plug into and just follow the system.

4. I am not technical – now this was my biggest excuse for way too long. Finally my mentor at the time told me to get over it.  I did and now while I do not particularly like doing the tech things I can do quite a bit.  Outsourcing is a great option for the things we do not like doing.

Let me add I know several 7 and 8 figure earners online who have limited technical skills.

5. I do not have the money to start – This one can come  up when someone is joining a network marketing or affiliate business.  It may be they do not have the start up money or  they do not have money for ongoing costs associated with an online business.

It is a business and all businesses have start up and ongoing expenses.

If you compare starting a business online to buying a franchise or starting your own traditional business this is very inexpensive.

6. I do not know where or how to start –  I think we were all there when we started. My advice it to either join a system where you will get training, guidance and support or get a good mentor.

You do need to learn and invest in your training.

7. I am not a marketer – neither were many other people when they came online. There are people from all walks of life running successful online businesses.

Marketing is a skill that can be learned.

Now that I have covered some common excuses I will conclude with some of the traits and skills you  need to have success in an online business.

right mindset

  • You need to be disciplined and follow through with the activities required to build a business online.
  • You need to have the right mindset as I said in the beginning and that means working on it every day. Reading listening to audios and things that uplift and develop your mindset.
  • You need to have persistence.
  • You need to be focused on what you are doing and avoid those bright shiny objects .  What I mean here is do not get distracted by the next best deal. Stay on your game.
  • You need to build relationships and care about people. That is fundamental to success in business.
  • Finally as I said before you should find a mentor or support group.

In closing on the subject of having the right mindset for success in an online business know it takes time. There is no such thing as overnight success.


Vow to never quit as that is the only sure way you can fail.

As Napoleon Hill said…

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches. – Napoleon Hill

Please leave me your comments below and what did I miss?






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22 thoughts on “The Right Mindset for Success in an Online Business

  1. donna merrill

    Hi Sue,

    One Must have the right mindset for business. It is the starting point of any business, because it starts with the mindset.

    You have listed so many “excuses” that I hear too. But whenever we think of an “excuse” in our minds, we have to acknowledge it. Let that red flag go up in our mind, and then tackle that problem.

    I was holding myself back when I first started because I had the “excuse” that I’m not technical. But quickly learned to shout that out to my readers because it’s the truth. No I am not technical, nor want to be, so I hire others to take care of that part of my business.

    Sure I do need to know some technical terms so I can explain what I need, but that’s it! Excuse gone…and I’m on my merry way lol.

    Back in the day I was guilty of “I don’t know how to market” But when I acknowledged that in my mindset, I started learning how to market. Took courses, spent the time and money to learn how to do so because if I didn’t know marketing well, I know I would stand still.

    Mindset is an important issue. It is the first step to be honest with ourselves. If we keep repeating negative thoughts, we we attract that. Changing the mindset from “I can’t afford it” (I cannot stand that one lol) to “This is a business I chose, now I will spend time and money on it) will get one going.

    One of my pet peeves is people saying “I can’t afford it” because of the Law of Attraction. I see them repeating it over and over again and getting stuck in the “poor me syndrome”

    Well, we can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make them drink. So when I encounter people with this mindset, some will actively make changes, others that are not willing, I just have to walk away.

    donna merrill recently posted..Learn To Blog Your BrandMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      Thanks for your awesome comment.

      I know you understand the importance of mindset. Some people just do not understand it. I think you and I are very similar with our dislike of the technical stuff but we have learned enough so we can at least know what we are outsourcing. In my previous businesses I did not even know how to talk to our IT guys and I had no clue what I needed so it is liberating to get past that. I have never been one to think I cannot learn though.

      I too cringe when I hear people saying things like “I cannot afford it” as it flies in the face of what they really want.

      I agree Donna we can offer to help people but we can only lead a horse to water. Well said.

      Thanks for you comment and see you soon I hope.


  2. Lorraine Reguly

    Sue, great minds must think alike – I can relate to every single point on your list, and even began a draft of a blog post about changing your mindset!

    I’ve used every excuse, too. 😉

    This is a great post, Sue, and I’ve shared with others. A must-read!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lorraine,

      I am so glad you like the post. I think most of had some these negatives happening when we started out.

      The main thing is recognizing they are excuses. 🙂

      Have a good day.


  3. Gladys

    Hello Ms. Sue
    I hope you are well.

    The quote by Mr.N. Hill is on target for ANYTHING we want to succeed in.
    Our thoughts become a pattern and then a reality.

    I have had conflict with some of the areas you’ve mentioned, but changing the mindsets, will always change the results.

    Thank you for this excellent post.

    Gladys recently posted..Consistency Consistency ConsistencyMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Gladys,

      You of course can change your mindset as you recognize it when a belief is not serving you. Not everyone does.

      Thanks for your comment here Gladys.


  4. sherman smith

    Hey Sue,

    I can remember when I was in MLM the leaders use to talk about mindset and personal development. I enjoyed the training but I still didn’t connect all of the dots together.

    Then I started to think back to when I was a kid and young adult. I had the urge to start a business, but of course I came up with reasons for me not to. And my peers didn’t help either.

    But I have to say I do like the fact I got into MLM because i have seen some everyday “average” people get on the MLM bend and became successful at it. Once I’ve seen more and more of this, that’s when I started to connect the dots.

    I’m not in MLM anymore but I can see why having the mindset aligned with your business is crucial. When there is alignment and you take action, you start to produce the results you want. And if you’re not getting this results, you’ll muster up the energy to find the solutions to your problems.

    We definitely don’t want to sound like a broken record or be stagnant in our lives. We want change. The change for the better and this is why having the right mindset for that change will help us move forward.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sherman,

      I think the fact that people do get exposed to personal development and mindset training in MLM is one of the best things about it. Mindset effects everything we do in life and to have that awareness gives us skills for life as well as business.

      It is interesting how we can discount it at first. My very first exposure to personal development was in an accounting firm I worked for. They were big on it (very different practice) and to get ahead you needed to do these courses they recommended. I was very reluctant but I am so glad now as it put me on a different path in my life.

      I agree Sherman we do not want to be stagnant in our lives and really the only thing we can be certain of is change.

      Thanks for your comment Sherman and have a great weekend.


  5. Colin Ramsey

    Hi Sue I can relate to the things you have just said in this article. I’ve been trying to make a living online. At the start, i was moving from one get rich scheme to another. I’ve learnt the hard way. There’s no get rich course or product out there, and your right in what you say to have the right mindset, but I think you need more. The determination to get through the the tuff times and all the disapoinments that will come your way.
    Great post

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Colin,

      I agree with your additional point in that you do need determination to get through the tough times we all encounter. And spot on in saying there is no get rich way on the internet (of anywhere else for that matter). I think we have all done the moving from scheme to scheme thing until we learn that lesson.

      Thanks for your great comment Colin.


  6. Adrienne

    Hey Sue,

    What a wonderful message you’ve shared with us here.

    I’m of the belief that if people want something bad enough they’ll find a way. Granted, we all lack a little something coming into anything that we’re not familiar with and it can be a very scary place to venture into.

    I had all the confidence in the world coming into the online world that I could figure this out. I felt I was smart enough plus I loved to learn. The more I got into this the more confusing it all became and the more my confidence level started diminishing.

    Like you I didn’t know the technical stuff and I was embarrassed to ask. I didn’t understand the terminology, I was getting so many different responses to the same question and it was just way over my head. The one thing I was though was determined to make this work and although it’s seven years later I’m still here and I don’t regret my initial decision whatsoever.

    You’re never too old to go after what you want but you definitely have to want something different for yourself bad enough. Having that belief in yourself or the faith that you can make this work no matter what the obstacles are will be what will get you through to the end.

    Awesome share Sue, thank you so much and I really do love this message. Thank you.

    Adrienne recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Content, Customers, Advice, BroadedNet, BacklinksMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne,

      You make a good point in saying you did not understand the terminology when you first started online. Every industry has it’s jargon and the online world is not exception. I know in financial services there are books on their jargon and there are financial terms dictionaries. I have not seen anything like that online. Maybe that is a good product for me as a give away. Hmm I wonder.

      I find it hard to think of you as a newbie but of course we all started there. You are spot on when you say to be successful people need to want a different way bad enough. I am sure you do not regret your journey and I am sure it beats working in Corporate. In to days’ world there is mo job security so it makes sense for people to persevere and push through the barriers here.

      Thanks for your comment Adrienne. I hope you are having a good weekend. I know you will be working for some of it on your product.


  7. Don Purdum

    Hi Sue,

    I love, love, love, love this. Did I say how much I love this?

    Mindset is everything no matter your age or experience. I am working with a young want-to-be entrepreneur who has made every excuse in the book you can make up. But, he’s not gonna get away with it.

    I’ve also worked with older clients who do the same things… they’re not going to get away with it.

    The thing is when you are challenged with your own words you have to respond. Excuses are rooted in fear that come from a powerful negative mindset that most don’t even know are there.

    Someone in all likely hood told them a lie that they bought into and then started telling themselves and began to believe. Maybe they were told and then convinced themselves they were not smart enough, good looking enough, social enough, bad with money, or maybe worse… you’re stupid.

    All lies someone begins to believe as they tell themselves the false story over and over again.

    Then, these deep emotions arrive just when you don’t need them, want them, or even understand where they are coming from.

    But, if someone can show you they are not true and help you experience success through adversity it changes EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Such an amazing post Sue. I could go on forever, but I won’t. Hey, I just heard that sigh of relief. LOL…

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!

    ~ Don Purdum
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Don,

      Thank you so much for your feedback on my post. I am glad you love it :-). And I love your comment.

      Yes the list if excuses is huge and you have named some that I too hear regularly online. The negative programs people have running do stem way back and most people do not understand how these beliefs get in there way. I love your comment that excuses are rooted in fear. I subscribe to the belief that we always come from either love or fear.

      I have done a lot of personal development and mindset work since I was quite young and I can still catch myself having negative thoughts at times. I think they all surfaced when I first came online. 🙂

      I believe people need to work on their mindset just as much as they need to work on their business.

      I agree that if someone is shown their negative beliefs are not true then it does change everything. It is my greatest passion – personal transformation.

      Thanks again Don for your awesome contribution here. I am having a great weekend thanks and I hope you are too.


  8. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Sue,

    I just met up with a young Aussie friend here in Fiji. We were talking about Colonel Sanders, he of KFC fame. This addresses the age thing, big time.

    I’ve seen KFC’s in Bali, Cambodia, heck, everywhere I’ve been on earth. I’ve seen KFC’s where I HAVE NOT seen McD’s, which is quite the feat if you ask me. His brand is wildly popular and the shops pop up all over the place on a global basis….yet…with all of the outward trappings of success….it’s tough to believe that….

    ..Colonel Sanders did not *start* to develop the idea of KFC until he was in his 60’s to 70’s.

    One of the most popular fast food chains of all time, so popular that I saw KFC’s in Cambodia’s capital city, where I saw no McD’s, was hatched by a guy at an age where most people want to mail it in. Not only that; he was rejected countless times or his idea was, well into his Golden Years.

    The man saw it through, and even though he didn’t see the wild success of his franchise as he’s since passed on he proved that you can became world famous, and a world changer, when you *start to execute a business idea* into your 70’s.

    Mind boggling when you think about it, right Sue? So many folks try once or twice, this guy was going around with a cane – my dad saw him in person, in Kentucky, and YES he dressed in the white outfit and had glasses lol! – getting rejected, rejected, rejected, in his 70’s, then his idea was accepted, and he changed the world.

    Love this post Sue.

    Tweeting soon!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..I Am Excited to Announce the Launch of My New eBook: How to Build an Online Empire through Blog CommentingMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Ryan,

      I am so glad you introduced the Colonel Sanders example here as I almost included it in my post. So it was meant to be. 🙂

      I love his story and it is such a powerful one. As you say most people try once or twice and then quit but his persistence was amazing. How cool your dad saw him. I would love to have had that experience.

      I did not know KFC was in the Asian countries and McDonalds are not. That is interesting to know. It may be because or the huge cost of a McDonald franchise – I am guessing really.

      Thanks for your comment Ryan. I hope your weekend in paradise is a good one.


  9. Arleen

    You are never too old to live out your dream. I started my promotional products company online in the early nineties. I had no idea how to use a computer, but I sure learned fast. At that time I was 50 years old.
    I just saw a video of a man who just died but was 95 years and still doing obedience his dachshund, which is hard at any age. It shows you can do whatever you want if you want it bad enough and age is not a factor.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Arleen,

      I knew you started your business at a mature age but I did not know you too could not use a computer. Of course we can all learn.

      Wow someone doing the dog training at 95 is a great story. It is all about what we want isn’t it?

      Thanks for your comment Arleen.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Karmakar,

      That is a great way to put it – creating excuses is an automated program inside our brain. Hmm but then we would have to live with the fact we could not help making excuses. 🙂 I think though everyone makes them in some areas at least.

      Thanks for your comment here.

      Have a great rest of your week.


  10. di

    Hi Sue,

    I decided I really wanted to get out being stuck in one location. I really have the drive to make that happen,
    Yep I have to learn some new skills, but you know what? Now that I do have a few skills under my belt. My online business is really no different that our bricks and mortar business.

    As you say, focus, being consistent, the right mindset, building relationships are all the things that make any type of business. An online business is no different

    great article Sue


    di recently posted..Values and how they affect usMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Di,

      I am so with you on wanting to be able to have choice of location. I know you will do it Di without a doubt. We have so much experience from our previous businesses we bring with us we can make it happen.

      Thanks for your comment here.