Reinventing Yourself: Life After 50

Yes there is life after 50 and yes it can be rich and rewarding.  Life After 50

And yes reinventing yourself is possible.

These can be the best years of your life if you embrace your age and are prepared to continue to grow as a person.

I was inspired to write this post after listening to an interview I did 10 months ago.

The interview was with Paola Devescovi  and was part of her research while working on her book “The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence And Passion”.

You can find the interview here Re-Descovering Yourself: Interview With Sue Price ( it was on Skype  so not the best video but the audio is great).

So 10 months on listening to the interview I inspired myself remembering just how many experiences I have had in my life so far.

Reinventing Yourself: Life After 50

I remember when I changed careers from being a CPA to a financial planner in my 30’s I worked with a lot of people in their 50’s who were planning retirement.

I remember vividly thinking 50 was old.  Sad but true!

Well I also thought 30 was old when I turned 30! So embracing 50 and beyond was something I did struggle with.

Now I see it differently. Not only is there life after 50 it is a great time of life.

I encourage you to listen to the interview which is about 16 minutes long and gives my ideas on the subject now.

Life After 50

As I said in the interview with Paola I now see these years as my “wisdom years”.  Life After 50

I used to have my identity wrapped up in my business and my profession. I was really out of balance. Now I have a better sense of who I am.

Paola was asking me questions on re-discovering myself after the age of 50. For me I reinvented myself career wise in my 30’s, 40’s and again in my 50’s.

Age should not be a barrier and now with the internet there are so many opportunities open to us. If you are in this age group and are facing the need to do life differently you can.  You absolutely can!

Reinventing yourself at any age

You do not have to be 50+ to reinvent yourself. As I said I did it in my 30’s and 40’s with major career changes.

We have all heard it said that the only constant in the world now is change. We are living in times of rapid change and failure to accept and embrace this will result in frustration and unhappiness.

Reinventing yourself – life after 50

For those of us who are 50 and beyond we did not grow up with computers and mobile phones like the younger generations. That does not mean we cannot learn.

We need to remember the wisdom and the experience we bring to the table. We have  lot to offer even if we are not quite as fast on the technology as some of the younger guys.

For me I was a technophobic and I wanted the freedom on the internet life. I could have said you know what I cannot do this.

But that is not me.

If you are at a stage of your life where you need to do things differently you can.

Life After 50 for me

The main reason I wanted an online business was so we can be free to travel. Reinventing Yourself

I wanted a business I can run from anywhere as long as I have internet.

If you want to travel you can too.

If you want to do life on your terms you can do it.

Reinventing yourself is possible.

If you would like to know what I am doing you can check it out here.

I would love to hear your comments below. Have you reinvented yourself?  If you are a baby boomer like me are you still young at heart?

Embrace life and make every day count.






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32 thoughts on “Reinventing Yourself: Life After 50

  1. Poola

    Great article Sue! Yes, there is life after 50, a life that I’m enjoying every day. As you know I also reinvented myself, or more precisely, I re-discovered myself. And you know what? I like who I am today, at this age. And I agree with you: these are my wisdom years. Like you, I have embraced change, I learned new skills, I tried new things to finally find a lifestyle that reflects who I am. And, like you, I have found the freedom to work wherever I am, whenever I want and these has always been an important theme in my life, I theme that has shaped many decisions I made and that , unfortunately I have also forgotten for many years to live somebody else’s life. Now, I am sure this will never happen again and in my 50s I can say I am and want to be true to myself!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Paola

      I totally get what you are saying. I think that is one of the benefits of these years. We become more comfortable in our own skin. I think when we are younger we are always more concerned what others think and yes we can live our lives for others.

      I am so glad we met and that I did this interview with you. It really reminded me just how much I have accomplished so far. I love this project you have taken on as well.

      Thanks Paola.

      You have a wonderful day and weekend ahead.


  2. donna merrill

    Hi Sue!

    How true it is! We identify ourselves with many things like motherhood, career, etc. as we are younger. Then comes the magical age of 50!

    We realize that we can do just about anything we want after those years on our journey. (well hopefully people do lol) Then it’s time to break free. We can take those years of knowledge and put it to use any way we can.

    Especially here on the internet. That’s the magic!

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      Oh yes we do have our identity under so many labels. I think for many women they become really lost in the identity of mother (or wife).

      I am not sure everyone thinks like us and does see they can become anything they want. But that is where we can help them.

      I agree the internet has provided us with magic. Just think I would not know you if we did not have internet.

      Thanks for your comment Donna. We must catch up soon.


  3. Akaahan Terungwa

    Hello Sue,

    It’s a great idea that you mentioned that life can be reinvented at any age. I personally see this in my life and I am still way under 40!

    My boy (and wife) constantly need to teach me about the latest technology out there. Just the other day, I was discussing the concept of Google Glasses with my wife and we sure did have a great laugh when I could not conceptualize it!

    That not withstanding, I have managed to live the life of my dream and earn enough to take care of my family via the internet. If I can do it and you are doing it already (as you have already proved with your life and work), anyone can achieve it – be they 20 or 50!

    Do have a great day reinventing yourself!

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Terungwa

      I love now that our children teach us about technology. Your son is obviously switched onto it. Any your wife of course. I think in the time we are living we will all reinvent ourselves many times. I just get a little concerned that when people are over a certain age they can think they are too old too learn and of course that is rubbish.

      It is excellent that you are living the life of your dreams. It is a testament to you Terungwa that you have made that happen. Not everyone does.

      I hope your weekend is a good one and have a great week to come.

      Thanks for your comment.


      1. Akaahan Terungwa

        Hello Sue,

        You are very correct…however, I did not always have that ‘killer altitude’ till I read the 2005 Steve Jobs Standford Commencement Speech. From thence, my outlook changed: I discovered something – “at the end of your life, you’ll discover that you had the power to live the life of your dreams all along!”

        Keep reinventing your life, Sue!

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        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hi Terungwa

          Thank you so much for visiting here again and for sharing that. Wow how one speech can make a significant change like it did for you. I have seen the video several times and it so inspires me. Good on you for taking action. Steve Jobs certainly changed a lot of lives and sadly his was cut short.

          Have a great week Terungwa.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Arleen

      There you go you are a perfect example of a woman who not only reinvented herself but who has been very successful in doing it. I think that is awesome.

      I so agree with you that age is just a number. I feel sad when I see some of my friends talking like they are very old and they are in their 60’s. That is crazy.

      Thanks for your comment Arleen and hope you are having a nice weekend.


  4. Gladys

    Hello Ms. Sue
    This is an inspirational post for all of us.

    I am beyond 50 and my life began to reinvent itself in my thirties.

    Currently I am writing an e book on aging gracefully.
    One of my chapters is on Pearls of Great Price.

    Life is wonderful and I am so thankful for still being here.

    Thank you


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Gladys

      Ah so you were also in your 30’s like me when the reinventing began.

      I am looking forward to reading your book as that is how it should be. Aging should be a graceful process. The name of that chapter sounds intriguing and I am sure it is.

      I too am grateful I am here and well and healthy. I love being alive.

      Thanks for your comment Gladys. Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Sudipto

    Hey Sue,
    Great Article and Yes, there is life after 50 and we can do many new activity which we never try in our life. I totally agree with you that there is no limit of age in learning, the important factor is that we have to focus on our work and we learn anything on any age. I really enjoyed this post while reading and this post really gonna help many people who always thought there is no more adventure in life when we cross 50. Thanks for sharing this post.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sudipto,

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. I really want people who think they are too old to learn to think again :-). I love how you said people who think there is no more adventure. I think it is when many people are freer to do just that. Once their families are no longer young and there is more time.

      Thanks for your comment and you have a great rest of the week. Sudipto.

      Sue Price recently posted..Reinventing Yourself: Life After 50My Profile

  6. Barbara Charles

    So true Sue everything you have said. Many of us are re-inventing ourselves after 50 and what others have to realize is that 50 is not the end of life.

    I remember so vividly that my dad re-invented himself after spending 30 years in the service. He learned how to use computers, including skype so we could talk. At 75 he was always wanting to learn and do something else. It was great!

    I have a great role model in my father. He married at 77 to a childhood sweetheart and used to tell me he could die a happy man as he was happy with his life and all that he had. He was my role model for living life after 50! It was truly inspiring.

    Each of us can re-invent ourselves in life, in business, in everything. It just takes a determination to learn and an open-ness to enjoy.

    Thanks for inspiring us. Great post.
    Barbara Charles recently posted..What I Hate and Like About LinkedInMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Barbara

      I know you are also reinventing yourself in many ways. Wow that is great that your Dad was learning to Skype etc at that age. I so respect people like that. Yes he has clearly been a good role model for you and set an example that life has many possibilities still as we grow older.

      Where I live there are many people who are sort of half retired and many of them in their 60’s are learning to surf for the first time. It is so good to see.

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing about your Dad.

      Enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. Adrienne

    Hey Sue,

    Oh my goodness can I ever relate to that. I was 49 years old when I decided to not return to corporate America.

    I actually did something else before coming online, I wanted to do something I thought I would enjoy and make a difference. I quickly found out that those people just wanted someone to blame and I was so over all of that so I soon quit that and headed online.

    I remember when I was young thinking that 60 was really old. But once I hit 40 I soon realized this isn’t so darn old at all because that was just another 20 years away and that would be gone before you know it.

    I think that if we want something more from our lives then we should go for it and not let age or anything else hold us back. We’re all able to learn just like anyone else so I applaud you for sharing this message with us and I hope that anyone else who may be sitting on the fence will get off of it now. It’s a risk definitely worth taking.

    Thank you and do enjoy your week.

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      You are an example of someone who reinvented themselves for sure. I am sure you could have found another role in corporate but you followed your heart and learned so many new skills. Wow it is brave but worth it.

      It is funny isn’t it as we do get older how what we thought was old all of a sudden seems much younger 🙂 To think I once thought 30 was old and now my daughter is about to turn 30 next month. 🙂

      It is also interesting that there are a whole lot of us learning new skills and there are others that stay very stuck in fear because they cannot see a way forward if they lose their job.

      Thanks for sharing your experience here Adrienne and you too have a great rest of your week.


  8. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    I sure hope there is life after 50, because I’ll be there soon enough 🙂 One think I do know is that I do not want to be 20 again, not so much as far as the youth part of course, but my head was empty then 🙂 That I do not miss.

    We live in a time where 50 is the 30 of 50 or so years ago. I have a picture of my grandmother where she’s 35 and she looks older than I do now in my late 40’s, so I’m not going to complain about the times we live in where we seem to feel and look so much younger at an older age.

    Yes, there is life after 50 I’d say!!!
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      Of your course you are the baby in our group and not yet 50 :-). I laugh at your comment about not wanting to be 20 again as I am exactly the same. My twenties were my wild years. I married first time very young so when we split up I just went a wild. My head was definitely empty. Thank God I found personal development by the end of my twenties or not sure how I would be now.

      I agree with what you say about people being younger now. My grandmother did the blue hair thing when she was about 47 and kept it until she died. Now people in their 60’s are still wearing jeans.

      I am sure you will have a very vibrant life after 50 Sylviane. I do not see you joining the “I am too old” idea.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and you have great week.


  9. Lisa Magoulas

    I, too, have reinvented myself many times. I think when I was younger, I just went with the flow. Now that I’m older, I’m a bit more nervous about it – knowing I still have some pretty big financial responsibilities I still need to conquer. Other than that, it’s exciting. Glad you are able to live the life of your dreams. You inspire me. Lisa
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lisa

      I think most of us online have reinvented ourselves. I think we do become more nervous as we get older especially if we are aiming for more success in business. I am not quite living the life of my dreams yet. I am living where I want to live but would like to be in a position to travel more and for that to happen I would like to retire my husband. His business is not location free so we are working towards that.

      Thanks for your comment here Lisa. And apologies for my late reply. I had hosting problems last week and could not access my blog for a bit.


  10. William Butler

    Hi Sue,
    I knew there was more to life than the Police Dept. I left after nearly 32 years. That was nearly 5 years ago now, and I’ll be 57 in the Fall. I’m happy and grateful that we are doing what we enjoy now. We do a lot of travel and I am involved in a number of creative endeavors.

    I think as we change our priorities do too. Now Laura is getting married late in the summer and that gives us a 2 week return to our home town to look forward to. Nothing beats seeing family and close friends again.

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. Am I in your white list? I’m seeing a failed to meet criteria message again.
    William Butler recently posted..Near Death Experience: You Might Be Having One Right NowMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Bill

      You sure did totally change your life and career. Awesome really especially after so many years in one vocation.

      Great you are traveling which is our plan too. I too love going back to my home town and catching up with people there.

      Regarding your message re “failing to meet criteria” your link is showing just fine. I have had terrible problems with my blog. First a WordPress upgrade went terrible wrong and I lost six months of posts. That was rectified and then HostGator issues and I could not access my blog at all. This is why the late reply here too.

      Thanks Bill for your comment and have a great week ahead.


  11. Anchal

    Hi Sue,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed this post while reading. Many people thought that after 50, there life is over and they are not able to do any new activity now. According to me, there is no age of learning and if we focus on anything we can easily learn that thing. After 50, we are more free to do new things as before 50 we have some family responsibility and many more. thanks for sharing this post.
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Anchal,

      I am so happy you share my beliefs on we are never too old to learn. You are spot on we no longer have the responsibility of young family so it is easier in many ways to learn new skills.

      Thanks for finding my blog and commenting.


  12. Jeevan Jacob John

    Great post, Sue 🙂

    We should never let age define what we do or how we do it. The notion that people should retire in their 60s are made by the society (And we all know how wrong the society can be). We don’t have to live according those ‘rules’. They only affect us if we let them affect us.

    I was also thinking about something else while reading your post: Lot of people go with their jobs (even if they hate it), so that they can have a great retired life (people forgetting to enjoy life, and saving up so that they can enjoy it later on).

    There is nothing inherently wrong with that notion, but I believe it’s better not to waste life like that.

    Enjoy life as it is….if we are not happy with our job, try to reinvent it….if that doesn’t work, try a different job. There are always other solutions/possibilities, as long as you are willing to work hard.

    (Of course, I know it isn’t as black and white as that….people in certain parts of the world, even if they have the opportunity, they can’t use it because their own governments don’t allow them to…denying opportunities by delaying loans etc).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Sue 🙂 Appreciate it!
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted..Tips To Sleeping More EfficientlyMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Jeevan

      I agree with your comment “we all know how wrong society can be”.

      What a great point you have raised in people staying i jobs they hate to have a great retirement. That is so sad putting life off as you say. We also hear about people who retire and die soon after. Imagine if you had worked a job you hated for that to happen. That would be really sad.

      Most of us do have choices and probably anyone reading this blog is not in a part of the world with no choice. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting here Jeevan and for your great comment.

      Have a good day.


  13. Albert

    Your article brings some good points. While I am almost 50 the same principles apply. At a certain point you should realize that accumulating possessions is not all there is to life. Especially in America people think you have to be a millionaire to be happy. That simply isn’t the case. Since humans were made in the image of God there is part of them deep down that wants something different and knows better. For some the aging process changes priorities. In the end God gave people free will to decide. Thanks for bringing up some good points for thought. 🙂
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Albert

      Thanks for finding my blog and leaving your thoughts here.

      I agree life is not all about possessions and no you do not need to be a millionaire to be happy. I also do think that the aging process changes priorities for many of us. And yes we were given free will to choose and that is a wonderful thing.

      Thanks again Albert for your thoughts. Have a good day.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Claire,

      It is never too late to follow your dreams as you say. Thanks for your comment.