Positive Thoughts : Positive Attitude : What Has It Got To Do With Business?

We are constantly being told that what we think about matters. Does having a positive attitude and positive thoughts really matter when it comes to business? What do you think?

If you have been reading my blog for any time at all you know I am a great supporter of having the right mindset. I recently wrote a post  Is Mindset or Skillset More Important?   Most people who left comments were in agreement that mindset is more important.

Positive Thoughts : Positive Attitude : What Has It Got To Do With Business?

Positive attitude

I am revisiting this  topic again because I want to share some wisdom from some successful people.

Wisdom from a guy called Vick, who is Empower Network’s number one earner. He is currently doing a 6 part webinar series on Traffic.  The first one was all about mindset.  Why is that? I say success leaves clues. Every time I have heard Vick speak he talks 90% of the time about mindset.

I am not suggesting you sit around meditating and reading all day and take no action. Clearly that will not work.  But working away grinding and never working on your mindset does not work either. We must work on having positive thoughts and a positive attitude.

I will say it again “success leaves clues”.

When “Life” gets in the way

If we believe what we think about and how we feel is important then doesn’t it make sense we develop habits to support our thinking?

We all have stuff to deal with in life and we need to be equipped so that we are not thrown into a downward spiral of negativity when something does not work out as we would like.

It is not always easy to have positive thoughts and a positive attitude when something undesirable happens .  Nor am I suggesting we do not feel our emotions I am merely suggesting we need to have tools to assist us be resilient.

The world around us

If we allow it  we can be  bombarded with negative stories by the media and others so  we need to guard our mind against the influence.  The media runs on hype and it is important to not get caught up in it. We now even  get the trending stories on our Facebook feed!

Maybe we have negative people in our lives.  How do we keep a positive attitude and have positive thoughts around these people? Here are a couple of ways..

positive thoughts

The importance of reading

I have been blessed to have worked with some amazingly successful people. When I was working with the company  that promoted Robert Kiyosaki and other greats here in Australia I got to see their habits first hand. They were all avid readers of personal development and business.  They constantly read and grew as people.

If you are a blogger or creating any kind of content then reading is essential. It opens your mind, gives you ideas for content and most importantly helps your mindset.

Apart from the “speakers” I know I have heard many top earners online and in various network marketing companies say they read daily. Even if you can only do 30 minutes a day that will make a difference.

I know people who buy audio books and listen to them when they walk or workout. Multitasking is good 🙂

Do you read daily?

Audios/videos daily

I also suggest you listen to an audio or watch a video daily. It does not have to be long and the internet is full of them. YouTube has short messages from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and many inspirational people.  There is wisdom all around us and it is so easy to tap into. We just need to take advantage and have good habits.

In summary  –  Positive Thoughts : Positive Attitude : What Has It Got To Do With Business? – it is fundamental to our success. What do you think?

Please share with us any tips you have and I would love to hear what you are reading now?

Make it a great day.






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61 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts : Positive Attitude : What Has It Got To Do With Business?

  1. Akaahan Terungwa


    If anyone can indeed concur that success leaves clues, that person is me. In my personal life, for instance, I started recording tremendous progress when I started keeping my eyes on the stars! Success, believe me, can be replicated; for the basic ingredients that would ensure you are a success are truly universal!

    Talking of negative influence, I have since learnt to avoid the guys that often see that it cannot be done and presently, the media is currently not my best friend. Thinking critically, I have come to the conclusion that all influence must start with a person…so what if this hype that is raging the whole world was started by an idiot?

    You may wish to read ‘Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher’…it is quite an apt summary for my current outlook on life and this very entry!



    Enstine replied your comment on one of my entries. You may wish to check it out directly:

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Terungwa

      Good on you for following the right people. It works for sure. As you say success can be replicated. I also believe we can learn from other people’s mistakes if we listen to their stories along the way.

      I am with you and also avoid negative people. I also have very little to do with the media. It is sad too many people are so influenced by it.

      I am with you that all influence starts with a person. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. I often think of Hitler and the enormous influence he had over so many people and so much evil was done. I cannot help wondering how much better it would have been if he used his power of influence for good instead. I am sure there are many other examples throughout our history.

      Okay I will find Abraham Lincoln’s letter. I assume I will find it by google?

      I will go over and look at Enstine’s comment thanks Terungwa. Have a nice day and thanks for your comment.


  2. Mayura

    Hi Sue,

    I’m glad you extended your previous post to discuss more about Mindset with real World examples 😉 If we can’t learn from others, we gonna be stuck in the grind. Isn’t it?

    I love watching videos everyday and audio fits in if I’m away from my computer 🙂 Actually, I do rarely watch motivational or similar videos though. I don’t know if it’s weird, but I always loved watching, reading and listening to the failures and learn from the personalities who survived (May be not successful though). Biographies inspired me a lot 🙂 I must say even the poor little kid I saw last Sunday helping a bird to survive.

    Recently I’ve been reading how Neil Amstrong made the giant leap of mankind but the very next one, Apollo-13 was failed. I loved the Apollo-13 story the most ’cause even there was an explosion, all the astronauts were survived while they could have been gone into the outer space. In between it’s all about inventions, risks, leadership, decision making and positive thinking. Everyone worked to save ’em instead of whining about their failure. Loved the movie too 😉

    BTW my recent motivational activity is cycling / travelling through unknown places 😉 You never know what Mother Nature has for you dear. Hence, started to go out and enjoy. Don’t you find our Nature has lot of wisdom hidden too? 🙂

    You have a wonderful rest of the week, Sue 🙂

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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mayura

      Thanks for persisting and getting this great comment through.

      You bring up some excellent points. I agree you can learn from other people’s failures and struggles. That makes so much more sense than each of us doing all the failures ourselves. I have learn most from my own failures – or as I prefer to call them “learning experiences”. I have also been able to help other business people when I was coaching because of some things I had messed up.

      I too love the Apollo-13 story and love the movie which I have seen many times but reading your comment I think I want to watch it again.

      Oh yes nature teaches us a lot if we are willing to observe. I try to help creatures survive when ever I can and it must have been lovely to see a kid doing that.

      I too love traveling through new places. I love traveling a lot. I have not been doing enough of it in recent years but will get back to it.

      I will have a good rest of my week thanks Mayura and you do the same. Happy Valentine’s Day too.


  3. Zach


    Daily reading is SOOOOOO important, I’m so happy that you decided to touch on it! I would love to hear more about the books that you read and what you get out of them!

    Right now I’m reading some AWESOME books on social media and success, it rocks know that you are constantly improving yourself!

    Great Info,

    Zach recently posted..5 Steps to Successful Meal PlanningMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Zach

      I see you too are an avid reader 🙂 You have just given me my topic for my next post. I will write about some of the books that have most impacted my life and what I got – thanks for the prompt.

      I have read so many it will be interesting to reflect back. I have kept some classics but I used to lend books to people and never got many of them back.Now I tend to buy kindle editions as my bookshelves were overflowing.

      I love biographies as well as how to books. Next post 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment Zach.

      Hope you are having a nice weekend.


  4. William Butler

    Hi Sue,
    To begin with, you can do so much more with a positive attitude than a negative one. Some people equate or relegate ‘positive thoughts’ to wishful thinking but of course there is more to it than that. It requires discipline to maintain a beautiful mind and keep healthy attitudes.

    Yes, things happen every day that can disappoint us, but I think having compassion towards the faults and failings of others helps to minimize that disappointment. After all, we all make mistakes.

    Reading, that’s a whole other world. What can’t you learn from books. Books afford the author to go into greater detail on a specific subject. On of the best books I’ve read lately is The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

    Speaking of videos, I saw one yesterday on about VocalID that will change people’s lives. Amazing!

    Have an awesome weekend!
    William Butler recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day! 31 Quotes From The HeartMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Bill

      I agree with your comments on positive attitudes and yes it does require discipline. Negativity is all around us and we need to work to be on top of it.

      I agree that having compassion does help minimize disappointment. I am mindful that I have been around personal development in many different forms for most of my adult life. I understand not many others have to the same extent. I have friends I love very much who have no concept of conscious living but I love them anyway. I am a bit careful who I most am around though.

      Thanks for sharing that book title. I have not heard of it but will add it to my list. I have a list of books people recommend in Evernote. I am thinking of trying Ray Higdon’s method of reading. Strictly speaking it is not reading as what he does is get audio books and then listens to them while he exerciser on double speed 🙂 That way he can get through more books. I liked the idea.

      The Ted video sounds interesting. That website is a wonderful resource.

      Thanks for visiting here and for your great comment Bill.

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  5. Jeevan Jacob John

    While I personally agree with your arguments, I remember reading a post, about positive thinking, couple of days ago (About how positive thinking can lead to economic decline).

    Well, it’s not just about positive thinking, but fantasizing it (I haven’t read it fully, so I can’t comment on it…but it is kind of interesting – well, the introduction is :D). << You can read it here.

    Anyways, I do practice reading (I love reading). As for watching videos, I do it..but it's not related to motivation or anything. It's mostly about fun facts, trivia and science – you know, Youtube channels like Minute Physics or Asap Science or Vsauce.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Sue 🙂 Appreciate it!
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted..Psst, what’s in your first newsletter email?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Jeevan

      You raise a good point as Bill mentioned in his comment there are some people who think of positive attitudes as wishful thinking. That is not what I am referring to as we all need to be real as well. Having a positive attitude does not mean putting our head in the sand and not dealing with challenges. I will have a look at the article but I am guessing it is based on that idea.

      I think as bloggers we all need to read as it also helps our writing so I am not surprised you love to read.

      Now you and I have very different interests in videos 🙂 Yours sound like my son watches. It is good we are all individual and we are also so fortunate that there is so much variety available to us.

      Thanks for your comment Jeevan. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


      1. Jeevan Jacob John

        Hey Sue,

        As far as I can tell, it is 🙂 It’s great to keep a positive attitude, but we must also be prepared to take action.

        Yeah, the variety of resources we have now is amazing (I wish I had this in middle school – I probably wouldn’t watch it anyways…unless I can go back in time and convince my younger self to do so!). Kids these days have access to amazing resources, hopefully they will use it well.

        No mention 🙂 I had a good one, hope you did too!
        Jeevan Jacob John recently posted..No free time? Just change when you think!My Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hi Jeevan

          I read that article you gave me the link to. Everyone is entitled to opinions but I sure do not agree with much of what he said. I know in my own life there are many times I have created what I have put on my vision boards.

          Absolutely we need to take action as well as thinking positively. The two combined is much more likely to bring us results.

          I tend to agree I also wish I had some of the available resources when I was at school but like you not sure I would have taken advantage. 🙂

          Take care


  6. donna merrill

    Hi Sue,

    Absolutely true. We need to keep our mindset on positive thoughts. If we find ourselves thinking negatively, it’s time to open a self help book, go to a video, anything else…. Just to shake those negative cob-webs from our heads.

    If we do read daily, anything that inspires us, we create a mindset of positive thinking. I know you have been at this a long time, especially working with Robert. That must have been such a joy to do.

    It takes just as much time to think negatively as it does positively. To have a positive mindset is the root of any business. And yes, there are those down days, but there are many techniques one can pick up from a book to put into action to stop those negative thoughts.


    P.S. I’ve heard Vic and he is very inspiring!
    donna merrill recently posted..Not All Comments Are EqualMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      I know you also practice and believe in looking at life from the positive. I do just as you suggest if I am feeling down I pick up a book. I usually go with my gut instinct and open it and always get the message I need. Funny about that 🙂

      It was great to work not only with Robert but with so many people who were wanting to improve their lives and be the best they could be. That is a great environment to be in.

      I agree we need to have a positive mindset in our business.

      Vic is inspiring for sure. He is amazing. Made just under $3M in his first year in EN – and he just turned 30!

      Thanks for your comment Donna. I hope the weather you are having lets us soon.


  7. Adrienne

    Boy do I ever believe that too Sue!

    You already know how I feel about this subject as well. I love that Vic talks 90% about mindset because that really has the most to do with how we’re able to accomplish anything in life.

    I was telling my Mom just today about a girl I know online who is a blogger and all she does is complain. My goodness, no wonder she’s so darn unhappy and her marriage is falling apart. The problem I also see is she puts it all over the social sites and that’s just not a healthy thing to do.

    Although my life is nowhere near perfect because I have issues just like anyone else, staying positive and knowing that everything will be fine makes a huge difference. We’ll all have our moments but as long as they don’t last long then we’ll all be okay.

    Great share Sue and I love this topic. It’s the most important one so now if everyone would just understand that as well.

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Make Your Blog UnforgettableMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I know you totally agree with this topic 🙂

      I cannot for the life of me understand why people do what that blogger you mentioned is doing. Complain and be negative on the social sites. That is just so so crazy. No one wants to be around people who do that. People get attracted to people who are putting out positive energy.

      You are not alone Adrienne as none of us are perfect. But Adrienne even though you have been through some tough times of recent you still display an upbeat attitude in your posts and interactions. People love being around you. That is why they come to your blog. 🙂

      I did have a nice Valentines Day thanks. I hope you enjoyed your family dinner.

      Thanks for your comment Adrienne.


  8. Glenn Shepherd

    Hi Sue,

    This is excellent advice. Having the correct mindset is SO important. It affects everything we do and can have such a profound effect, both positively and negatively.

    I like your suggestion about listening to or watching a video/audio every day. I think this is a good idea and I’ll try to schedule time to do this myself. Some may worry about where to find the time to regularly do such a thing, especially when working on their business, but it can be surprising just what you can get accomplished with a bit of right planning. I actually speak about this very subject in my latest blog post.

    Thanks, Sue. I hope you’re keeping well and I apologise for leaving it so long between visits to your blog. I’ll try to come by more often for sure. I hope your’e having a fab weekend, take care. 🙂

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted..How To Be More ProductiveMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Glenn

      I am sure you are correct and many people would be concerned on finding the time to spend on reading and doing audio/video daily. On the flip side I know people online who say when they started doing this their results increased dramatically. I have gone in and out of doing this over many years. When I am disciplined and do it daily I know I am more productive. I also understand for many people it is difficult to find even an hour to do this.

      I am keeping well thanks Glenn. Thanks for visiting me and for commenting and I must also apologize for not visiting you. Which I will do shortly.

      Take care


  9. Kumar Gauraw

    Hi Sue,

    Reading and listening to success stories is one of my favorite things.

    Speaking of having a positive attitude, I think it plays the most important role in building a successful business.

    And what I am reading right now, I am reading the book, “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma and I am so highly influenced by it, I am also making my notes so I can publish an article about the lessons I am learning from him through this book.

    Thank you for sharing these tips!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..ClickToTweet – An Easy Way To Get More TweetsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Kumar

      I can well imagine you do love reading and listening to success stories.

      I agree that having a positive attitude is the most important role in business success. When we listen to people who have outstanding success they always talk about this being fundamental.

      I love the sound of your book and look forward to reading your article about it. Books can be good source of blog topics and it is away for other people to be introduced to the book.

      Thanks for your comment Kumar.

      I hope you are having a nice weekend.


  10. Lisa Magoulas

    I totally believe how we think and behave will determine our outcomes, whether it’s in business or life in general. I grew up in a very negative environment and it took me a long time to turn around and become a positive person. It took years and it was tough – especially with my family because I ended up having to really remove myself from them. I slowly removed myself from all my friends too. Now I have a couple good friends instead of dozens, but they are happy, positive forces in my life. I love to read and don’t make enough time for it. I use to listen to all kinds of motivational cds when I drove to work. I like the idea of you tubing some. I’m heading there now. Thank you, Lisa
    Lisa Magoulas recently posted..Vegan Mac and CheeseMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lisa

      I understand as I too grew up in a half negative family. My Dad was not negative but my Mom sure was. She used to then draw dad into it.

      It is why I needed so many workshops and things I did along the way. I grew up with the idea that life “happened to you” – and “they” were against you. I too distanced myself and yes left some friends behind. But on the positive there were friends who started the awareness journey with me. My longest friend I started school with eventually joined me too. It is good when that happens.

      I couple of good friends is way better than dozens of maybe not so true friends. We need people who are there for us.

      I go in and out of reading regularly I just know I function better when I do. Even if it is only 30 minutes a day.

      You will find some gems on YouTube. There are many 6-8 minutes short videos that are so uplifting when you need them. I too used to listen do cds when I drove. I had a long drive in my last corporate type role and so I used the time.

      Thanks Lisa for your comment and have a wonderful week.


  11. Maxwell ivey

    Hi sue; these are all good suggestions. I am subscribed to several youtube channels so i generally get at least one video a day. I also listen to books while exercising. I am blind and get them through the library services for the blind. they now have a smart phone app making itt easier to listen while walking biking rowing etc. one thing I do is to limit my news intake. I only watch one hour of news a day. I tai 30 minutes of local and 30 of national and that is it. I don’t get news on my social media pages. and I don’t check yahoo or google for breaking stories either. Just because the news outlets think they have to put out product 24 7 doesn’t mean we have to watch or listen to it. thanks for the post and take care, max
    Maxwell ivey recently posted..A blind person’s experience with PinterestMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Max

      I have not been listing to the audio books since I used to drive but I should do that while I exercise too. I understand that is how you need to “read” books and it is great now that many books are in audio. It seems you work out regularly which I believe is also great for our state of mind,

      You watch more news than I do. I watch none but my husband does it like you so he tells me what is going on. I like it that way as the sensationalism annoys me. So many people are absorbed by it. You are making wise choices.

      Thanks for visiting me and for your comment Max. Have a great week.


      1. Maxwell ivey

        hi sue; i was just thinking about what you said about having your husband tell you the news so you avoid th sensationalism of their broadcasts. when it comes to sports and entertainment news my brother does the same for me. I just can’t seem to get excited by checking the online headlines or social media to see what a celebrity is up to or what the current sports hero is saying. but me and my brother will have lively conversations after he tells me the headlines. he is much more excitable and passionett than i am. and some of his rants are legendary. i keep telling him that if he would just start a blog he could be one of the online superstars with his takes on politics sports and social issues. thought I’d share this. take care, max
        Maxwell ivey recently posted..A blind person’s experience with PinterestMy Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hey Max, thanks for sharing that story about your brother. He should start a blog with what you have described and I am sure he would have many followers.

          It is great you have your brother keeping you informed of the things you do not get drawn to yourself. 🙂

          Thanks again for sharing this Max.

          I trust your week is going well.


  12. Mary Stephenson

    Hi Sue

    You are so right we are constantly being bombarded with negative things. I try to say thank you it is not me. I am grateful each day. When I don’t feel that happy I just remind myself it could be much worse. That gives me positive thoughts.

    Each day I read, even when I was sick I read to find an answer to what I might do naturally to improve my health, so I can be ready for my next big adventure in my journey of life. I am planning on it being wonderful and I need good health to accomplish it! I like to also read inspiring stuff. When I am not reading that I go online and get back into my psychology classes. That is extremely helpful for my well being and my future.

    Life is too short and complicated to have it filled with negative thoughts. It is hard at times to keep them out of your life, but recognizing them and then quickly changing the mindset lessens the time they remain in the “gray” matter.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..What is Team Work?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mary

      I am a bit like you if I am feeling a bit down I remind myself of all the things I am grateful for. It does help absolutely!

      I think most of us bloggers are readers. It sort of goes together. To improve your health there are so many books – but then it can be confusing with so much information. I am sure your psychology classes are amazing. It is something I thought about studying a lot when I was sick of my accounting life. Instead I just did the read books of people like Wayne Dyer and many others.

      Oh yes life is too short to be negative. I used to think I had forever and now I know that is not true and I do not want to waste a day (or hour)!

      Thanks for your comment here Mary. Have a wonderful week.


  13. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    I’m glad I finally made it here. Sorry about being so late 🙂

    Frankly, mindset is 90% of your success, yes, because I tell you that even if you were the luckiest person on earth with the wrong mindset, it would not go well for you after a while. We see that often, don’t we?

    Talented, successful and wealthy people ending up dead in their bathtub, for example. Things like this are the direct result of not working on your mind set. On personal development.

    Thank you for speaking this so important message 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..What’s Preventing You To Have A Successful Career?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      You are here now and that is great. I have been very behind in making it to the blogs I visit too.

      I know for sure you agree with this message. It is so important and overlooked by so many people. As you said even if your are the luckiest person with the wrong mindset things will not work out. I think that is why lottery winners end up many times back where they started.

      Thanks for visiting here and for your comment Sylviane.


  14. Nanda Rahmanius

    Hi Sue,

    I saw your blog from your comment on the Adrienne’s blog.

    Interesting thought!
    Of course, positive thoughts and positive attitude is very important for our business success. Like you said, these attitudes are fundamental to success. I agree with this!!

    I think, to be able to continue to maintain our positive attitude and thinking, we have to read many things that will arouse our spirit, like this article. That is why I find this article very useful 🙂

    Besides positive thinking, to succeed we also need to have an attitude not easily to give up.

    Thanks for sharing this, Sue.
    Nice share.

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted..Really Useful iPad Tips You Probably Didn’t KnowMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Nanda

      Ah many of us get to know of each other through Adrienne 🙂 Thank you for following the link and visiting me.

      I agree with you that to maintain a positive attitude we do need to read things like this regularly. Many successful people say 30 minutes a day is enough. I know others who do much more.

      Oh yes we do have to be persistent and not give up easily. I do not know of any great success that did not come with a lot of work and persistence.

      Thanks again for your comment Nanda. Have a nice weekend ahead.


      1. Nanda Rahmanius

        Hi Sue,

        I found this article interesting title, so I decided to visit here 🙂

        Yeah, you’re right. 30 minutes a day seems sufficient to raise the spirits in doing business.

        I’ve heard these words: not all people who work hard will be successful, but all those who succeeded came from their hard work and persistence. Like you said, I agree with you about this!

        Thanks for your reply, Sue.
        I hope you have a nice weekend too.

        Nanda Rahmanius recently posted..Great Affiliate Marketing Tips To Generate More SalesMy Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Nanda great to see you here again and I am so glad you liked the article. 🙂

          My weekend is over now and was lovely. I hope yours was too.


  15. Viola Tam

    Hi Sue,

    Great content again, as always. Interesting question about mindset and skillset. I do believe that success is about 97% having the success mindset. Yet the 3% skillset cannot be overlooked.

    It is the worst thing when someone has a success mindset but go about doing things without having the right skillset.

    I’d say that with the success mindset, people will go through personal development as they learn, learn and learn. It is the mindset that leads one to on-going learning, and, ultimately whatever they want in life.

    Awesome post, Sue! Thanks!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
    0413 318 318
    Viola Tam recently posted..Be Authentic for MLM SuccessMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Viola

      I agree with your percentages and no we cannot overlook skillset.

      I think it is very obvious in Network Marketing. The mindset and willingness to grow wins over just the skills.

      I also believe if someone has a great skillset but not the right attitude and mindset they will not have success.

      Thanks for your comment Viola and have a great rest of your week.


  16. Worli

    Hello Sue!

    I think all of us have many thoughts running through our heads all the time – which can be both positive and negative. Positive thinking usually begets positive reality, while negative thinking usually begets negative outcomes.

    However, whether we like it or not, many thoughts keep running through our heads, including failure and other unhealthy pursuits.
    Worli recently posted..What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author


      Not sure of your name the way the comment was left. I was going to guess Noel because of the email address but I am not sure.

      Thanks for finding me and for leaving a comment.

      We do get what we think about both good and bad. It is difficult to change our negative thoughts but it can be done with work and being aware of what we are thinking about.

      Thanks again.


  17. Sudipto

    Hey Sue,
    Nice post and Yes, Positive attitude and thoughts really plays an important role in any business. In blogging, its very tough to get success and it requires lots of hardwork, consistency and patience. So only those got success who faces these problem with positive attitude and always using positive thoughts try to achieve success. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sudipto

      Yes I agree as bloggers like other businesses we need to have a positive attitude. Without out it we would never get through the early stages of our blogging careers.

      Thanks for visiting me again and for commenting. I appreciate it.


  18. Ana Evans

    Business is all about taking risks. A positive thought and mind is crucial especially in the implementation of plans. A negative mind is less open minded in accepting suggestions to improve business. Usually, it would be a barrier for potential success as it would influence one to think negatively ahead of time, ending up not taking risks. It’s great to have read your post, by the way.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Ana

      Thanks for finding my blog and for commenting.

      Yes I agree business is about taking risks and very difficult to do that with a negative mind. I also have seen negative people almost repel customers with bad attitudes.

      Thanks again for your comment and you have a great weekend.


  19. Pique Dan

    You are totally right.
    Skillset is important but it cannot give you the mindset that you need.
    If you have the mindset you will acquire the skillset and everything there is between you and your goal.
    Reading is important and when you start , you usually get lots of materials.
    But when you keep at it things start to clear out and you will find some great authors who can turn your life up up up.
    Pique Dan recently posted..Love before we dieMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Pique,

      You are spot in saying if you have the mindset then you will aquire the skillset. It does not necessarily happen the other way around. I read something positive every day.

      Thanks for your comment Pique.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Your comment is spot on Abdul business is not up to the mark without the right mindset. Thank you.

  20. Sophia

    The key to success is having a positive attitude. Whatever you think, you bring in your life. Thanks for sharing useful information with us. I hope to see more posts of you.

  21. Stefan

    I have always been a positive person but since I read “The secret” things have changed. A positive person will always seek the next opportunity instead of keeping the status quo, he/she is less afraid. I’m certain that you have to be positive to suceed in business as in the other domains of your life.

    Stefan recently posted..Eiweiß shake – Warum ich damit einfach abnehmeMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      You have a very interesting “take” on The Secret. We all take from anything like that through our own filters. I do believer you have to be positive to be successful but that does not mean you need to be unconscious to reality.

      Thanks for your comment.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Stefan it is Empower Network which is an online network marketing business. Their products are a blog, personal development and online marketing training.
      Here is my blog with Empower It is the blog I use now.



    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      I apologize for the very late response to your comment. I do not post on this blog anymore and I am a little tardy with watching our for comments.

      I have been unwell this year and have not been building my business. I still love Empower Network and as soon as I am over my health challenges I will be back in full swing.

      From my observation there are negative comments on most deals out there. I am not sure about the high costs involved. You can own the blog for $25 a month plus the affiliate fee of $19.95. If you want to position yourself better then yes there are more expensive products. Personally I like that as it gives me the ability to earn more.

      It depends what you are looking for. I love the community in EN.

      Which MLM are you doing Stefan?

      Thanks for your comment here/

      Have a great week.


  22. Stefan from Proteinshake

    Hi Sue,

    please don’t apologize! Everybody is busy and “real life” is usually way more important than our online presence.

    I am sorry to hear that you feel unwell and don’t have the energy to invest in your business. May I ask what it is what is bugging you?

    See, the fees of almost $45 a month ($540 / year) is what caught my eyes. I have a small web space with a pretty good hoster and my own little wordpress site on it and it costs me around $5 a month, whether I make money of it or not. It gives me a little comfort to know that I can keep my expenses low.

    I do network marketing for Juice Plus ( is it ok to post my link here? ). Juice Plus basically dried vegetables, fruits and berries in capsules for people who would like to live healthier lives.

    I started out as a consumer for the shakes, which helped me lose around 20 pounds of weight in around four months. After this “wow!” effect I started taking the capsules, too.

    Since then I feel great, haven’t been sick a day in one and a half years (and that is altough I am … wait! … was allergic to almost anything) and have the extra energy needed to run my business which I started back then in parallel to my regular 40h job and my three young children.

    As we both know, once you’re convinced of a product, you can start to win over your customers too, right? 🙂

    Have a great week Sue, wishing you all the best,

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      Thanks for finding my EN blog and leaving a comment there. Much appreciation.

      I understand your comment on the cost of a WP blog as opposed to the EN model. I run this blog and my EN one. I am not a technical person (or more truthfully I do not like tech stuff) so I pay someone to do the upgrades etc on this one. That adds to my costs.

      I am very familiar with Juice Plus. I used to go to a gym where it was promoted. I took the products for bit then switched to Mannatech which I love.

      Thanks for your comment Stefan. You too have a great week.