Network Marketing Invisible Skyscrapers

I remember vividly when this book was published and I stumbled across this excerpt the other day.

Invisible Skyscrapers
(Excerpt from Rich Dad’s Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki
(Warner Business Books, Inc. – 2002)

“In early November, I returned to New York for the second time after September
11. On this trip I met a friend who had moved his office from the Empire State
Building to a smaller office building. He said, ‘My staff were quitting because
they did not want to sit in the next target.’ After he made that comment, I realized
that we had officially entered into the Information Age…the age where being
invisible is better.

The network marketing industry is an Information Age business because it is an
invisible business. Because it is an invisible business, it is often hard to describe
the business’s benefits to people who think with Industrial Age minds and who
still try to see the business’s benefits with their eyes, rather than their minds.

It would be hard for a terrorist to attack the network marketing industry simply
because the business offices are also invisible. Most network marketing offices are
hidden in homes throughout the world. There are people who are running massive
businesses from their homes that are invisible. But if you could see their business,
it would look like invisible skyscrapers rising from neighborhoods all over the

I read this several times wondering how much had changed since 2002 when Robert wrote it.  I know we are now moving from the Information Age to the Recommendation Age.  The trend to home based business is  still growing but do we want to be invisible?  I love the analogy of Network Marketing Businesses being invisible skyscrapers scattered around the world – I agree with that!

What do you think of the excerpt? I would love to hear your comments.

3 thoughts on “Network Marketing Invisible Skyscrapers

  1. Sharon Whiteman

    Loved the excerpt, especially the visual I got when large home based business’s would look like a sky scraper if you could actually see their breadth and depth!

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