Network Marketing Business – Part 2.

I am going to expand today on a couple of points in my last blog “Network Marketing Business”.

The first one – “sweat equity”. What is meant by this in a Network Marketing Business is that the entry amount that you pay to get into most networking businesses is very low and you need to be prepared to work hard to build the business. In the book The Cashflow Quadrant™ Robert Kiyosaki says “but success in any quadrant is hard work.”  I totally agree as I have never seen anyone become very successful without hard work.

The second concept that I want expand upon is “to be successful you need to overcome your fear of rejection”. This is a big one. So many people do not approach people for fear of rejection. Robert uses a wonderful quote “what you think of me is none of my business.” – There is a book titled exactly this by Terry Cole-Whittaker. I highly recommend this book if you have not read it. Robert also says what is most important is what you think of yourself.

Robert explains that going from the left had side of the Cashflow Quadrant™ to the right, is about who you have to become and not so much about what you do. In my opinion that is one of the wonderful things about the network marketing model. The industry offers so much personal development training which is essential for success.

In my opinion two of the most important points Robert makes on the topic of network marketing are;

  • True success in the industry is when the time you put in coupled with the hard work result in significant long term passive income.
  • Network marketing has taken away the hard part of developing your own system and your only job is to develop your people.

A couple of other quotes I think are fitting in closing are;

“Direct Marketing offers a low-risk but high return business system. I advise serious individuals to do your research and ‘put everything you’ve got into your product’. Genuine enthusiasm is hard to beat.” Donald Trump, entrepreneur, author

“Direct selling has become the wealth creation vehicle of choice for millions.” Paul Zane Pilzer, economist and author.

I truly believe this model of business is giving everyone the opportunity to have financial freedom. Please leave me your comments.

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