My Journey Begins….

This is my first blog post and as I write I am filled with feelings of excitement and trepidation. This blog site is still being built – and I am building it! That may not seem incredible except to anyone that knows me and they will know how much I have had to learn and stretch. I have often been the subject of jokes in the office with my lack of technical ability.

As I commence my journey into this new world (new for me anyway) I keep going back to a point in time when I had a very clear picture of myself sitting at a computer writing for a living from home. It was during a meditation and there are several reasons this moment is so clear and memorable  in my mind :
1.    I didn’t type and had never thought of working from home.
2.    I didn’t know how to turn a computer on.
3.    I had a PA and marketing team who wrote everything for me.
4.    It was during a guided group meditation with a company my husband and I owned. We had a coach working with us and the purpose of the meditation was to set goals for a sales campaign and to see ourselves winning etc. I decided at the time NOT to share my experience with our 40 odd staff!

That moment was somewhere in the last months of 1997. Here I am just over 12 years later working from home without staff. I have learned a myriad of skills to enable me to be self sufficient. But somewhere way back then I knew deep down my path was to change.

4 thoughts on “My Journey Begins….

  1. Diana Hunter

    Wow Sue – that’s an amazing vision that has come true. I look forward to hearing more of your journey.

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  3. Adam Robinson

    This is what makes life beautiful. We have got to see ourselves evolve in one form or the other. We have got to keep looking for our greatest potential and pursue the ultimate joy and happiness.