Make Disappointment Your Strength

Today I will share with you from Step 6 from The Cashflow Quadrant™ by Robert Kiyosaki

Step 6: Make Disappointment Your Strength
Wow what a big one this is! The advice in this step is to expect to be disappointed.

It could appear that this advice flies in the face of The Law of Attraction – the message in the Secret and other personal development teaching. You may well ask that surely if we listen to Robert’s advice here we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed. I think there is a fine line between being optimistic and expecting the best – and being off with the pixies. I also think there is a fine line between being negative and being a realist. Let me know what you think on this point. I used to be the extreme optimist and I did get bitten.

Robert’s Rich Dad had said to him “only fools expect everything to go the way they want. To expect to be disappointed does not mean being passive or a defeated loser. Expecting to be disappointed is a way of mentally and emotionally preparing yourself to be ready for surprises that you may not want. By being emotionally prepared, you can act with calm and dignity when things do not go your way. If you are calm, you can think better.”

It is often our fear of being disappointed or failing that keeps us from even starting a venture. It is not what happens to us so much as how we react and handle it that is important. We will all make mistakes and we will all have set backs. It is life. Be prepared to dust yourself off and keep going.

Other suggestions in Step 6 are:
1.    Having a mentor ready to help us through these disappointments to coach you through the experience.
2.    Be kind to yourself. – Wow this is a big one. Most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else. I know I can beat myself up badly when I mess up. This can be debilitating and is very unproductive. My advice is to acknowledge when we have made a mistake, ask yourself what you have learned from it and move on.
3.    Tell the truth – this means be honest with yourself.
4.    Start small with investing and learn.
5.     And last of all – Take action and educate yourself.

I would love to hear your feed back on this step as I think it is a big one!

7 thoughts on “Make Disappointment Your Strength

  1. ppc tips

    Those Step 6 suggestions should be required reading for all who are thinking of starting, or are deep into a business venture. Great post!

  2. Adam Robinson

    In my view, expecting to be disappointed means to face the reality that in success, disappointment and failure are essential ingredients. No one has ever succeeded without failing or making mistakes. A lot of people don’t go for ‘RICH’ because of this fear. Rather, they would go with security (finding jobs, saving money, etc) which is also okay but ultimately, does not make you rich.

    1. Sue Post author

      Adam thanks for your valuable comment here. Of course we must make mistakes and fail on our way to success. You are spot on that too many people do not go for RIch because of the fear of failure. Such a valid comment.