Do What You Love

Do what you love in your business.

I am not referring to turning your hobby into your main business in this post. Although today that is  more possible than in was in the do what you lovepast.

I am referring to playing to your strengths and not trying to improve the things you consider your weaknesses.  If there is part of your business you do not enjoy have you thought of outsourcing it?

In the era I grew up in I was taught I had to improve on the things I was not good at. I think there are times we need to do that but mostly I have learned I would prefer to do the things I enjoy doing.

School examples

When I was in year ten at high school we used to have examinations at the end of the year called our Junior Certificate. I was pretty good at most of the academic subjects I was taking and Maths was always my strength. The one subject I struggled with and disliked was art (painting to e specific).

So in the lead up to the exams I spent more time on trying to be a better artist than I did on my other subjects. The result was I passed art but my other subjects had lower marks than I expected. My maths was not my usual very high mark. In reflection now I think this was just crazy.

Another example from school was I disliked with a passion physics and chemistry. Therefore I decided to drop it from my studies. My school lectured me that because they said I was good at Maths so should be good at these sciences. The fact was I had zero interest in them so why should I do them?

For a very long time in my working life I carried over this type of thinking trying to improve the things I was not good at.

Gradually though over time and by  doing many different personality and other  profiles, I started to change this and take on the mantra of do what you love.

Do what you love in the corporate world

I think it is perhaps easier when we are part of a large organization to do what we love and play to our strengths. For example I dislike anything technical.  In larger businesses when I had a problem with my computer or could not figure something out I simply called someone from IT.

I also had a PA for many years of my life so it made it easier for me to shine in the areas I was  good at.

Do what you love in your home based business

When I started my home based business I did not have an IT department to call on at will. Also I was building an internet business so clearly I needed to learn some basic skills  …. and I did.

In our home based business we usually start out having to do it all. There is no accounts department or IT department. We have to be those plus marketer, sales person, sometime product creator and so the list goes on.

So you may ask how do you do what you love in your home based business?

Answer is Outsource.

Now I know often when we start we do not have the funds to outsource BUT how much does it cost you really in  trying to figure out how to do things that are not really your strengths?

You cannot do it all by yourself if you aspire to build a business.

Sure you can become self employed and do it all yourself but that is not building a business.

If you have not read The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki I suggest you do. Or at least read my post on his definition of self employed and business.  You can find it here at Understanding the Cashflow Quadrant.

Do you know what you love?                           do what you love

This is not a stupid question because too often people have forgotten what makes their heart sing. There are numerous personality tests, tests to see how you instinctively solve problems and other profiling resources that can help you.

Another thing you can do is have a session with a life coach. They are trained to help you identify your true passions.

Please let me know what  you think of this post Do what you Love. What was your experience at school?  Did you grow up being told to improve certain things?

Do you outsource now? Do you know which parts of your business you love and which you do not?

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34 thoughts on “Do What You Love

  1. Adrienne

    Hey Sue,

    Great post and I get what you’re saying here but when I came online I seriously had very limited funds because I had been laid off and I didn’t have anyone to fall back on so I had to teach myself everything. To be honest with you, I enjoyed the learning experience but I get what you’re saying here.

    Why beat yourself up over trying to do something you don’t understand when you’re wasting the time you could be putting towards actually bringing in some money. It does make perfect sense.

    I think as we go through having projects outsources we should have a place on our blogs where we can recommend certain people for doing certain jobs. I think that would be very beneficial for some of us because we know that we would prefer to use someone we know a friend has recommended. Just a thought!

    Thank you for this post and what a great subject.

    Adrienne recently posted..Some Anniversaries Are Not Worth CelebratingMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I really admire you so much given you were laid off and had always been an employee. That is a major learning curve. Most people start their home based business while still employed. I am sure you had to watch every cent not being sure how long it would take to get going. You have done so well.

      I have got more and more clear on what I want to do and what I do not as time goes on. I am glad I learned to do some of the things I do not like though as really you cannot even outsource if you do not know what you need.

      Adrienne that is a great idea on outsourcing and recommending. I agree totally. I think it should be on the agenda for tomorrow’s mastermind. I never use anyone without them being recommended. I wonder how or where would be best. Let’s discuss.

      Thanks Adrienne for your comment and great suggestion.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  2. Donna Merrill

    Hi Sue!

    I am a firm believer in “do what you love” and get the rest done by someone else. I find it difficult to do anything technical. That I have always farmed out. However I must learn the lingo to instruct someone to do something I want done. That’s so difficult for me. But, eventually, it does get done.

    My husband and I just hired someone to create a product site for us. If we wanted to do it ourselves, it would have taken months to learn, therefore, we would have lost money compared to the price he charged us.

    This is how I look at it. I love to write on my blog, write to my list, and engage others on social platforms. Period!!! When it comes to all the other stuff, I do hire those that can get it done quickly.

    When people tell me that they cannot afford it, I usually tell them that if they want to start their own business, and get it going, it is cheaper to hire someone than to do it all yourself. Especially in the internet business because things change like light speed.

    I’ve seen too many people learning everything and not making any money from their business. I’m not at all putting them down, but one becomes stagnant. Time is of the essence! Hiring people to do the smallest tasks, even around your house gives you more time for productivity. I love what I do, and that is the backbone of my business.

    Great Point Sue!
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Organize Your Space, Clear your MindMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      You and I think very much alike and we both do not like tech 🙂 _ thank God for people like Kimberly,

      You have been in business for a long time and so have I. There are so many people on the internet who have not and I am seeing more and more they just need to see their business more like a business and hire.

      I am looking forward to seeing your product site. I am sure it will be awesome. It is also a great example of the message I wanted to make here.

      Thanks for raising the point on tasks around the house. I remember Robert Kiyosaki saying many years ago the only people who should cut their own grass are people who love doing it and use the time to have business ideas. Otherwise hire someone. I guess that comes back to only do it if you enjoy it.

      Thanks for your contribution Donna.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

      1. Donna Merrill

        Hi Sue!

        Robert Kiyosaki made a great point! 10 years ago I started my own garden. I just loved doing it and cutting the grass. It was all new to me because I lived in the city for most of my life.
        I got over that one fast. That’s why I hire someone. Whatever it is we enjoy, we can do ourselves. Gardening used to be a pleasant place for me to escape and free my mind until I got stung by a wasp and ended up in the hospital. He He
        That was the end of my gardening career.
        People are so afraid of hiring others thinking that “I can’t afford it” which is a dangerous mindset.
        But once they do, and spend time in their business, the money comes in ten fold.
        Just say’n

        Donna Merrill recently posted..Organize Your Space, Clear your MindMy Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hi Donna

          I laughed at your garden experience as it is like mine. I had a real need to create a garden when we were first married but was over it very quickly.
          I never got stung by a wasp though – that sounds awful.

          I think we should only do the things like gardening or cleaning if we love them. I am not very interested in anything domestic at all. Some people love to cook for relaxation. I wish it was true for me but I would prefer to have a chef 🙂

          Oh Donna I am sooooo in agreement with you on the “I cannot afford to hire” someone thinking. 20 years ago when I first worked with Robert he pushed me into getting a full time housekeeper. She did not live in but just came 5 days a week. At the time our daughter had just stared school and we had kids at University. We had a fast growing business with about 30 staff.

          Robert convinced me to give it a go and said our profits would increase way more than the cost of the housekeeper. And yes that is what happened tenfold – or more. Once I cleared my mind of “what do I give the kids for dinner tonight, is the uniform ironed etc the business just blossomed. I just so wish I could get others to see this Donna. I guess they do when they are ready.

          Thanks for your contribution here, I appreciate it.

          Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  3. Mary Stephenson

    Hi Sue

    I took a test a few months ago and found out that what I had been doing at a job was exactly what I was suited for. But I worked best on my own and when no one else was trying to tell me how to do it. I was laid off and so am glad it is over with. Having others that think they know how to do a job that I had done for 10 years was a real pain. Great cause for friction in the workplace.

    The job required me to be extremely detailed and organized. I worked with outside companies, which that part was fine. Even before that job I was in charge of projects and directing temporary people, I enjoyed that also when I was allowed to remain in charge. I was fair and they all liked working with me. Just too bad companies are not more careful about who they higher as bosses.

    I love solving problems and I love being creative, it is in the blood. I like to keep records of everything also. Can’t afford to outsource, but if I were to, it would probably social media and marketing.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Do You Ever Wonder?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mary

      It seems you are very very clear on what you enjoy and do not. You are also clear on what your strengths are and are not. It sounds like your boss was not the right person for the job. You deserve to have the life you want to have and just believe you can create it.

      That is interesting that you would outsource social media and marketing. They are the things I love 🙂 Isn’t it good we are all different and can compliment each other.

      Here is to you finding a place where you can shine. Have a good day Mary.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  4. tonyastephens

    Hi Sue,
    It is nice to say do what you love but sometimes in the early stages you do what you think is necessary until you get to the point where you can do what you love..I hope that makes sense.
    I started this journey into internet marketing because I wanted to be free to live part time in another courtry (part of the year). So I’m doing what I have to now and learning what I can…it’s been a difficult process as I’m sure you know.
    You start at no where and then you travel down the road until you get to somewhere… Somewhere is the place where you’ve learned…oh so this is what I have to do and this is what I don’t have to do anymore!..when the process begins to gel and you know you’re on the right path.
    I know what you mean….and I’m getting there.
    Thanks for your post,
    tonyastephens recently posted..Network Marketing On The Internet | Do You Have To Be A Guru?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Tony

      I agree totally we have to do what is necessary in the beginning. As long as we do not get stuck there for too long.

      What a great reason to start your journey on the internet to spend time living in another country. That is a goal of mine too. Where do you want to live?

      Yes it is not an easy journey when we start but we need to hold the dream and vision.

      Thanks for your comment Tonya and I wish you every success.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hi Tonya

          Sounds divine! I am still to visit the Carribean and I will get there. I live in a place in Australia that is a beach side tourist town with a climate that is sub-tropical. We moved from Sydney to be here so I understand your goal.

          Thanks for coming back and letting me know Tonya.

          Have a wonderful day

          Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  5. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    I totally agree with you. We don’t have to it all, that’s crazy. It’s funny, opposite you I totally sucked at math and was good at painting 🙂

    Your post made me think about how my whole family couldn’t understand why I NEVER ever wanted to learn how to change a flat tire. I kept telling them, because I do not ever intend on changing one.

    Nowadays, I have an insurance that takes care of that but even before that I wasn’t about to park my car on the side of the road and change a tire. I’d rather walk or call someone LOL!

    Bottom line, not everything is for everyone. We can’t be good at everything.

    Same thing for my home based business. I do not have time to learn deep technical stuff for example, so I just pay someone to do it. I’m not going to try to create my own headers or eBook covers or all that stuff. I pay someone who does it great.

    I save myself for what I’m good at 🙂

    Great though provoking post, Sue 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Is Your Business Not Taking Off – A Real Life Case StudyMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      We might be different in maths and painting but we are the same with changing a tire. I absolutely share your stance on that one. Never do I intend to change one and I also have insurance for it.

      No we cannot be good at everything. What gets me is so many people try to be. I think it is so freeing to say ” I do not do that”.

      I am so glad you save yourself for the important things. My goodness Sylviane I know how many hours your work and imagine if you wasted some of them on ebook covers when you can get someone on Fiverr to do it.

      Thanks for your contribution Sylviane. As always I appreciate your thoughts.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  6. Dan Black

    Great post and thought. I really like the topic of finding your passions and working in strength zones. My desire and passion it to eventually write, public speak, and coach full time. I’m making progress toward my goal. I know my passion will fuel me forward.
    Dan Black recently posted..3 Be’s of LeadershipMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Dan

      You have great goals. Not sure if you know I was part of an organization in Australian that promoted speakers. We also published some of their books out here. One of them was Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad was first a best seller here in Australia so that was pretty cool for us.

      As you say I am sure your passion will fuel you forward.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  7. Carol Lynn

    I like your spin on this, Sue. Usually when people talk about doing what you love, it’s in the context of “quit your day job and follow your passion.” But within your job there is plenty of wiggle room! I know for myself I often get stuck doing things I don’t really like to do, but they have to get done so I do them. Sometimes I do outsource, if I can offset the cost enough. You’re absolutely right, though, you have to remember what you really enjoy and make time to do it. Otherwise you’ll burn yourself out. For me that’s writing and lots of times it gets pushed to the bottom of the list because there’s other stuff I “have to do”. Writing almost feels like not working so I tend to do it last. I know I shouldn’t! Work doesn’t always have to be hard. Sometimes we can enjoy it too 🙂 Thanks for the perfect reminder.
    Carol Lynn recently posted..Money Can’t Buy (Brand) LoveMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Carol

      I am glad you liked my spin on this.:-)

      I am surprised to hear you say you do your writing last but I guess you get the other things you do not enjoy so much out of the way first. I agree there are things we all have to do that are not our favorite so we may as well do what you suggest and just do them.

      Absolutely yes – work does not have to be hard and should be enjoyable. I also believe we need to have some fun in there.

      I share a VA with a couple of other people so the cost is affordable. He does much of my technical work on my blog which is so good for me. It is the area I do not like at all.

      Thanks for your comment Carol.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  8. Raena Lynn

    Hi Sue,

    Outsourcing is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Time is money so it needs to be considered. When I started out I didn’t have the funds to outsource so I spent a lot of time learning from many resources on the internet and mastermind groups. I love learning, and honestly, I am glad I was able to develop my skill sets. They are always improving and I have the ability to help others.

    My time schedule is shifting to an increase of marketing activities so I’m feeling there may be a need for outsourcing in the near future. The difficult part is letting go because I really do love most of what I do online. I especially love when I am able to generate money. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all about making money and I think focusing too much on the “making money” part is a sign of desperation and doesn’t do any good for your business. However, when I make sales, it is a measurement of my efforts and that is very exciting. I especially love when someone comes to me for help and I can offer something to them that will solve their problem and they buy a product. That shows that the person trusts me and that is a great feeling!

    Sometimes outsourcing can have “control” issues. For example, I ran a home business years ago and I hired a secretary to handle the paperwork (which I do not like to do). It took time to adjust to having someone else do the work I did, even though I didn’t enjoy it. Of course, it didn’t take long to enjoy the benefits.

    Thanks for sharing your experience in high school…interesting. Also congratulations on your new magazine endeavor!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..The Prosperity Game Journal Part 4My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Raena

      I think learning the things that need to be done when we start is a good thing as we really need to know enough to effectively outsource. You have a great skill set and that is valuable.

      Ah the letting go is a big one for many people. I have never had a problem with it but I think I have had businesses and staff for so many years it is sort of part of me. What I do have a problem with is the quality of work and people doing things to a high standard. Yes there are control issues big time with outsourcing. So you have had someone once before and you do know the benefits.

      I love making sales and I agree it is a direct measure of effort. I think the money making activities are the ones we should concentrate on most. I am enjoying EN for clarity with that. I used to spend way too much time on other things. I also love it when someone buys something and it solves their problem. It is a buzz. I love working with people and get as much excitement about someone else’s success as I do my own.

      That school one is one I have only come to realize much later was so crazy. Trying to do something you cannot do and don’t like is a waste in my opinion but I used to try and master everything.

      Thanks for the congratulations on the magazine. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

      Thanks for your comment Raena and have a lovely weekend.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  9. Babanature

    Hello Sue,
    What a lovely post. I have done a lot of things for people just to satisfy them and never really thought much about my self (then). When i was still in school, the course i offered was because i wanted to favor my parent (at that time). but as time changes and things happen, i started looking at my self; that it is high time i started doing things for me. So now things i do are things i love and cherish i don’t do things my spirit don’t have the drive for. That’s me… Thanks Do have a splendid weekend.
    Babanature recently posted..Optimizing Your WordPress Database For A Better PerformanceMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Babanature

      I think many of us do things to please other people when we are younger but as we get older we start to evaluate. I think it is good to please your parents to a point but then there comes a time we must do what is right for us. I am happy to hear you are doing things for yourself now. Doing things you love and cherish is such a good thing. It seems like you are really on track with this topic.

      You also have a great weekend Babanature.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  10. Radu

    Outsourcing is good (i live from outsourced jobs for few years now) but you have to be professional in order to survive in this “shark world” of freelancers. Quality and responsibility should be your top priorities even though is a bit hard.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Radu

      Great that outsourcing is providing you business. That to me is how the world of business works. I suppose there is some sharks out there and I am sure you see it. In the end it never pays off being a shark. As you say you need to provide quality and be responsible – and over time you will win.

      Thanks for your feedback Radu.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

      1. Radu

        The fact with the sharks is that you have to distract them while you get and run with the bait (prize, whatever).

  11. Michael A Buccilli

    Hi Sue

    I totally understand what you mean here; though, I am not quite able yet to outsource some of the ‘jobs’ or ‘items’ that I would like to but I have been working towards that for several years now.

    I have always believed that to find true success you have to be able to “Do What You Love”. I thank you for re-affirming my belief.
    Michael A Buccilli recently posted..The Beauty Of CloudsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Michael

      I think that is the same for most people when they start out. It takes time before we are in a position to outsource. It is a bit of a tap dance too as sometimes when we do outsource we can produce more income but then of course we need the cashflow to pay for the outsourcing. Catch 22!

      Yes doing what we love is what makes our heart sing and I believe it is what we are meant to do.

      Thanks for your comment Michael. Have a great weekend.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  12. Justin from evolution

    Hi Sue,
    I have a lot of things I love to do but none of them I would want to do as a 9 to 5 job 5 days a week. I enjoy being of service to others any way I can and of course I love being creative and imaginative.

    Take Care.
    Justin recently posted..Silva Intuition SystemMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Justin

      That is a good point you make as I also have things I love to do but not full time every day. I mean that with more than work too. For example I love to exercise but have no desire to do it 9 to 5. Balance and variety is good for me. I too love being of service to others.

      Thanks for commenting Justin. Have a great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  13. Mayura

    Hi Sue,

    Fantastic. It’s very true indeed ~ “Too often people have forgotten what makes their heart sing.”

    We all can learn anything for some extent if we need to but mastering everything is wasting our time 🙂 We can think about balancing, but I wonder how many people actually balance their lifestyles.

    We shouldn’t outsource everything, isn’t it Sue? 🙂 There could be some risks involved when dealing with sensitive data.

    I remember one of my friend wanted a design and he learnt Photoshop by himself. He made it, but it’s not what he wanted 🙂 After all, I’ve recommended one that I know and he made it in few hours. My friend spent lot of money on his Photoshop course, and why not precious time (6 months) too.

    When it comes to business perspectives, this can be a huge wastage and lack of effective management 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Download All Your Tweets and Information on TwitterMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mayura

      It is sad I think that so many people do not know what makes their heart sing anymore.

      Oh I agree Mayura that trying to master everything is a waste of time. Total waste of time in my opinion. Your friend and the Photoshop course is a good example of what not to do. That is an expensive lesson for him.

      I am sure you are correct Mayura that we cannot outsource everything but there is a lot we can. We need to know what is going on in our business and also we need to have ultimate control. I would like to work more “on my business” than “in it”. IF that makes sense? I think freeing up some time and outsourcing some tasks enable us to do that. It all takes time to get to that though.

      Thanks for your comment Mayura.

      Have a great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do What You LoveMy Profile

  14. Arianne

    Hi Sue! Great post by the way. I must say that working your way to the top of the corporate ladder of success online is a tricky and difficult ordeal. But if you start by doing the very things that you love, there would be less stress for you. Thank you very much. This is an awe-inspiring post.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Arianne

      I think most of us have experienced confusion and other difficulties when we come online. It is a learning curve and if we persevere we find out way. For me it has been very much about letting go of some things.

      Thanks for your comment and have a great day.

      Sue Price recently posted..Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy?My Profile