Learning to Love Yourself is The Most Important Thing

learning to love yourself

Why is learning to love yourself so important?  It is important  because until we truly love ourselves we cannot love another, nor will we be happy.


I grew up in a time when loving yourself was not spoken about and certainly no one ever talked about how to do it.  I was told to  be modest, not to “show off” and never to say I was good at anything.


My mother often referred to people in a very negative way if she thought they loved themselves or they looked too confident. 


When I started on my personal development/awareness journey I was staggered at the thought that I should love myself.


Over the years I have come to understand the importance of loving ourselves.


Learning to love yourself is the most important thing you can do.


Maybe you do love yourself.



Maybe this message does not apply to you. If it does not then congratulations as sadly for most people they struggle with self love.


For many of us this quote is true.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Josh Billings


I think that is one of the reasons we love our dogs so much. They do show unconditional love. This is what we need to show ourselves. 


I was listening to an interview with Louise Hay on the weekend. She said when she first started working with people she used to work on particular issues people had. Then over time she realized she could get a much better result by helping them love themselves. She said when a person truly loves and accepts themselves everything falls into place.


I could not find the interview again to share here however this one has a similar message.


 Louise Hay – How to Love Yourself 


Her five points were;

      1. Control your thoughts

      2. Love and accept yourself

      3. Be grateful

      4. You have no limitations

      5. Trust your life’s journey


I love the reminder that all of our beliefs are simply choices.


Here are some tools you can use to assist in learning to love yourself


  • First thing in the morning look into a mirror  and say “I love you [name]”. I obviously say “I love you Sue”.  Then I suggest you repeat it through the day when you brush your teeth, shave, do your make-up etc.  It is not easy when you start but stick with it.
  • There are heaps of guided meditations on YouTube you can do to help you in your journey of learning to love yourself.
  • Affirmations are another great tool. Louise Hay mentioned one in her video “I love and approve of myself”.
  • Have more fun in your life. Laugh. Do things that make you feel joyful. We all feel better about ourselves when we are having fun.
  • Do things to nurture your soul. It might be a walk in nature, a massage, a swim  – whatever makes you feel in touch with the beauty of you.


“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” Zoe Kravitz


Isn’t that true? Someone who truly loves and appreciates themselves radiates beauty.


This song sends goose bumps all over me every time I hear it.


Whitney Houston  – Greatest Love of All


The greatest love of all – learning to love yourself!


I think Lucille says it very well.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball


Do you agree that learning to love yourself is very important?


Have an amazing day and enjoy being you!


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12 thoughts on “Learning to Love Yourself is The Most Important Thing

  1. Shaun Trewern

    I certainly do agree that learning to love yourself is very important. I think Louise Hay’s five points are spot on, especially number 1. Everything in our lives begins with our thoughts.
    My favorite line in Whitney’s song is this, ‘I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow. If I fail, If I succeed, at least I’ll live as I believe.’ <3 <3

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I agree that everything begins with our thoughts Shaun. Yes I love that line in the song too. Great song!

  2. Sandy Mangis

    Loving who we are as individuals gives us the biggest sense of accomplishment. It helps our confidence and pleasure in knowing that we make a difference just by being who we are.

    Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I love how you said ” It helps our confidence and pleasure in knowing that we make a difference just by being who we are.” Being who we are is really all we can be if we are going to be truly happy. Thanks for your great comment Sandy.

  3. Rory Singh

    Learning to love yourself is one of the reason we are all on this journey in this industry together. Money is just the ‘byproduct’ of taking action online. Thank you Sue for the reminder!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I love that Rory – “one of the reasons we are all on this journey in this industry together.” I had never really thought about it like that before but it is obvious now that I do. 🙂 Thank you for your comment Rory and have a great week.

  4. Deirdre Powell

    Hi Sue, great post. I totally agree you should work on yourself and personal development involves learning to love yourself and who you are. I remember always being afraid of sounding conceited when I was growing up because that was something that was looked down on. But loving yourself is not being conceited it’s being you and loving yourself for who you are.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Deirdre, I so relate to what you said about being afraid of sounding conceited when you were growing up. Me too as that was drummed into me. It is sad really as loving yourself is fundamental to our happiness.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. LT Turner Jr

    Love this post – I actually write a similar one entitled “The Greatest Love of All”. I too didn’t really hear much about the importance of loving yourself growing up. As I became an adult and started doing personal development, I realized that loving yourself is the utmost of importance. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Sounds like we are on the same wave length with our posts LT. I think most people grow up without the understanding of the importance of loving themselves. Having said that for people bringing children up now who have been involved in personal development it is different.

      Thank you for your comment LT.