Is There A Downside To Personal Development?

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If you are in a home based business or network marketing company  you will have been introduced to the world of personal development. Or you may be in any other profession or walk of your life and been introduced to this amazing world. Personal development  means being a better version of yourself and taking full responsibility for your life.


Sounds good doesn’t it?


Lets look at the other side and ask a question…….

…..Is there a downside to personal development?  To answer this question I will share some stories from my life with the intent it may help others.


My journey into personal development


I was introduced to personal development when I was about 27 and had been chosen to be a manager in the accounting firm I was working in. It was a requirement for everyone to do a 4 day live in course prior to becoming a manager.


In the seventies personal development courses were quite different than today.


I am forever grateful for this first course as I learned I was not a victim of life and that I had choices. It put me on a whole new path and way of living my life.


It was also through this network I met my husband. That was a real bonus.


The downsides for me of my first adventure into personal development.


  • I tried to convert everyone I knew into my new world. I was over the top and way too “enthusiastic”.
  • My family and many of my friends  consequently thought I had gone crazy and I alienated many people who I love.
  • I became obsessed if I had a sore thumb or any other simple ailment as to how I had created it. I made life very complicated.


Maybe none of these things happened or will happen to you but I have seen many others behave similarly when they first embark on this journey.


My advice to you when you start on this pathway is to remember you have changed and be respectful of others. Tread gently and don’t judge others who are not on the same path.


Over time you may need to move away from some people in your life as you may see they are not the best for you. Don’t rush this though settle into your new way of being.


My journey into personal development continues


Personal Development

It is many years since I embarked on this pathway and since then I have done many other courses, read and listened to countless number of books and worked with various practitioners.


I have also been part of a company here in Australia that promoted speakers who incorporated personal development in their teaching.


I found the world of Law of Attraction and have become a follower of people like Esther Hicks, Louise Hay and others.


You can see my path has been a long one and I would not change it for anything.


At this point in my life I have a challenge I am going through which I will share with you when I am through it. It has resulted in me questioning my life , my thoughts and what I need to change.


More downsides I have discovered for me and my personal development journey.


Because I have become such a positive thinker I gloss over things I should deal with. I have learned to swallow grief, push down anger and hurt thinking  I am bigger than that.


The truth is that occasionally life presents situations that whether we energetically brought them on or not, they cause grief, anger, hurt, etc…


Oftentimes  this is around the people we love, so we are loath to discuss it with them for fear of being judged and causing an upset.  So we hold onto it and deal with it privately and it creates a inner sound loop that can be hard to break, so it festers and manifests physically… this explanation comes from my good friend  Zen Devin.  You can find her blog here to learn much more on this topic  Inviting Abundance .


In summary


My intention in writing this post on the downsides of personal development is not intended to discourage anyone from embarking on this way of life. In my opinion we should all be striving to be the best we can be.


I wrote this post as I am discovering some of the pitfalls that have occurred in my life and talking to others I am not alone.


Enjoy your journey and remember to express yourself in an appropriate way – good and bad. Don’t push things down.


I would love to hear your comment below. Have you experienced any of the downsides to personal development I have?


Have an amazing day!


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22 thoughts on “Is There A Downside To Personal Development?

  1. Zen Devin

    HI Sue, thanks for the mention and I can only add that when we start to think of ‘opening up dialogues’ about touchy subjects rather than thinking they’ll be ‘confrontations’ immediately, we will be more likely to want to release what we hold inside, even with our closest people. Most people, in my experience, fear touchy conversations (perceived as confrontations) with loved ones almost as much as public speaking.

    I love your point about being too enthusiastic, made me giggle bc I remember wanting everyone to embrace it bc I loved it so much, and you find out quickly that not everyone wants ‘expansion and growth’ … and we also do tend to think we brought on/bring on EVERYTHING…so true, though they’re both downsides I can handle given the HUGE upside potential!

    XOX Zen

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Zen, That makes sense to think of opening up a dialogue rather than expecting a confrontation. I actually would much rather do public speaking than opening up a “touchy conversation” with someone very close.

      I think most of us that have embarked on this journey have wanted everyone we cared about to embrace this path. You are spot on, not everyone does want expansion and growth. I do not understand why but I accept it. 🙂

      I am with you Zen, even with the downsides the upsides are way greater.

      Thanks for your great comment Zen.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is There A Downside To Personal Development?My Profile

  2. di downie

    Hi Sue,

    Great blog and you know my story and yet we have come to know each even more since being in the same business and sharing what is working and what is not for us personally.

    I loved the bit where you were writing about don’t expect others to want the same or get on the same track as you.

    I have felt like a total woo woo for many years and still don’t share what I know and have experienced with many people. And…. I won’t until I’m invited.

    I have learnt to wait for a clear invitation and a safe environment.

    Great piece Sue


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Di,

      I don’t share much of what I know anymore either Di but I sure used to dump all over everyone. I was just so keen for others to know what I knew and be on the path to growth. I soon learned not everyone wants that.

      Thanks for your comment Di.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is There A Downside To Personal Development?My Profile

  3. Ken Pickard


    These posts where you open up and really dive deeper into an issue are simply the best. You’re not afraid to exposure the reality of the situation. Even if it’s different for everyone, there still could be an underlining thread that may cause others to trip.

    Similarly to when someone starts a new business. They are overly enthusiastic and want to tell everyone. Soon they discover that they are separating themselves from other people due to this new found exciting thing.

    Your message runs deep as only it can from someone who has been in the trenches.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Ken,

      I think embarking on a journey of expansion and growth is different for us all. My experience around other people is many have also been too over powering with people around them.

      Spot on Ken it is the same with a new business, especially in the Network Marketing space. Given people are still told in some companies everyone is a prospect it is not surprising.

      Thanks for your comment Ken. Much appreciation.


  4. Chris Brindamour

    Sue, the more positive you put in you, the more you will output. Just keep smiling! You will never convince everyone, but everyone needs a smile, you could be the one to brighten someones day! 🙂

  5. Lynn Brown

    Oh yes there is that up and downs and all around when it comes to developing the person we want to become. I’m glad you shared your story Sue. It is so important to be working on our inner self but to be aware of other things we need to create the life we want. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      There are ups and downs Lynn as we grow as people for sure Lynn. There are many pieces to the journey of life and of course the learning never stops. Thanks for your comment Lynn.

  6. Erica Udeanu

    Not many people are prepared to discuss the downsides of personal development … and yes, there can be a few.

    I have to giggle as well as Zen did because I too remember when I first started getting in to PD … I wanted to convert the world! And yes, people around me thought I was the “weird one!”

    But over the years I have learned that my PD work is for me and that everyone is on their own journey to self-discovery and it’s not for me to steer them in any direction unless of course they’re asking for steering.

    You raise some interesting points around opening up certain discussions.

    Hmmmmmm … food for thought indeed.

    Thinking of you with love Sue!


    1. Sue Price Post author

      I agree Erica not many people talk about the downside to the personal development journey. I must confess i debated with myself as to whether to write this post or not. I decided to because of what is going on for me right now and the insights I am seeing.

      I can imagine you were like Zen and I and very keen to change the world. LOL yes we do learn and your approach today is perfect.

      Thank you for your comment, love and hugs Erica.


  7. Akaahan Terungwa

    Hi Sue,

    Like you, my first encounter with the personal development world almost ruined me, ironically. After the very first course and pieces of ‘follow ups’ thereafter, I was literarily floating in the sky and everyone who was not ‘floating’ with me was damned!

    That was not all – as a result of self discovery and mastery, I always out on sardonic airs which, in retrospect, were not necessary at all…at the end, I was on a journey to completely ruin myself…luckily, my wife was by the side to help.

    Today, I have come to understand that there are different stages and realities of life…often, the people I imagined were not serious with their lives were also climbing the same ladder I was on – just that they were a bit lower down…

    This thought alone was/is life saving!

    Do make the day great Sue!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Terungwa,

      I laughed so much at your first paragraph, especially this “I was literally floating in the sky and everyone who was not ‘floating’ with me was damned!” I totally get the picture. Great you had your wife’s wisdom to guide you through it.

      We do wake up and see it differently over time and yes other people are on the same path and for each of us the journey is different.

      Thanks for your awesome comment Terungwa and you too have a wonderful day.

      Best wishes,


  8. Daphne Dobson

    Thanks for this great post Sue!
    I can absolutely relate. I, too, when I was introduced
    to personal development years ago, alienated a lot of
    people due to my excitement. I’ve gained a lot of wisdom since.
    Thanks for your honesty in sharing your story.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I think most of us seem to have alienated people when we started our journey Daphne. Thankfully like you most of gain wisdom as we go.

      I am sure my story is not unique.

      Thanks for your comment and have a great rest of your week Daphne.


  9. Tim Squires

    Wow, who would have thought that there were downsides to personal development? It is so much better to live the life, though, than to live in the darkness of mediocrity. Thanks for sharing, Sue!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Tim, I think there are probably downsides to anything. I do not mean it is the personal development in itself but how most of us behave when we start on the journey. For me that was many years ago.

      Thank you for your comment here. Much appreciation.


  10. Danny Yoon

    When you are continuously working on your personal development! It won’t be perfect and there are definitely times a downside to it. You must keep going if you seriously want anything in life when you continue to grow through personal development is the key to your success!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I agree Danny with what you have said. Nothing is perfect and we have to keep going as that is the way to success. Thanks for your comment.