Is Integrity Important?

Is integrity important might seem like a stupid question.

I don’ think it is as not everyone has it.

I believe integrity is important in every area of our life. It is critical to our success in our business.

Is Integrity Important?

What is Integrity?

“The word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete).  In this context, integrity is the inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others “have integrity” to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold”.  …….. a  part of the Wikipedia definition.

I think the reference to acting in accordance with the values, beliefs and principles we claim to hold is central to integrity. In other words do we walk our talk?

 I like what Oprah has to say about it.


Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.

– Oprah Winfrey.


I was prompted to not only make the video below but to write this post on is integrity important from something that happened in my life a couple of days ago. It is a true example of Oprah’s reference to doing the right thing. The video is only a couple of minutes long.


Isn’t that a cool story?

I think that was more of an example of honesty but then honesty is a part of integrity.

Is integrity important on a personal basis?

Of course it is. It is about being true to ourselves?

Do we run to our own tune, stick to our values and say no to what is not right for us? This is all part of having integrity.


Have the courage to say no.
Have the courage to face the truth.
Do the right thing because it is right.
These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.
– W. Clement Stone.

I have struggled with saying no many times in my life. Doing things I did not want to do for fear of hurting someone else. It is not being true to ourselves.

Is Integrity important in business?

Of course it is important. In fact I do not think business can survive long term without integrity.

If you have been reading my blog for any time you would know I used to work with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have know Robert for over 20 years and he has always taught the importance of integrity for success in business. For him it is one of the critical factors to success.

Lack of integrity can be a  tradesman who says he will come at 9 AM and is still not there late afternoon.  On a bigger scale it is the likes of an Enron scandal.

I believe there is so  much lack of integrity in business today that we get a shock when we get great service and someone does what they say they will do. Shouldn’t that be the norm?

Is integrity important

 Is integrity important?

If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing.
You can’t buy it.
You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.
– Henry Kravis

What do you think? Is integrity important? Do you think everyone has it? Please leave me your comments below and I would love it if you share this post.

Make it a great day.






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56 thoughts on “Is Integrity Important?

  1. John Gibb

    hi Sue

    I don’t think integrity is important if you steal, lie or cheat your customers… and it all comes down to how you treat yourself, that’s how you’ll be treating others…

    Integrity is not a theory, it’s real life, it’s about what and how you say it, it’s about what and how you do it.

    I like Oprah’s quote!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi John

      I am sure you are right. I often wonder how some people sleep at night. I was watching a documentary last night on one of our colorful Australian business people who does not pay his creditors. I had just finished writing this post and was sort of bewildered watching him. I guess you are right integrity is not important to people who lie and cheat.

      Thanks for your comment John.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  2. Darrell Cherry

    Hi Sue!

    Thanks for the video and your timely post! I was thinking about integrity over my vacation last week. Specifically, I was thinking about maintaining integrity to ourselves and our beliefs.

    As you know I’m a very new blogger and I have advice coming at me from all directions. Some good. And some that makes think I would have to go against my internal comfort meter.

    I tried a couple of those things, but even though they were supposed to get me some fantastic result, I just couldn’t continue. They just didn’t fit my style.

    Stupid? Maybe. But even if developing a following takes twice as long at least I be comfortable having stayed true to my principles.

    Sorry for rambling! I just found your comments to be pertinent to me today. Thanks!
    Darrell Cherry recently posted..Don’t Let Naysayers Get You DownMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Darrell

      I am going to give you some more advice here lol.

      Seriously though I do not believe you or anyone should do something they are not comfortable with – simply it is out of integrity for ourselves. To be able to feel good about what we do is so important and we should not waiver from that.

      You will develop the following of people who are committed to your message doing it the right way for you. I do not believe it is all about the numbers of followers but the quality.

      You were not rambling. You were on topic as this one has many layers. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Darrell.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  3. Harleena Singh

    Hi Sue,

    I loved the video as much as your post 🙂

    Yes indeed, integrity is important – in our personal lives and in our professional work as well. I think more than anything else, it should matter to us and just as Oprah said – doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not – it should matter to you and no one else.

    Just as the person who found the iPad in the video was an honest man and good enough to return the iPad, so must we. It’s not regarding the iPad alone, it’s that his intentions were good and he was being true to himself, which is most important. He needn’t have gone through the trouble to call your husband, or try and figure out whose iPad it was after all, but that’s the choice he made – to be good and honest. I would have done the same no doubt, but I wonder how many really would have too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Alcoholic Parents: Family Problems and SolutionsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Harleena

      Thank you for the feedback on my video and post.

      I loved that Oprah quote too. I was looking for the definition of integrity and then saw so many quotes. I loved that one especially for the same reason as you.

      I loved the iPad story too and like you I would have done the same but I suspect many would not. There are people who would have seen it in the trolly and left it there as that would have been easier. And of course there are people sadly that would have kept it.

      When my husband’s client went to pick it up he was surprised as it was a young man in a share house with a bunch of other young guys. Now of course his surprise was because he has his own judgement about how young men in that situation behave. I think there are lessons in that too.

      Thanks for you comment Harleena and you have a nice week too.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  4. Viola Tam

    Hi Sue,

    I agree wholeheartedly with you that business cannot survive long term without integrity. This is particularly so in Network Marketing. A leader with character and integrity attracts like-minded people to the team.

    When the whole team is doing network marketing the right way, we attract more people to review what we have to offer. And the Attraction Cycle goes on for the whole team.

    Even for prospects who are not buying products or joining the business opportunity, it is so much easier to get referrals when the integrity factor is there.

    Wonderful sharing, Sue! Thanks!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted..Stay-at-Home Mums – R for Relationship. Respect. Referral.My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Viola

      Yes it is very true in Network Marketing. In an industry that suffered so much misunderstanding and judgement it is critical to succeed you act with integrity. As you say then you attract people the same on your team and so it duplicates.

      When I was working with Robert K I dealt with many Network Marketers. We sold his books to them and I knew many leaders from different companies. Most did have integrity but we had one leader and many in his downline that were dropping brochures saying Robert endorsed the company. The “leader” and I had several heated clashes as my role of course was to protect Robert. At one event we had his team were handing out flyers in our bathrooms!!!

      That type of behavior has done nothing but tarnish a great industry.

      As you say by being in integrity even is someone does not join you in business they are likely to refer.

      Thanks for your comment Viola. Have a good week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  5. Silviu

    Hi sue,

    “a tradesman who says he will come at 9 AM and is still not there late afternoon.” I have a lot of things to say about this “part” of integrity.

    One of my best friends, a sincere, honest young man, very talented, intelligent, with a good heart, polite etc. gets on my nerves every time we meet.
    Whenever I want to meet him we decide for a particular hour, let’s say 5 p.m.
    At 5 p.m. I am always there. He is always late with 5-10 sometimes 15 minutes.
    Every time something happens. He meets someone, gets a phone call etc.
    When I told him I don’t like this behavior he looked at me like a freak, a kind of monster. “What’s wrong in being late? I was late 15 minutes. So what?” “And I waited for you like stupid idiot for 15 minutes.”
    Unfortunately he doesn’t understand this. Even worse. He is not alone. Most people in my community and country have this problem. They don’t understand time. I’m dead serious. Time is of no importance here. Whenever is hot the trains will have a 1-2 hours or more delay. Whenever is heavy snow the same thing.

    Integrity here is just honesty. If you do not kill, rape, steal or lie you have integrity.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Creative Bloggers Series: Tim BonnerMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Silviu

      That is interesting that in your country time is not important. It is the same in Indonesia. They call it “rubber time” there. So I guess this varies around the world.

      We have a couple of professions here that are a law unto themselves around keeping people waiting. One is the medical profession and the other legal.

      In the main in Australia people expect you to be on time but I know people like your friend. In fact one of my son’s is exactly like your describe. My other son is a absolute stickler for being on time.

      I know you have read a bunch of Robert Kiyosaki’s books so you would understand how much he talks about it. He developed a lot of those values and deeper meaning of integrity when we worked with the late Buckminster Fuller.

      Thanks for sharing what happens in your country Silviu.

      You have a great day.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  6. Lisa Magoulas

    Hi Sue,
    What a great story. I wish more people where like the young gentleman that called your husband. I know so many people who have “lost” things, left them behind in cabs and such and never got a call. It’s so sad. I am always trying to help people, and I definitely would take the time to try to find the owner. Thanks for a great story.
    Lisa Magoulas recently posted..VacationMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lisa

      Yes it is a great story. I also know many people like you do who have lost and never had things returned. My husband has gone through quite a few phones over time. And another time he left his wallet in a shop and someone tracked him down with it still in tact.

      Yes I would certainly take the time to return the iPad or whatever as well.

      Thanks for your comment here Lisa. Have a nice rest of your week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  7. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi sue,

    That’s a great story. This reminds me of a story that happened to my then boy friend about 5 years ago. A man had found his wallet on the ground. He had just lost it maybe 10 minutes earlier, but he wasn’t even aware of it yet. The man opened the wallet and found my boy friend cell number, and called it.

    If we would average the number of honest people against dishonest ones, I think that we would still come up with more honest ones. It’s just that the media, for example, always emphasis on the negative occurrences. Rarely, will we hear stories like these on the news. And there’s also the fact that the negative tends to overcome the positive quite often as well.

    Thanks for sharing this story 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..5 Vital Ingredients To Make People Love What You WriteMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      Thanks for sharing your ex boyfriend’s story. That is a good one too. That also happened to my husband some time back with his wallet. Mind you he also had a wallet pick-pocketed once too!

      I do think that most people are honest too. More than there are dishonest. Yes the media only tell the negative stories in anything. Given many of the population watch so much television they are being fed not to trust. That is sad.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Sylviane.

      I hope you are having a good week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  8. Susan Velez

    I think integrity is vital if you want to run a business. Even if you don’t run a business, I think that it is vital.

    I watched your video, great story. I have not been reading your blog very long, but I really enjoy what I have read so far.

    If I found an iPad, I would definitely try to find the owner. I am not sure how many people would actually do that though? I would like to think that there would be more people who would do it than not?
    Susan Velez recently posted..Launched My First WSO – Bodybuilding PLR ArticlesMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Susan

      Thanks for your feedback on my blog, I appreciate it.

      I also would try to find the owner of the iPad. I too think more people would than not. I am just not sure how much trouble they would go to. I would like to think they would do what this young man did.

      Thanks for commenting here. You have a great rest of the week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  9. Pramod

    Hi Sue !
    Integrity is indeed important ..its a symbol of trustworthiness and honesty and people love to be around people trustworthy and honest people ..without integrity a person is alone ! BTW,The quote by Henry Kravis is awesome ..I’ll be reading more of his quotes . Have a great week ahead !

    Pramod recently posted..Sony Xperia Z Ultra specs,features and priceMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Pramod

      I agree with your thoughts on integrity and yes without it a person is alone. Well said.

      I loved that quote too. As you saw I used three as I like them all 🙂 I was actually looking for the definition of integrity and kept seeing quotes 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and you too have a great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  10. William Butler

    Greetings Sue,

    I think integrity is like virginity, in the sense that there is a purity to it. Once integrity is gone, I think it would be easier task to unscramble a dozen eggs and return them to their original form than to try to recover it.

    PERSONIFY INTEGRITY. These are two words that more people need to treat as sacred.

    One day on my way in to work, I found an envelope stuffed with cash at the edge of some bushes. It had nearly $1900 in it. At the time I could have used the money, but I recognized that somebody has dropped it, as the envelope also contained a pay stub. I turned it into the police. I was told that if no one claimed it in 3 months, I would be entitled to it. The time lapsed and I can only assume that the rightful owner was located and contacted.

    I believe that there is never a right time to do the wrong thing, or a wrong time to do the right thing.

    May your burdens be light and your blessings heavy!
    William Butler recently posted..Mystery To Mastery: Finding Your PurposeMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Bill

      Ah now I am sure there is purity to integrity like virginity but I hope once we lost our virginity it is not like losing integrity 🙂

      Personal integrity is something that is sacred, I agree with you.

      That is an awesome story of you finding the cash. It would be nice to know that the rightful owner did get it back but I guess you will never know. What you do know is that you did the right thing.

      I love what you said in there never being right time to do the wrong thing, or a wrong time to to the right thing. That says it all really.

      Thanks for an awesome comment here Bill. You have a great rest of the week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  11. Barbara Charles

    Hi Sue,

    I think integrity is definitely important and critical to business. I cannot do business with someone who lacks integrity because it all boils down to trust. If you do not trust the person I can’t do business with them or you can’t have a relationship with them in any way.

    I think that people, like the young man in your story, are rare. I wish it were more but we see less and less of this type of honesty. I’m glad that he went through such great lengths to return the iPad and happy to hear that there are still some who do have integrity and honesty.

    Great story,
    Barbara Charles recently posted..How To Renew Your Business Like A Rampaging ZombieMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Barbara

      I am like you I hate to deal with people lacking in integrity. I do not even like having clients or customers who do not have integrity.

      Yes that was a great story and I am not sure how many people would go to the lengths the young man did. I would like to think most but I do not think it is like that. I think more people would not bother rather than be out to keep it.

      Thanks for your comment here. I hope you are having great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  12. Glenn Shepherd

    Hi Sue,

    I just came across this post and am compelled to comment because this subject is something that I am extremely passionate about.

    I am so glad that your husband’s client got his iPad back. It could have been so easy for the man to have just kept it for himself and I think that, sadly, that is what many people would have done. However, there are also many people who are honest and will do the right thing.

    As for honesty and integrity in business, for me it’s non-negotiable. I find that an alarming number of businesses or individuals in businesses don’t display integrity and I find this totally unacceptable. Not only is it not the way one should behave, but it is business suicide.

    We all know that sometimes there are circumstances beyond anyone’s control so, at times, customers get let down. But the key is how the customers are treated when that happens. The customer should always be put first – they are the lifeblood of a business and need to be cared for. That means displaying honesty and integrity at all times.

    Thanks for highlighting this most important principle, Sue.

    Kind regards,
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted..Consistency is Key & the Golden RuleMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Glenn

      I am glad you found this post and thanks for your valuable comment.

      In a way is is sad that this story prompted me to do a video and write a blog post about it, clearly in my mind it is a story to be told and I do not think everyone would return the iPad.

      I agree honesty and integrity in business is non-negotiable. Thanks for adding the fact that sometimes we cannot meet our commitments for whatever reason and then it is how we treat our customer when that happens. I know for me when I know I cannot meet a deadline I communicate it to the person as soon as I can. Yes it is how we treat our customer and yes they should be put first.

      Thanks again Glenn for your comment. I appreciate it.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  13. Donna Merrill

    Hi Sue!

    What a great subject and wonderful story you told us on your video.

    Integrity precedes our reputation in business as well as just being an honest person. In my offline business, I counsel many people. Pricing is arranged by time spent. If that person needs extra time, I give it to them for no charge. If they call again for a quick question, I’ll be there to provide services.

    The reaction I get is amazing because others do not treat them this way. Integrity is important in every aspect of life. I think it is in our core being. The other day my husband seen a woman who dropped a $20 bill, ran after her and gave it to her. She was surprised! Then later that afternoon we were in a shop and found a purse. We looked through it to find any information to return it to her, but there was only cash in it. We gave it to the store owner and she gave us a big thank you because that woman was frantic – It was returned.

    Whatever is not mine, is not mine so I will return it like the man who called your husband. In business, Integrity is important because the more we give to our clients/customers, the more they appreciate us.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Blogger’s RolodexMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      Yes that was a great story that I shared but you have some good ones there too. So good the woman had her purse returned given she had no id in there That is a good lesson we should always keep some id in our purse or wallet.

      I love that you work like you said with your clients. If they need extra time and then started worrying because you were going to charge them more that would be sad. In my own accounting practice I used to work like you but when I first worked for some big firms they want you to charge for every second. I hated that.

      To me integrity is so important and I like to believe most people have it.

      Thanks for your comment Donna.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  14. Sherryl Perry

    Hi Sue,
    This is a great topic and one that I don’t see discussed often. I believe integrity is a virtue and I would absolutely track down the owner of the iPad as would any member of my family. That’s how we were “raised”.

    Whenever I think of integrity in business, I go back to the days when I was an active member of BNI (Business Networking International). One of the mantras that I heard over and over again in my chapter was that everything we do is either a relationship builder or a relationship destroyer. That goes back to integrity.

    BTW – Great use of video. I keep telling myself that I need to do this myself but I am severely camera shy. I just should get over it! 🙂
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..Facebook Graph Search Privacy Concerns – Be Careful What You LikeMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sherryl

      I think when we are raised with this sort of integrity is is with us forever. I love the BNI mantra you shared. Everything we do is either a builder or a destroyer of relationship. I love it and is says so much.

      Thanks for your feedback on my video. I think we were all shy of doing them when we start. The thing is as you say you just have to get over it. I use a flip camera and I hated staring into this little lens and talking. It seemed odd. Mind you I hate using my webcam more because then I look at myself and I hate that. Someone told me with the flip to pretend you were talking to a person you trust, maybe a friend or a client and just talk to them. I do that now and it is easy.
      In the beginning it was hard but the more you do, like anything, the easier it is. I have spoken on stages with thousands to thousands of people and that was easier than this flip 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Sherryl. Have a great weekend. (it is already Friday late afternoon here in Australia.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  15. Arleen

    Something very similar happened to me. I found someone’s Iphone in New York. I had to get home and I live 85 miles away. I was able to find out who owned the phone by calling a couple of the numbers in the phone. Honesty is one of the most important things to me which does say something about integrity. My children knew that no matter what happened don’t lie to me and be honest. I can handle anything but lying. It was funny recently my daughter and I were talking and she said mom you have so much integrity and I am very proud of you. I am very principle oriented and I guess it shows. May not like me, but at least you know where I am coming from an there are no surprises. It has helped me in my business.
    Arleen recently posted..What does it mean to Pay It Forward?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Arleen

      It is really not that hard for someone to track a phone owner down by doing what you did.

      Honesty is up there like that for me. I hate it when I know someone is not telling me the truth. That is awesome that your daughter said that to you. Clearly they have learned good values from you. That is important for them too.

      I am sure your integrity has helped you in your business Arleen. And I would much rather deal with someone with no surprises even if I do not always like what they say. The truth is best.

      Thanks for your comment Arleen.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adam

      I agree Integrity does create trust in relationships both personal and in business. I sols agree it shows character.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  16. Keri Kight

    I do believe you have to have integrity if you want a long term business. Businesses without integrity may do well in the short term, but fail in the long term. If you want customers that love and respect you, you have to give them the same. You have to be yourself, and let your personality show in the way you do business – this also makes your business unique. When I was a teenager, I chose to do some things that were dishonest, and I hate myself for it. It did nothing except bring me guilt. I choose honesty now because it’s the right thing to do.
    Keri Kight recently posted..Is the Law of Attraction real?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Keri

      I agree a business will not last for a long time without integrity. You have raised a great point on you need to treat your customers the way you want to be treated. That is so important.

      I am sure most of us have at some stage in our youth or past done things we now see as dishonest and out of integrity. The fact we, like you did felt bad and chose to be honest in the future says a lot about your character. I think integrity is how we feel about ourselves too. Are we true to ourselves, If we are not we will not be happy.

      Thanks for your comment Keri and for sharing here.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  17. Darren Spruyt

    Hey Sue!

    Like the topic you’ve discussed on this post. Integrity is definitely an issue that should be highlighted more often, especially in the business world.

    I would equate integrity as to being at a restaurant, and asking the waiter what’s good. There are some that would tell you everything is good, while there are those that tell you not to order item B from the menu because it isn’t fresh or things like that.

    Which would you rather trust?

    In my opinion, I would trust the honest waiter because he is giving me an honest feedback and is not just trying to get a buck out of me.

    So it’s just like in network marketing. Some people will say all the things, promise you the world just to get you into their organization – Maybe build your team for you, tell you that you do not have to lift a finger etc. etc. Any and all reasons that will get you in.

    And at the end of the day, when you really need their help – they are no where to be found and you are left to figure out this business all on your own. Greed is perhaps one of the greatest enemies of integrity in this case, and I am sure there are many other undesirable traits that will entice one to give up their integrity.

    Now I’m just going on.

    Yes, integrity is important. If you want to survive in this industry for the long-run then you need to have it. Sure, giving it up may help you in the short-term but word spreads fast and people will talk about your “leadership” abilities and you will most likely have to “get-rich-quick” somewhere else.

    Darren Spruyt
    Darren Spruyt recently posted..MLM Business Success Tips: Giving Gratitude For Your LeadsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Darren

      I can see by the length of your comment here this is important to you.

      Your example of a restaurant is spot on. My husband and I went to a restaurant one time and my husband had his heart set on having a steak. When he tried to order it the waiter told him he could not have it. He said their butcher had sent them steak not to their quality and they were not serving it. He made some other suggestions and yes we respected him for it. We have been back to the same restaurant many times since.

      For me it is the same when buying clothes. I love it if I try a dress or something on the sales person is honest enough to say it is not the best on you. Too often I have heard things like “oh you look great in that dress” and it looks terrible. I will shop where I get honest feedback every time.

      And sadly yes the network marketing world is full of the behaviour you have described. I have also been recruited and then have an upline leave telling you how bad it is really.

      Thanks Darren for your great comment. Have an awesome week.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  18. Dan Black

    Great post and story! Living a life of integrity is key. I’ve learned a persons character and integrity is made during those day to day choices, either strong or weak. I remember several times having my integrity tested. When an employee undercharged me or gave me too much change back. I knew it happened and made the choice to be honest and tell them I should pay this amount or you gave me too much money. Those small choices lead to a strong life.
    Dan Black recently posted..How Busy Leaders can Implement Personal GrowthMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Dan

      I agree living a life of integrity is key. I have had similar tests to you in shopping. Where someone undercharges me or gives me too much change back. Recently we were at a restaurant and they did not charge us for some items. We told the waiter and he was so happy and kept telling us how honest we were.

      Yes you are spot on these small choices do lead to a strong life.

      Thanks for your comment Dan.

      Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hi Dan

          Yes we can make a better choice next time if we do not like one we make sometimes. I think the worst things we can do is beat ourselves up.

          Thanks for your feedback on the post Dan. I appreciate it 🙂

          Sue Price recently posted..Is Integrity Important?My Profile

  19. Lorraine Reguly

    I think integrity is hugely necessary, and vital to have if you are selling anything.
    Actually, it’s something all human beings should possess, but not everyone does.

    Some people are out with the sole intent of scamming others. Not cool.

    In general, I try to maintain a sense of integrity in all I do.

    I think the quotes you used in this post are great, too, and they sum it up nicely.
    Lorraine Reguly recently posted..Top 10 Tips To Make a Good ImpressionMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lorraine

      I agree integrity is something everyone should have.

      Yes there are scammers for sure. I do not get it but they are there. I guess to them integrity is not in their version of dictionary.

      I think most people that comment on this post have integrity. It occurred to me several days ago that I guess no one is going to come here if they do not have integrity 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Lorraine and for fining me.

      Sue Price recently posted..The Law of Attraction – Fact or Fiction?My Profile

  20. Adrienne

    I think integrity is important period Sue but then again, that might just be me. I doubt it though.

    When I first started my online journey I was taught to do things that were against my better judgement so I didn’t. I didn’t get anywhere quick either because it became obvious to me over time that I was learning from some people who weren’t exactly honest.

    Now I’m sure I’ve had my moments in life but for the most part I walk the talk. I sleep darn good at night too so no worries there. I think that gentleman went above and beyond to return that iPad and I would have definitely done the same thing. It’s just the right thing to do.

    Love your video and message Sue and it’s definitely an important one too.

    Adrienne recently posted..The Proof Is In The Community You BuildMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      It goes without saying girl that you have the utmost integrity. You even write posts on the days you are committed to when your world has fallen apart. That is huge personal integrity.

      I know what you mean about your online journey. I have heard some things I cannot do as well. I cannot do something that is going to make me feel uneasy. I too would rather go slower and be honest.

      I know you would have tracked down the owner of the iPad too Adrienne. So would I for sure and yes it is the right thing to do.

      Thanks for the feedback on the video Adrienne. I hope you are doing okay. I am not going to say going great or anything like that but just know how loved your are.

      Take care

      Sue Price recently posted..The Law of Attraction – Fact or Fiction?My Profile

  21. Lisa

    Integrity is a part of us and sometimes we may go against our own integrity for one reason or another. Honesty is always the best policy, I believe the truth usually comes out some time or another in one way or another. One honesty is gone the trust goes out the window too. It sure is hard to get it back.
    Great video on your experience Sue.
    Lisa recently posted..Help Me Get Sales From A Website Now PleaseMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lisa

      I agree with all you have said on both integrity and honesty. Yes if we break trust it is very difficult to get back. If someone lets me down I will sometimes give them a second chance but then that is it.

      Thanks for your feedback on the video.

      Have a great week Lisa.

      Sue Price recently posted..The Law of Attraction – Fact or Fiction?My Profile

  22. BriliantU

    Integrity is really important in any aspects or areas of our life. It defines us, it mirrors us inside out. Integrity entails personal responsibility. It entails how we practice morals and norms in the society. They are the beliefs and traditions we acquired or learned from our old folks. To me, integrity is personal responsibility. By the way, I like the concept of integrity as mentioned by Sue Price in this blog. It inspires me… a lot…. 🙂
    BriliantU recently posted..How to Use Social Networking when Making a Career ChangeMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Andrew

      Yes integrity does impact all areas of our lives. And yes it does define us. I agree with you that it is personal responsibility. I like how you put that.

      Thanks for finding my blog and for your comment.

      Have a nice day.

      Sue Price recently posted..Moving Forward:Accepting Change – part 2My Profile

  23. Rahul Kundliya

    I visit your website first time, but really i impressed a lot. No doubt that you are a good and successful blogger. Your all post are good, but i check few of them, which i prefer best.

    You are doing great work, keep it up !!

    All the best for your future 🙂

  24. Stacey

    I also believe that integrity is important, in every aspect in our lives and ofcourse with regards to business. As what we always heard what we sow is what we reap, so if we sow integrity in our business it is not possible we reap its fruit-thats trust and confidence by our clients.
    Thumbs up Sue for this great post!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Stacey

      Most people who commented on this post share the same view point as you and me. It occurred to me a while back that people who lack integrity are not even going to read it.

      Thanks for finding my blog and for your comment Stacey.