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Internet Traffic Formula was officially launched today. It will be available for purchase until Saturday 5th April at midnight EST which is 2 AM Sunday for me in Queensland.  Then the cart shuts and this group is closed.

It is a course which has been put together by Vick Stizheus. If you are unsure of who Vick is or why you would want to learn from him please refer to my last post.  Internet Traffic Do You Need More? His stats are amazing and if you are in Network Marketing you may be interested to know he holds the record in the industry of the biggest first month ever. ($710K in the first 28 days).

I had purchased  Internet Traffic Formula early although only got access at launch today. It is more comprehensive  than I even imagined and the way it is going to be delivered is better than I had hoped for.

I am going to tell you  more about the modules and what is in the course in this post but first  let’s look at how it is going to work.

Internet Traffic Formula – the structure

Vick Stizheus

Internet Traffic Formula is not a course you buy and put on your shelf and go through  when you are ready.

It is an eight week intensive course more like a coaching program. There are modules that we work our way through and then once a week we meet live with Vick Strizheus on a webinar to go over the modules and do Q & A.

Vick said he wanted to get as close to his coaching program as he could in this course. He charges $25,000 normally for his coaching.

Internet Traffic Formula – who is it for?

Internet Traffic Formula has been designed for anyone who wants to get more customers and sales on the internet.

Really any business would benefit by this knowledge.  If you are in real-estate, financial planning, photography – whatever… I am sure it will benefit you.

Internet Traffic Formula – Course Outline

The course is split into three components:

  • Capture Mastery
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Conversion Mastery

The modules are being released as we do them so there is only content for the first modules in the back office now.

Capture Mastery

Internet Traffic Formula

This topic is  covering the strategy, psychology and optimization of capturing leads.  There are 12 lessons which are as follows.

  1. An overview of course
  2. The seven figure blueprint
  3. Strategy and Psychology
  4. Strategy Examples
  5. Message Market Match
  6. Creating your Capture Machine
  7. Auto responder and Web Forms
  8. Creating CM using ELPP
  9. Creating CM using Leadpages
  10. Creating CM using Megaphone
  11. Creating CM using Kajabi
  12. Tracking and Optimization

 Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Formula


This one is split into 12 modules as listed:

  1. Media Traffic X – tapping into a supply of hot targeted traffic
  2. The OPL method – tapping into other people’s traffic
  3. The Traffic Agencies  – Vick seems most excited about this one.
  4. The penny traffic – for those on a low budget
  5. PPC traffic – what is working now
  6. Mobile Traffic
  7. Facebook Traffic X (for beginners)
  8. Facebook Traffic X  (for pros)
  9. Social Media Traffic
  10. Video Traffic
  11. CPA Traffic Secrets
  12. Traffic Intelligence

One of the modules features one of the people in Vick’s test group and how he used Free methods to generate his first $120K  online in his first year.

Conversion Mastery

Internet Traffic Formula

I cannot tell you much about this one as even the topics are not showing up in the back office yet.
I do know it is about positioning, communication and influence. About having systems that are automated and can be replicated.

Internet Traffic Formula Test Group

In the lead up to the the launch Vick took a bunch of relatively new people to internet marketing through some coaching and they used his source of leads. Their results were very impressive.

This is what impresses me most about Vick. His own results are impressive but he can also teach others to get great results.

Internet Traffic Formula will only be available for 5 more days. If you want to take a look you can go directly to the sales video here.  You can also get a  feel about working with Vick.

I should also mention if you are reading this early enough there may still be some of the bonuses Vick was giving with early buyers so check it out.

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