How’s Your Work Ethic?

Work Ethic

How’s your work ethic?

I used to think to have a “good” work ethic was up there with being honest.

I thought it was a vital characteristic of a good person. Heaven forbid to be seen to be lazy!

Then I started to see Work Ethic differently

Some years ago I did a course which ran over a one year period. One of the goals of the course was to earn more money in less time.

The thing was almost all of us on that course worked crazy amounts of hours.  Our mentor teaching the course challenged this thing called work ethic.

In this short video I explain it.


For those of us brought up like me we were taught  work hard at school, get good grades and get a  good job. We learned to associate time with money. If we work hard and long we can earn more money.

Do you relate to that?

It is about deserving.

I thought if I did not work hard I did not deserve to have good results.

Thinking a different way about work ethic

What do you think about what our mentor said  ….. “Work ethic is a way of enslaving small poppy” .  It is a distraction from wealth creation.  My head went crazy when I first heard that. How did you react?

Working smarter

Doesn’t it make more sense to work smarter? To use leverage and to have a belief that money will flow to us with ease and grace.

If we spend all of our life earning our living when do we have time for our life?

Please leave me your comments below and share this post. I am looking forward to what you have to say on this idea.

Make it a great day.






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38 thoughts on “How’s Your Work Ethic?

  1. Harleena Singh

    Hi Sue,

    Loved the video, and it was wonderful to hear you as well 🙂

    Oh yes…I think all of us have hard working parents, and because we’ve watched them struggle and work hard for a living – we think that’s the right way to earn a living, and so we carry on and on into the ‘grind’ as it’s rightly called.

    However, the more I read about it all – it IS how smart we work that really matters and helps us, instead of how hard we work. I think to be able to work less and earn more is the key, which happens only when you work smartly. Though I talk of it, I still need to implement most of it myself, which I’m already in the process of doing now.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Harleena

      Thanks for your feedback on the video. 🙂

      Ah so you grew up with the same example and thoughts. It does take a long time to break that way of thinking. I am like you in that we understand logically working smarter and less makes sense but the implementation is key. Good to hear you are in the process of doing it.

      I remember when my husband and I had a business where we employed people I would like to be there first and leave last. I was concerned someone may think I was lazy if I did not. How insane is that?

      Thanks for your comment Harleena. I appreciate it and you have a good week too. 🙂

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  2. Viola Tam

    Hi Sue,

    Like Harleena, I love your video. I LOVE your message even more!

    Me too have been exposed to idea of wealth creation in a shorter time frame. While this idea may be totally inconceivable for decades ago, this has now become a fact that money can be created in a much shorter time frame! Thanks to technology and the internet.

    Sue, you may recall that I am not at all a great fan of technology. Yet, armed with the knowledge that the internet would allow me to reach more people, I decided to get started. I am glad that I did! It is leveraging my real world networking efforts as well.

    What a wonderful blog post! Work ethics should indeed be re-defined the way that you have shared, Sue! Wishing more people can appreciate this ‘new’ definition and achieve what they really DESERVE!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Viola

      I am really so pleased you like the video and post. You know I hesitated with this message. My hesitation was around the fact that I think most of us are caught up in this crazy thinking and I was not sure if people would understand what I was saying. Phew so far so good!

      Perhaps it is because I prided myself for so long that I was a “hard worker”.

      I do think you are right and the idea is becoming known by many more people. Yes because of the internet and also because of people like Robert Kiyosaki and Timothy Ferris who have been read by so many of us.

      Well done Viola to both you and me for pushing through the technology dislike. I know we both now have so many opportunities because we have.

      Thanks for your comment and feedback. I really appreciate you Viola.


  3. Silviu

    Hi Sue,

    Beautiful video. As always. My thoughts:

    “Work ethic” – there are two words here. Work means that you have to work. You simply cannot be rich if all you do is admire the sunrise and the sunset and walk to the beach. “Ethic” means honesty. You must not cheat in any way. You can, of course, but in my mind, if you will make your fortune by dark ways, sooner or later you won’t be able to sleep at night. I do want to sleep well at night now and forever.
    However, there is nothing in the phrase “Work ethic” that says you HAVE to work hard. This is where everything begins. Our planet is limited in space and time. Our resources are limited and we need to use it intelligently. The same is true for people, for individuals. Your time on Earth is limited and you HAVE to use whatever resources you have in an intelligent way to get maximum of results.
    When you work for other people you are “enslaved”. This is true and not true. It’s true in some cases and it’s not true in other cases. I don’t think everybody can be an entrepreneur, for example. Institutions are necessary, salary work is necessary. There will always be people satisfied with this level. Your message is rather for people who feel inside them the power to do more and reach higher levels.
    For these kind of people SMART work is the way. Helping them work smart is your mission and your way.

    Have a nice day
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Silviu

      Thank you once again for the compliment on my video 🙂

      Ah you see you did not grow up in a country with English as your first language. I only wish I could speak a second language as well as you speak English. You have taken the literal meaning of the words and that is how it really should be. But in our countries there was a protestant meaning attached to these two words. Here is the Wikipedia definition “Work ethic is a values based on hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character. An example would be the Protestant work ethic. A work ethic may include being reliable, having initiative, or pursuing new skills.

      There is nothing in the two words as you say that says you have to work hard- but it a implied meaning. And a value based judgement.

      For people that are going to stay employees and climb the Corporate ladder then it works but for those of us that go into business we need to work smarter. And yes as you say that is who my message is for.

      Online there are many people aiming to make good livings and most have come form employee backgrounds. As you know then there needs to be a huge mindshift. Or as my favorite mentor (Robert Kiyosaki) would say “a paradigm shift”.

      I agree not everyone will be an entrepreneur and many people value the perceived security that a job gives them.

      Thanks Silviu for your contribution here. I appreciate your thoughts.

      Have a good week.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  4. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    Excellent topic here.

    You’ve said it. Because YOUR BELIEF was that you’ve got to work hard to make money, you started getting suspicious when money was coming fast with too little work, so to speak. You’re subconscious said… hey wait a minute!!! that’s not right and that how to subconscious will totally mess things up so everything is in order “according your subconscious beliefs.”

    Nice topic and thank you for it 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..5 Tips To Develop The Quality Of Your WritingMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      Yes Law of Attraction was in play BIG time in my belief here. One day I will tell you about this story as it is amazing really. I have many examples in my life both good and bad of LOA playing out loud and clear.

      Thanks for your comment. I hope we get to see each other tomorrow. It has been way to long.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  5. Adrienne

    I’ve learned a lot about business since coming online Sue.

    In the past I always associated a good work ethic with someone who did their job to the best of their ability without wasting any time. They cared about doing the best job they could and were proud of the outcome. That’s my definition of it and it didn’t necessarily mean you had to work 60 hours a week to accomplish that. If you had to work more then 40 hours then that’s just because you truly cared for the outcome and did what needed to be done in order to obtain it.

    I now know more about how the wealthy think and that’s by paying others to do the work for them in the areas they may not know how to do themselves. Well heck yeah, I’d love to do that as well but until I get to that point that’s just not going to happen.

    I think this also is like what I read over at Sylviane’s post today about thinking outside the box and I admit my mind doesn’t go that far. lol… I don’t mean to put myself down at all but I’m just not very good at finding other alternatives.

    Love your video and the message so thank you for this topic.

    Hope you’re enjoying your week and hope to see you tomorrow.

    Adrienne recently posted..WordPress Plugins, Concerns and AdviceMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I know you have shared before how much you have shifted your thoughts and learned about business. It is a big thing going from an employee to a business person.

      At least you were never caught up in having to work 60 hours like I was. I really tied in long hours with being a good person. Now I think that is sort of sick thinking.

      You will get there with being able to outsource. I think it is about bringing in the dollars and as we see we have the means start to let go of some tasks to allow us to make more.

      I have always thought outside the box I think. My mother used to ask me why I was not happy with being normal. As a kid I was a dreamer and thought the world was there for me.

      Thanks for your comment on my video. I appreciate it.

      Thanks for your contribution to this as well and yes I will see you tomorrow.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  6. Dana

    Hi Sue,
    Funny – I had discovered that as a whole – society was conditioned to believe that in order to be ‘successful’ in life, it meant struggling and working hard. And since I have started questioning my thoughts and beliefs, I’ve realized I don’t buy it.

    When we take a good, hard look at the world, what do we see? We see a lot of our conditioning coming to the surface to be re-examined and quite possibly, redefined.

    It’s awesome that you bring this to people’s attention. The more of us who understand that life isn’t designed to be some miserable experience just to work our asses off to pay our bills and die, the more freedom we may experience in so many ways.

    And I don’t mean that working hard is a bad thing – if it comes from a place of passion and enthusiasm. But if there is a negative component – it may be worth asking ourselves if we’re doing what we want to do, or obeying our unquestioned, conditioned thoughts.

    See – being aware of our inner-dialogue IS a good thing…lol

    Great post Sue. Loved it!
    Dana recently posted..How to Deal With Being Sick Without Losing Your MindMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Dana

      I agree that most of society is conditioned in this way. I wonder where we got the struggle bit from. I might have to do some more research on it as it fascinate me.

      I do love that as so many of us are becoming more conscious and questioning our beliefs.

      I actually was a little nervous doing this video and post. Mainly because I felt so many people have bought into this belief. Then I gave myself a stern talking to and decided I had to step out more because as you said there more people who understand this the more people who have freedom.

      I agree working is not a bad thing if driven by passion. Having just completed Steve Jobs biography he was still working passionately when he was dying. He definitely was not a victim of small poppy :-).

      Yes being aware of our inner dialogue is a good thing – in fact it is critical if we want to create the results we want in our life.

      Thanks for your contribution here Dana. I appreciate you.

      Have a good rest of your week.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  7. Donna Merrill

    Hi Sue.

    I was brought up with the old fashioned work ethic that the harder you worked, the better it is for me. My parents were the same as yours. Work hard!

    It was not until I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” until I understood that parallel. One dad was the conventional work hard ethic and the other worked smarter and made more money. The AHA moment went on in my head when I read that book. And you of all people know this very well.

    I started to retrain my thoughts and actions in my business. I got out of the box and started hiring people to make my work load easier. I must admit, I do tend to try to do everything myself, but work hard with my affirmations “let it go” and come back to that smart business mindset.

    Working smart gives me more time to look for proper investments other than what I do. It also gives me more free time to enjoy my life. Once we reach this mindset, life is a little easier and work is focused on generating money instead of enslaving myself to do everything!

    I still keep my “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book around to remind me of this.

    Great topic!
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Marketing Lesson From Get ResponseMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      I think most of our generation was brought up the same. I think there were many factors too like the depression and things our parents had experienced.

      I know many of us are now very grateful to Robert Kiyosaki for that book. Well in my case I had been around Robert as you know before he wrote RDPD so I had heard his ideas on leverage and working smart. He taught me to think totally differently as well. I am grateful for the experience of working with him.

      As you say now you can look for investments and work smarter. Letting go for that mindset Donna of doing things yourself takes time. You might like to try what Robert had me do and that is ask your self daily this question “Is this task the best use of my time and is there someone else who can do it?” It makes your really conscious of letting go.

      Thank for sharing and do keep your book around. It is a reminder.

      Thanks for your contribution to this interesting topic 🙂

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  8. Darren Spruyt

    Hey Sue!

    Really interesting topic you chose to talk about. I guess I was fortunate to be exposed to the concept of “leverage” when I was much younger and I do not recall associating with money. Either that, or I was just a lazy boy.

    Anyways, it is definitely one of the limiting beliefs that a lot of people have – “I have to work hard for my money.” So that belief leads them to working a day job that ends up being a 9am – 9pm instead of a 9am – 5pm job. They become workaholics hoping to earn even more money.

    The challenge here is to use “leverage” to help you earn more money. If you are able to intelligently outsource your work, wouldn’t that involve some positive work ethics too? You are helping someone out there earn a living for himself and his family, while you have more time to spend with your family.

    It may seem “evil” for a moment but if you thought about it. You would be feeding another family somewhere else in the world. I believe the challenge now is what I would call the inverse of this “traditional work ethics”.

    How can you earn more money by working and spending less time? The more we are able to do that. The more successful we become.

    Thanks for sharing Sue! 🙂

    Darren Spruyt
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Darren

      Great that you were brought up with the concept of leverage. I think over time that will become more common as more of my generation have embraced the concept.

      Ah I relate to becoming a workaholic. Sadly but true.

      I agree with you that outsourcing is a great thing to does feed a family somewhere else. I outsource to a person overseas and that works very well. It makes sense on many levels.

      I aspire to Timothy Ferris’s model of the 4 hour work week – that it the ultimate goal.

      It is great to hear you are on track with your thinking and building your business Darren. Well done!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  9. Arleen

    Great video. I was raised with a work ethictics that you worked hard and you were rewarded for your efforts. If you were needed to stay a little longer to get the job done you did and did not expect always to be paid. I don’t think having good work ethics as the way I was brought up is a bad thing. I always believe that if you do good it will come back to you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work smarter, it is a mindset. I reward my employees that I feel have a good work ethic. I see that they care and are willing to go the extra mile. What makes life interesting we all have beliefs that we should live by.
    Arleen recently posted..Juggling and Balancing Business ProductivityMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Arleen

      I think it is the way most of us were raised. I was like you too always went the extra mile without expecting to be paid.

      When I had a business with employees I too rewarded those who had those good work ethics. The fact you have employees means you are not trying to do everything yourself. That in itself shows you are working smarter.

      It is an interesting topic.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation Arleen.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  10. Gladys

    Hello Ms. Sue
    What an eye opener. It really makes us re-think in order to redefine our beliefs.
    I also grew up learning “work harder and make more money”. I worked for the City of New York and when they had overtime, well there I was, staying late to earn more money, but as soon as I made it, the IRS took it in taxes.
    I am on the journey in working less but creating money. In other words, learning to work SMARTER.
    ‘Thank you so much Ms. Sue
    Gladys recently posted..Six Tips To Help You Get on Your Feet.. Inspiration Has No Expiration DayMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Gladys

      Ah I too worked overtime when I was an employee to earn more money. We have the same deal here in Australia too the more you earn the more taxes we pay -and the rate goes up.

      I think it is great there is education around now to show us a smarter way. I think our work ethics of the past are a benefit in that we are prepared to put in the work to get our businesses to a place where we can use leverage.

      Thanks for your comment here Gladys.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  11. Margarita

    Hi Sue,

    very important message! It has to do with the structure of our belief system. Many have this limiting belief that you have to work hard. I was raised in ex-communist country. I believed that you you were wealthy, you had to be either a thief or a communist.

    I know that in order for me to get to this $500/hr, i have to deal with my allowing to receive. With the sense of being worth the best. Is it easy? Because it does not matter what we consciously say. The catch is to change our subconscious conditioning.

    Yes, I agree consciously that working hard is the game of the matrix.

    Thank you! really made me think…
    Margarita recently posted..How To Get Out Of Your Rut? | Hamster Wheel For SaleMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Margarita

      I am sure being raised in an ex-communist country had another layer of beliefs like you have mentioned. It is very good your recognized it and can work through it.

      Yes allowing is what it is all about isn’t it? And it is so much easier to understand than it is to change those deep subconscious thoughts. I am sure being aware what is running us is a good start.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  12. Nate Leung

    I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was little. Making money from baseball cards, making arts and crafts at my mother’s shows. At the time, I just wanted to make money to make money. I never understood why I was really doing it and here’s what I mean.

    Money is energy. So what you put out there you get in return. Similar to karma if you believe in that sort of stuff.

    Since 2001, I got into my first business opportunity, and didn’t make money. Made little money but not much. I struggle for years, not understanding because I thought it was all about going out there and working hard.

    I believe that with experience and a deep profound understanding of how business works is what makes you become a better entrepreneur.

    When you become a better entrepreneur, your belief levels rise and you work smarter, not harder. Still focusing on work ethic but in a smarter and more effective way.

    Great article today Sue! Have a great weekend ahead!
    Nate Leung recently posted..Happy Birthday to – Celebrates 1 Year!My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Nate

      Ah so you really do have entrepreneurship in your blood starting so young 🙂

      Yes I agree money is energy and yes I am very big into karma and those beliefs.

      That is interesting that even with that young entrepreneurial streak you still had that belief you had to work hard.

      Yes I think understanding business leads you to think and behave differently. I am sure you are doing that now Nate.

      Thanks for your contribution to this conversation and you too have a great weekend.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  13. Mayura

    Hi Sue,

    Sorry I’m late here as I had to be in bed sick for few days dear…

    Wow… You have been doing a series of videos so far 🙂 Always food for thoughts and make us think. I do like how you present ’em.

    Well, I don’t like to start myself by thinking about “Working hard” Sue 🙂 I admit that I’m kinda lazy on pushing myself and work in every minute in my life. Freedom is my first keyword.

    My parents are work hard personalities. Aren’t they all? They do really work hard, and believe in it. But the thing is I find that they are working hard without being smart sometimes and end up with disappointments. I mean, work hard on things that doesn’t work at all.

    I always believe in “Love what you do” and then working hard is effortless. Some friends call me I’m working hard by being awake overnight and sometimes missing my meals, but that’s because I love what I do 🙂 Not because I think working hard is the key.

    Once I’ve worked with a client for 6 hours on resolving a critical issue and then got to know he can’t find a way to pay me. I’ve found it’s true too. I said it’s OK and was already satisfied with my work and happy on getting his site back online. May be I’m stupid and I know some people don’t agree with me at all, but that’s me 😀 lol… Then I’ve got to know multiple overseas clients through him 🙂

    Personally, I do know of few people who earns a lot of money Sue 🙂 They even don’t work really hard too. Is it unfair? I don’t think so and I believe in that. Further, I know of two who worked really hard, saved every penny and now live with luxuries too. But I find a difference. Those who worked hard and earned everything are yet working hard to secure what they have earned and fear about spending them too. I rarely find happiness with ’em though they live with all the luxuries. Gosh… I don’t wanna be like ’em.

    BTW I have a believe about hard work though Sue. Working hard will pay you off for sure. May be in another form or after several years 🙂 I list ’em under bonuses, so always trying to do what I love. So disappointments can’t beat me 😀 lol…

    You have a love Sunday there! 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Resolve Blogger Compatibility Issues with Microsoft Internet ExplorerMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mayura

      I hope you are well again now. I too was ill for a couple of days but I am good now.

      I am glad you have an attitude of freedom first. It is such a good thing to live by and yes to love what you do is the best way or of course it will all become hard work.

      Wow Mayura I hope that does not happen to you very often where you do so much work and then do not get paid. If it has only happened occasionally well so be it but if it is happening more frequently then yes maybe you are too soft and need to do things differently. Usually Karma comes into play and if you give in return you do receive but maybe there is something else at play.

      Ah yes even people who earn a lot still many times do not have their head and thoughts right about money. I have worked with many rich people in my time as both an accountant and then financial planner. I have seen people who worry about spending their money like you have described. Money is a good thing to have and can give you freedom but of itself without having your head right it can still be a problem.

      Money is such an interesting subject.

      Thanks for sharing your experience here Mayura. Take care and have a good week.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

      1. Mayura

        Hi Sue,

        Ha ha… I know what you mean dear 😉 Well, I like helping others for free, but when it comes to business, I must treat is as my business. Plus, I need money too. Well, last time you convinced it more by talking about having own bank account and so on. If I can’t manage it as a business, then definitely I’m fail at it and need to build it up properly.

        It happened to me once and thought about sharing here, as I know some people cry over one thing so much 🙂 Especially, for money. Anyway it lead me to be more careful and ask the location of the clients prior accepting work, so I can know if they can pay me or not 🙂 Learning from experience, right?

        Thanks for your reply on that one Sue 🙂 I just waiting for you to reply ’cause I know you are much considerate in financial aspect.

        Mayura recently posted..Resolve Blogger Compatibility Issues with Microsoft Internet ExplorerMy Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Hi Mayura

          Good to hear you learned a lesson with that person – you had me concerned about you:-)

          We all have lessons like this in our businesses and we do learn by them. Well most people do anyway.Maybe you could even think about taking an amount up front. If people go to elance or one of those places they pay upfront. Just a thought.

          Have a wonderful week.

          Sue Price recently posted..What Is A Blog?My Profile

  14. Liz

    Interesting topic Sue.

    When I was working for someone else the topic of work ethic was how hard you were willing to work for the wages you received. We all knew people that collected a paycheck and did nothing. Obviously their work ethic was poor.

    When working for yourself I guess work ethic takes on a little different connotation. Now it becomes how driven you are, how well you leverage your time, and how ethical you are when it comes to making money.

    I think working long and hard with the notion you’ll make more money may be appropriate when you’re working for someone else, however when working for yourself, that’s not necessarily what will bring you more income.

    Liz 🙂
    Liz recently posted..Blog Commenting – Waste Of Time or Useful Traffic Strategy?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Liz

      Yes we all do know people who work for someone else and seem to not do much for the money they earn. I think it today’s economy they are probably becoming fewer but I am sure still exist.

      Yes when we work for ourselves it is very much about being smarter in how we work. I think that most of us put in more hours in the beginning as we need to do when we are setting up. Unless of course we have enough capital to pay someone else to do it all. But that is rare.

      Thanks for your comment Liz.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  15. Mary Stephenson

    Hi Sue

    Work ethic and they always refer it in terms of working for someone else. And that would be he or she having a good or bad work ethic. Enslaved by what they expect of us for a bit of pay. Yes, and it seems we never have much time to enjoy what our “good work ethic” provided for us.

    I read that everything is energy and it is constantly flowing. Money is energy and it can come to us if we keep it flowing. So I am in this mindset now, definitely something that I was not raised with. Hard work just gets you tired, but smart work will bring huge rewards.

    Like the post and the video was really good. Have a great day.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Appreciation of the Things We Never Really SeeMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mary

      Yes work ethic is used very much about employees. When my husband and I had businesses I would talk about it like a typical boss I guess. I cringe when I think of that now. But even as the “boss” I had a pretty sick idea of tying my self worth with the hours I worked.

      It is a process to change how we are from how we were conditioned.

      I agree everything is energy and it flows unless we stop it. I have been reading and listening to Esther Hicks on Law of Attraction a lot lately and aiming to get into more of an “allowing” space.

      So well said – hard work just gets you sick, so true and I have been there many times.

      Thanks for your great comment and the feedback on my post and video.

      You have a great day as well.

      Sue Price recently posted..What Is A Blog?My Profile

  16. Susan Velez

    I just found your blog and have to admit this struck home. I have a great work ethic, my problem is that I work too much. I know that I should take more time off, after all this is what we want to accomplish when we get involved with internet marketing.

    However, there is always one more thing that I need to get done. I guess I need to break away from the computer and start working on myself. Great post.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Email Follow Ups – Setting Up 10 Email Follow UpsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Susan

      An maybe it goes with the name (I am a Susan too). I was also very much into too much work and can so easily fall into it still. There is always another thing that needs doing and you just have to make a point of leaving it and doing some nice things for you.

      Thanks for finding me and for your comment.

      Sue Price recently posted..What Is A Blog?My Profile