How To Make The law Of Attraction Work Positively

the law of attraction

What do I mean when I say “how to make the law of attraction work positively”?  What I mean is that the law of attraction is always at work and it responds to both our positive thoughts and expectations as well as our negative ones.


In this blog post I will give you a couple of examples of making it work for you in a positive way.


Here are some steps to have the law of attraction working for you.

  • Be crystal clear on what you want.
  • Ask the Universe for it.
  • Visualize having it.
  • Feel like you have it.
  • Expect to receive it.
  • Allow it to happen.
  • Give gratitude for all that you already have. Being grateful means you will attract more to be grateful for.
  • Think thoughts of abundance, love and joy.


For a long time I misunderstood how the law of attraction works. When things happened in my life I did not want I thought the law was not working for me.


Then I came to understand that I was thinking about what I did not want and that is what I was getting.


The law of attraction at work – simple example

Parking spots are something many of us have become very good at manifesting. I know I almost always can get to park where I want. I am clear where I want to park, I visualize it, I expect to get it and most times I do.


I have watched many of Esther Hicks (Abraham) you tube videos and heard her asked  by the audience why is it we can attract a parking spot but not bigger goals.


She replies “It is as easy to create a castle as a button” , however we believe we can create a button and we doubt the castle.


Here is a video on the subject.




It is the same for parking spots and castles or any other significant goal you have. We believe we can create a parking spot. We need to have the same belief with our major goals.


Here is an example from my life where everything fell into place beautifully.


The law of attraction working very well in my life


This is the story of the start and success of a new business my husband and I  started with two other partners.


At the time we lived in Perth, Western Australia. I had a yearning to go and live in Sydney. A strong desire. You know the kind. Then everything seemed to fall into place for that to happen.


We had a financial services business in Perth that had been very successful. We were given the opportunity to head up a business in Sydney and have significant equity in the company.


We jumped at the chance.


My husband has 3 (then young adult) children from a previous marriage our daughter at the time was 11 years old. It meant uprooting her from school and leaving the older kids behind in Perth. One of the older kids worked in our Perth business, as did the girlfriend of another.


It all needed to happen quickly.


We accepted the offer and then went to Sydney to find somewhere to live, a school for our daughter who was about to start high school, find staff, office premises and everything else that went with this massive change.


We gave ourselves one week to achieve it all.


It was all falling into place…


Here is the how it happened.


The law of attraction …

  • We had been very clear on wanting to shift and believing it would happen. I visualized it, imagined it and expected it without a doubt in the world.
  • The first thing we needed was one staff member to start with. We found someone through business contacts.
  • Next we needed to find a school for our daughter. It was almost the end of the school year and most schools had closed their quotas off for intake for the next year. We found the school we wanted and were told it was full. Not to be defeated I pulled out our daughters report card (which was glowing) and magically we had a spot for her.
  • Somewhere to live was not quite so easy or quick. We had decided we would buy as at the time the Sydney market was a little depressed. Once our daughter’s school was settled I decided we needed to live close to the school. On our last day in Sydney we were driving in the area and saw a real-estate agent putting  a For Sale sign up. The house had to be sold right away and was on offer for much less than the area was commanding. We bought it on the spot!
  • Next we needed offices to run the business. We were offered a short lease on a gorgeous office in the heart of Sydney CBD at a very low rent.  It was all falling into place. We believed it was meant to be!


When we had decided we wanted to shift to Sydney we visualized and expected it to happen. I knew in my heart of hearts all would fall into place.


I was clear on what I wanted, I asked for it, visualized it and felt like I had it. I did the same with the house, school, offices etc.


This was an example of a time when the law of attraction absolutely worked for me, It worked because all of the steps needed were there inside of me.


Not only did everything fall into place when we were looking to shift and start this business. The business took off beyond any of our expectations. Our sales in the first 4  months were beyond our targets. Life was good.


The success of the business went on for the first two years then things happened that turned our success upside down.  I will share that in my next post.


I am sure you have examples in your own life where you can see how the law of attraction worked in a positive way for you.


Have an amazing day!


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18 thoughts on “How To Make The law Of Attraction Work Positively

    1. Sue Price Post author

      It is amazing Helen and for me it is often in retrospect I can see how I attracted certain things. Yes that AH video is great as are so many on YouTube. 🙂

  1. Shaun Trewern

    I loved the Abraham Hicks video Sue as well as your own story about the positive use of the Law of Attraction. I’m looking forward to reading more about how the business fell apart in your next blog.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      There are so many of those AH videos on YouTube Shaun and most I have seen I have loved. Ah my story of how the business fell apart is one I did not take responsibility for creating for the longest time. Now I see it very clearly.
      Thanks for your comment Shaun.

  2. Aaron Martinez

    The law of attraction is always at work even when we’re slacking. Whatever we are focusing on, whether it be negative or positive, that’s what we’re likely to get more of in our lives. Great post and story, Sue!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Yes loa is always at work Aaron and when we really understand that we are more protective of our focus. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Carol Makowski

    Amazing story of manifesting what you were wanting, Sue. And yes, feeling it and maintaining an attitude of appreciation are high on the list of importance in terms of manifesting what we want. As you say, LOA is always working — it’s a matter of consciously creating what we want.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I smile now at that story Carol as in retrospect I can see I did all of that unconsciously. I was just very clear on what I wanted and knew very little then about the law of attraction. I did understand visualization and having clear goals. I agree with you it is a matter of consciously creating what we want. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Thank you Tereza. I think sometimes we can best illustrate a message by using our personal stories.

      Have a great day.

  4. Mark Eaves

    Great post.

    Isn’t it amazing that we can picture the little things and they materialize, but most of us can’t OR WON’T try to picture the big things.

    Guess I’ll keep practicing! Thanks Sue!!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      It is amazing how we do that (or don’t do that) Mark. I think it comes down to underlying beliefs, what we believe we deserve and a heap of things below the surface in us all. I think we should all keep on practicing. In fact it is my main goal to master this stuff. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Mark.

  5. Erica Udeanu

    Ah yes … believing and allowing … so many struggle with that part. And yes, it is as easy to manifest a button as it is a castle! I do love that phrase.

    Thank you for your insights on LOA … I do love reading your posts on this subject.

    Beautiful post Sue as always.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Yes Erica so many of us do struggle with believing and allowing. For me it has always been about allowing.

      Thank you for your comment Erica.

  6. earl hackett

    The mind is God’s greatest creation, however we forget that it must be programmed. We forget that we become what we think about the most. Great story of manifesting the desires of your heart.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      You have said that so well Earl “the mind is God’s greatest creation” and yes sadly we do forget we become what we think about most. I think for many of us we get into bad thinking habits.
      Thanks for your comment.