How To Have The Law Of Attraction Work Unintentionally

the law of attraction

The law of attraction is always working.  We can be the creators in our life and  have it work for us intentionally or it will work  unintentionally.


In my last post I talked about How To Make The law Of Attraction Work Positively. I gave examples from my own life to illustrate how it has worked for me. If you missed that post you can read it [HERE].


Now it is time to look at how the law of attraction works and can bring to us what we do not necessarily want. Remember law of attraction will bring us what we predominantly think about.


I am going to pick up from my last post where we had a dream start to a  new business. If you have not read that one I encourage you to do that first so this will make more sense.  Here it is again .


The law of attraction working for me unintentionally


In my last post I talked about how the business success was way above our expectations pretty much from day one.


We were wholesaling investment products where we were raising money for agricultural projects and research and development. Our clients were financial planners and accountants who then promoted the investments to their clients.


As one of the owners of the business I had several roles with the main one being to bring in clients. That meant I spent a lot of time travelling around Australia and was away from my husband and daughter.


It was not too long into the business when we had people approaching us wanting to sell our products.


In hindsight I should have welcomed the ease of how the business was flowing. In those days however, I was not as aware as I am now and I was addicted to hard work and struggle. It has taken me a long time to admit to that!


I will give you three  examples of how my thinking resulted in  things turning for the worst for us.


the law of attraction

Example 1 – I got bored


I was back in my home town with our business partner doing presentations on our products. We both jumped into a taxi having  just completed our fourth presentation for the day when out of my mouth came these words…. ” I am bored, this is all too easy”. Wow where did that come from? It seemed like it was  not me  talking. It just fell out of my mouth.  Clearly it was me and it  came from a deeper part of me or my subconscious.


Example 2 – another taxi story


We had bought a house when we first moved to Sydney and done extensive renovations. It was very big and had many features I had dreamed about. Yes I had my dream house. The next question is was I ready for it?


I had arrived back in Sydney after one of my trips away. I caught a taxi from the airport to our  home. As we pulled up out the front of our house the taxi driver turned and looked at me and said “Hey lady you must be very rich.”


I mumbled something and felt embarrassed.


So what did I do after that?


From that day on I got taxi drivers to drop me at a more modest house down our street and would drag my luggage back to our house.


Clearly I did not feel deserving of this house.


There were other instances to follow that started to make me feel embarrassed in owning the house.


Example 3 – the visualization


We had grown the business into a staff or around 45 people. We used to have training days with a mixture of training on our products as well as mindset. We were working with a business coach who supported us with the mindset side.


In this example we were coming up to our very busy time and our coach was taking everyone through a guided meditation. We had all set our goals for the time and we were now visualizing how it would happen.


As I closed my eyes and listened to his voice my mind went off on a very different tangent.


As all I could see was myself dressed in jeans sitting at a desk in a more modest home than ours.


I was on a computer writing and my dog was at my feet.


This was a far cry from my current life where I wore suits, high heels and was never home!

I felt panic but I could  not shift the vision.


When we finished the guided visualization we were invited to share our experience. All I could do was excuse myself and run to the bathroom.


The law of attraction responds to our most dominant thoughts


When we were moving to Sydney from Perth and starting the business I was crystal clear in what I wanted and the law of attraction worked for us.


Once the business was underway I never reset my intentions and therefore my thoughts were all over the place.


As I am sure you have guessed by now our positive run with this business was going to come to a halt.


Talking about being bored and visualizing a completely different life meant I was inviting massive change.


The end of a business……. 



law of attraction


Some months after the visualization the Australian Taxation Office started to look closely at the products we were promoting. It took some time and more months passed and then eventually they changed the tax laws – in retrospect!


We had anticipated that one day the laws would change however never did we envisage retrospective legislation.


Our business and our lives were thrown into chaos. My boredom was replaced by absolute panic and fear.


Over the course of the next year we closed the business and sold our house and other assets.


It took me a long time to stop feeling like a victim and blaming the government for changing the law.



Ultimately I had to face the part my words and thoughts had played in the ending. 


I laugh at myself now as for a long time I took responsibility only for the good and not the demise of this business.


I share this story in the hope it will help others see how important it is to be a conscious creator. The law of attraction is always working so it is best to be clear on what you want. 


Have an amazing day!


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14 thoughts on “How To Have The Law Of Attraction Work Unintentionally

  1. Scott forsyth

    Thanks Sue.

    Guilty of the same so a well timed read.

    Onwards and upwards – i think the weekend is being spent clearing and resetting with purpose, direction and SPECIFIC.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Scott,

      Great to see you here. Being specific is so key when we are setting our direction and purpose. I think we all get off track at times.

      Thanks for commenting Scott.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      It sure does Helen and it shows how we need to be so vigilant with our thoughts. 🙂

  2. Erica Udeanu

    We are powerful conscious creators whether we understand what we’re doing or not.

    I feel so blessed to share in your stories Sue …

    … thank you for your exquisite transparency!

    1. Sue Price Post author

      We sure are powerful creators Erica and I am sure you are like me where you can look back at a time in your life when you had no clue about this stuff but can see how you created.

      For a long time I was not so transparent Erica. It took me a long time to accept my part in the business closing and then longer to admit it. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Shaun Trewern

    While it’s all fear and panic at the time, sometimes these things are for the best and can actually be a blessing. I know you are a much stronger person for having gone through that though Sue. Thanks for sharing this part of your life. 🙂

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Shaun you are spot on. Even though at the time these events were traumatic in hindsight I would hate to be back living that lifestyle. Well really it was not living.

      Thank you for your comment Shaun.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Well said Mark, yes our thinking needs to be in alighnment with what we want or it does backfire. I know that only too well.
      Thank you for your comment.