How To Get Through Tough Times In Life

tough times

Tough times happen to us all. How do we get through them?


I know for me personally in hindsight I can always see the gift in what seemed such an adverse part of my life, however in the midst of the event I do not see it as a gift. How do I then get through these times – and how do you?


I  have had many tough times in my life. I have been though many of the “big ones”. This year in January I was diagnosed with a health challenge that rocked my world. The first six months of this year I have had a single focus in my life- to get through it!


How did I get through to where I am now?


Getting through tough times – first things first!


For me the first thing to do was accept what was happening to me. It took a few days to get over waking up thinking I had a bad dream. Then the very practical me kicked in and I had to decide on a path to recovery.


I made a decision once my plan was in place I would not listen to any further “well meaning” advice. Believe me I got plenty of it and learned to be gracious and grateful to the well meaning person but to stick to my plan.


Getting through 6 months of tough times


I had many “tools” I used to help me through. These included

  • Books
  • Inspirational videos
  • Meditating daily
  • Surrounding myself with people who supported me
  • Being absolutely diligent in watching my thoughts

I read quotes that uplifted me like this one >>>

It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.– Doe Zantamata

Here are some tips from a blog post I wrote two years ago. I must say that my understanding of “tough times” has become much deeper since with my recent experience.  This is from the post….


“Before we get into tips to help us get through hard times let’s talk about what not to do


##  Do not get into the trap of “if only

I remember being a young girl (maybe 9 or 10) and a neighbor saying to me when I said “if” about something…. “If is a little word with a big meaning that you should not say”.  Now as a kid I did not have a clue what she meant but I have never forgotten that conversation. I now understand.

Going down a rabbit warren of “if only I had done — or had not done—- or should have done” is not going to help you move on. It will keep you stuck and put you in victim mode.


## Do not feel sorry for yourself

– well for more than a few minutes anyway.:-)  You just have to plan ahead and look to the future.


## Do not wish you were like your friends who are not experiencing your pain.

The grass is not always greener on the other side. You do not know what someone else is going through even though they may be richer or appear more successful.  I have learned that one big time.


## do not hangout with negative people who play the victim role in life.

This is not going to help you stay positive and move forward.


Things that help to get through tough times

## Know this time will pass  you will have good times again.

## Look at your options – choose a path of moving forward and take action

## Listen to a daily uplifting audio, or watch a motivational video (YouTube is full of them)

## Read positive self-help books …. again there are so many to choose from.

## Surround yourself with people that support you.

## Seek professional help if you cannot get yourself moving forward.  Again there is so much to choose from. Here are some I have experienced Counselors, life coaches, spiritual healers, kinesiologists  and various other body work.

## Be grateful for what you do have in your life and put your attention on that.


And always remember your circumstances do not define you!


Here are some other successful people who have faced adversity.

>>>JK Rowling was a single mother living on state benefits before becoming the multimillionaire she is today.


>>>Oprah Winfrey of course is a story we all know. From her troubled abusive childhood to being the planet’s first African American billionaire


>>>Nelson Mandela’s life is one that shows just how resilient the human spirit really is. I love the quote by him   “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”


>>>Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before creating the light bulb.  It is how he framed it that is most important here “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


You can read the rest of the post [HERE]


A support Group

This is one thing I learned in this time. 

The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.”– Ulysses S. Grant

For me one of the most important factors in this time was my support group. This group included family, friends and some of my online family. Who you surround yourself with is so important in tough times. 


Please leave me your comments below. Do you have any tips for getting though tough times?


Have an amazing day!


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18 thoughts on “How To Get Through Tough Times In Life

  1. Rory Singh

    I strongly believe that each tough time has a lesson in it to learn. And no matter how bad we may perceive each tough time, if we learn the lesson, we can then move on to the ‘next phase’ of our life. Thank you Sue for such a crucial post.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      I also believe we have a lesson to learn from each challenge we go through Rory. When we do not learn the lesson we usually get to repeat it or attract some other challenge. Thanks for your comment Rory.

  2. Chrissy

    I’m so glad to see you blogging again. And what a great post! I’m sorry to hear you have been through some difficulties but awesome that you have had a good support group and some great strategies to keep you moving forward. Welcome back Sue…

    1. Sue Price Post author

      It is good to be blogging again Chrissy. It is the first time in years I have not blogged so nice to be back. I have learned that a support group is so important and I am very grateful for the people who were there for me. Thanks for your lovely comment Chrissy.

  3. Angie

    This is a great post Sue about how to get through tough times in life. It happens to us all at some point and I am no exception when Gemma was going through cancer treatment in 2011 and 2015, it was a very tough time. My friends and family, staying positive and exercise got me through. We are capable of anything when we set our minds to it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Angie,

      Yes we all have tough times and I know how it must have been for you with Gemma. My challenge was also cancer and it has been a difficult time. Watching my husband I know it is as hard on the loved ones as the person who had the health challenge.

      Exercise is a great way to deal with adversity for me too. Sadly I was a bit restricted with treatment but I am back to doing some again. You are spot on we can do what we set our minds to do.

      Thanks for your comment Angie.

  4. Zen

    Hi Sue, excellent points especially important was your point about staying away from negativity/people in victim mode. It’s an energy drain and you need all the energy you can muster to handle the current situation in the best way possible!

    Glad to see you are feeling better enough to be blogging again!

    Luv, Zen

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Zen,

      Avoiding negative people was a big one for me an still is as I recover fully. It is great to have written my first blog post for over 2 months. It was a little difficult to get into the flow again.

      Thanks for your comment Zen.

      Hugs, Sue

  5. Shaun Trewern

    I’m so sorry to read that you encountered a major obstacle to overcome Sue, but I am very happy to see you have done so and are back to blogging again.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Thanks Shaun. It was a health challenge none of us want to face but sadly many do. It is great to have written my first blog post for over two months. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Di Downie

    Hi Sue,

    Loved it… I woke up this morning and your email was in my email box, then this blog was through the link.

    Love it that you are feeling that you can write again and even better that you want to, and even better again that you did.

    This really demonstrated that what you did and are doing worked and is still working.

    Tough times are not fun and we cannot do them by ourselves, I love your point of surrounding ourselves with people who can support us in the way we need it.

    Thankyou Sue for being here


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Di,

      I have been thinking of writing a post for the last few weeks but did not really know what to say. So much has changed for me and I felt a little lost. Once I started to write it felt so good. I have never considered myself a writer but I realized I had missed it.

      Di you are one of the people who’s support I valued so much during this time. You were always there and I felt it. That type of connecting is such a blessing to have and I cherish it.

      Thank you my beautiful friend.


  7. Angie HI

    Great advices here! especially not surrounding yourself with negative people. Exercising and staying healthy is also helpful. Thanks for this post.

    1. Sue Price Post author

      For me the negative people is the thing I most needed to do. Thanks for your comment.

  8. David Fa'anunu

    Hi Sue,

    I loved reading this. It reminds me of my own hardships and also being grateful for what I have today. Life is too short to be wasting energy on worrying matters when we have the ability to shift our energies into the more productive and positive things that matter most ☺