Good Books to Read : Part 2

This is part two of my current series Good Books to Read.

If you missed the first one you can catch it here  Good Books to Read : Part 1

This post is about my favorites from  the Rich Dad series. They are truly good books to read.

These are books I know very well.

As many of your know I was the CEO for some years  of the organization  that promoted Robert Kiyosaki in Australia and New Zealand.

Good Books to Read – from the Rich Dad Series    Good Books to Read

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This is the first of Robert’s books in the Rich Dad series and it is by far the most well-known and well read.

What you may not know about the book is that it was turned down by many publishers in the USA and Robert eventually self-published.   The company I worked with had also published it here in Australia and it was here it became a best seller first. I tell you this as a word of encouragement as many great people had their setbacks along the way. Robert was knocked back many times.

This book is responsible for mindset shifts in people around the globe.  It is Robert’s story of growing up in a middle class home with a highly educated father. It compares what he learned from his father with what he learned from his best friend’s father who was a rich businessman.

  • It challenges the myth that you need high income to become rich.
  • It challenges the belief that your house is an asset (I can tell you that was a challenge for my accountant brain!)
  • It defines assets and liabilities in a different way
  • It is a different way of thinking.

I believe this is a must read book for everyone and very deserving of being on a list of good books to read.

What did I learn from it? – I had known Robert for years before he wrote this book so was very familiar with the content and his views. I had already had many “ah ha” moments in workshops with him but I still have read the book at least a dozen times!

The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

This was the second of Robert’s books in this series and it is my personal favorite.

The Cashflow Quadrant

This diagram represents the Cashflow Quadrant

The letters in each quadrant represent:

E   for employee  – An employee has a job and often needs safety and security. It is what school prepares us for – study hard and get a good job.

S   for self-employed  – A self employed person wants to do their own thing and be their own boss.

B   for business owner  – B are true business owners who unlike the S surrounds themselves with smart people.

I   for investor – I are the Investors who make money with money. They often do not work as their money works for them.

“The Cashflow Quadrant explains why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes and feel more financially secure than others.  It is simply a matter of knowing which quadrant to work from and when.” Robert Kiyosaki.

I have written about this book previously.  If you want more information you can get it at Understanding the Cashflow Quadrant  

This book changed many things for me. The greatest distinction was that being an S (self-employed) is very different to being in the B quadrant where you truly have a business.

Rich Woman – by Kim Kiyosaki

This is a book for the women. Kim is Robert’s wife and a very smart businesswoman and real estate investor.

The book is for women who want to be financially independent and not dependent on a man or anyone to take care of them.

Kim and Robert are a partnership in both life and business. She is a strong contributor to their wealth.

The stats quoted in the book are frightening about the prospects for women.  One of them being that 3 out of 4 of people living in poverty are women.

My take away – I  had my own career and have always been relatively independent even though my husband and I are a team. Kim gave me a whole new level to aspire to. Knowing her is amazing and she is a great example of a modern day successful woman.

The Business School for People Who Like Helping People – Robert Kiyosaki

This is a book for network marketers.  Robert has never been involved in network marketing however he acknowledged the model for being a great way for people to learn the skills of business.

And of course he is a huge advocate of residual income.

It has some of the same information in it that Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant do but specifically talks to network marketers.

What I gained from this book was an appreciation for the MLM profession. Until this point I was very skeptical.

Sales Dogs –  Blair Singer

Blair is a friend of mine and a great teacher. He has taught with Robert for 25 years that I know of and I am sure more than that.

The bi-line to the books is “you do not have to be an attack dog to be successful in sales”.

The book takes 5 breeds of dogs and explains if we were dogs how we would sell.  Have a look at the website   you can take a free diagnostic there to determine which type of dog you are.  It is fun and revealing.

I think the reason many people think they hate sales,  or do not want to be seen as a sales person,  is they think of the Pit Bull –  Blair discusses this in the book.  Maybe you are more of a relationship builder – golden retriever?

I really hope you will do the  diagnostic. If you do let me know below what you are. It is fun 🙂

I am poodle – with some basset mixed in there.

In all seriousness the book is for anyone who thinks they cannot sell or has people around them that they think cannot sell. It is a great read.

My take away – I played a part in promoting this book out here. I got a lot from watching people get a greater understanding on how they could actually sell. Oh and my Nirvana (beagle) featured in the media. 

Good Books to Read

Hey if you cringe  at the word “sell”  remember there is no business without a sale.

Good Books to Read…   in closing

These are just a few books from the Rich Dad series. There are many more but these are my favorites.

Please leave be your comments below and let me know if you have read any of these or others in the series.


Make it a great day.






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