Do You Know Your Why?

Do you know your why?

Do You Know Your Why?By “why” I mean why you do what you do to earn a living?

If you are in a home based business or in network marketing you  are probably familiar with the term.

Our why is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It is what keeps us working into the night.

Do you know your why?

Do you ever keep hearing the same message?  Like you are meant to listen to this message.

Lately for me it has been about “knowing your why”. Over the last week I have been on a couple of hangouts with this theme.  I also stumbled across a video by Simon Sinek the author of “Start With Why”.

In his short video Simon used Apple as his example.  The example he gives  really makes it very easy to understand and appreciate the importance of his message. I have included it here and if you have never seen it before I encourage you to take the 5 minutes to watch it. He talks about how most companies and people communicate their marketing message back to front.


Great message and example don’t you think? I have seen it before but clearly the timing now is better for me as I had a couple of  “Ah ha’s”.

I have recently finished reading Steve Jobs biography and he certainly was very clear on  what Apples ‘why” was and he and Apple did communicate it in the manner Simon describes.

How about you – Do you know your why? Do you lead with it in your marketing?

My Why

As this message seems to have been in my face over the past week I have dedicated some time to really thinking about it.

I asked myself questions like…..Do  I need to go deeper with why? Does my why need to be more deep and meaningful than it is now? .

My Why has been the same but the products have changed.

This is my why over a few different careers…

Financial Planning – When my husband and I had our financial planning practice we had gone through this exercise and were clear our mission (or why) was to help as many people as possible become financially free. That was why we were in business.

Seminars – My next career was with the seminar company that brought educators (including Robert Kiyosaki) to Australia and New Zealand.  Almost all our speakers were teaching people to become financially free. So for me my why was still the same. The products were different.

Network Marketing – Next for me came Network Marketing – different products but still wanting to help people become financially free.

Internet Marketing – Then I came online and since I have been here I have consistently been attracted to products which are going to help others become financially free.

To be financially free means we need a residual income and if you have been reading my posts for any time you will know I often write about the need to be building a residual income

Expansion of My Why

In my reevaluation of my Why I realized it has been consistent for many many years but now it has broadened.

Since working from home I now value the time freedom and so many things about being able to work from home. I wish I had this option when my daughter was little so I would not have had to put her in Day Care.

So my why now is to help people attain financial freedom and freedom in life to be able to spend more time with their loved ones.

Do you know your why?

If not I encourage to get really clear  on what it is. Learn to communicate it in your marketing as Simon Sinek suggests.

Please leave me your comments below.  I would love to know what your why is. Also if you found this post valuable please share it.

Make it a great day.






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42 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Why?

  1. Dana

    Hi Sue,

    Gosh – the timing of this post is so perfect for me. I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection, and the subject matter discussed here is in complete harmony with what I need to examine for myself.

    The video was great. I’m actually going to save it to my favorites for reference.
    I’ve written about how a person’s “why” comes into play in regard to health and fitness – and it’s just as important with anything else.

    Thanks for writing about this. Excellent post.
    Dana recently posted..Being Aware of Our Inner-DialogueMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Dana

      Isn’t it amazing how the topic we are pondering is in our face. I had a kinesiology session with a friend a couple of weeks ago. She identified I needed to be more in tune with “my why” and to communicate it. That was one of many such interactions. So then the messages kept coming. I love how it works 🙂

      You are correct our why is important in every area of our life. In heath, fitness and weight loss it is huge. But just as big in our business.

      I loved the video. I have seen it before but he said it differently this time LOL – I know you will know what I mean.

      Have you done the process where you have someone ask you the question “and what would that mean to you?” – just going as deep as you can.

      Thanks for your comment Dana.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  2. Eric

    Hi Sue

    Excellent video/post thanks. It cuts to the heart of things and reminds about the fundamentals.

    Always to sell the benefits not the features. Easy to say hard to do.

    I guess in essence that is the task of network marketers – to translate the features of their product as provided by their company – into benefits that impact potential customers. Probably where most fail.


    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Eric

      Yes way too many people communicate the features. I think this even goes deeper than benefits. It goes into the heart of why the network marketer (to use your example) is passionate about what they do.

      If you listen to Rod Gilchrist for example he leads with his why very clearly. No wonder he has the biggest check. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Eric.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  3. Eric

    I’m going to try to work my marketing round to be inside out. I try from time to time but its simpler to drop back into the old approach touting features.

    Sometimes wonder if there is a purpose – other than to generate an income and to achieve personal success.
    Eric recently posted..The importance of your WHY: ExplainedMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Eric I am sure you can do it. If you look at Apples marketing it will give you ideas.

      I look forward to seeing your new look 🙂

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Yes it does go beyond but I think can be used in marketing. If you want to talk about it sometime I am up for it. A common exercise with it is to have someone ask you questions.

      It is deep for sure 🙂

  4. Silviu

    Hi Sue,

    Great video … . “The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe”. True. What do you need to do? Discover, find that inner message that you were born to offer the world and communicate it to all people. It’s like finding your real purpose of your life. Kinda similar.

    Well, Sue, you are better and better each day. I am surprised how much energy you have.
    You know, I am looking forward for your new post.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Net Market Success Manifesto and Mainstream WisdomMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Silviu

      It is an awesome video isn’t it and he explains it so well. For me the Apple example really helped me understand the marketing message.

      So yes it is deep – that whole “what am I here for question”. I know people who are so clear on it and others who have no clue what they are here to do or what they want to do.

      It makes sense that we want to do business with people with the same beliefs. It sure takes the whole “know, like and trust” a lot deeper.

      Thanks for your compliment on my post Silviu and thanks for your contribution here. I appreciate you.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  5. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    Great great post, and the video surely explains this principle so well.

    It’s interesting how all those big companies don’t know any better. My question would be why only Apple seems to know?

    The WHY is a great motivator. My why is really rather unusual because my situation is also rather unusual, but what ever it may be we need to have a strong why.

    I’m glad you blog about this today. People need to know 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..How To Sell Your Art On Fine Art AmericaMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      I think that video is a wonderful. I have seen it several times but I think because I had just finished reading Steve Jobs biography the example was so real for me. Have your read it? I really think all of us in business should. He had many flaws but he was a marketing genius. When I listened to Simon in that video some light bulbs went off for me about Steve Jobs.

      Now I do not think it is only Apple but heck I cannot think of another example. That is sad.

      Now I am really curious about your why. ??

      Yes people do need to know this so I felt drawn to blog about it. I had other plans but sometimes I just go with my intuition.

      Thanks for your feedback Sylviane and I am going to miss you tomorrow again 🙁

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  6. Donna Merrill

    This is such an important message, Sue. I’ve been working with people for many years in private consultation, helping them achieve their goals in life… usually love and money.

    Since I’ve been focusing on working with people in internet and network marketing the last couple of years, the most important thing has been making money and gaining financial independence. But I have to get them to go deeper into their why. I find that financial independence is a surface “why”, and that beneath it often lie other things like “make a better life for my kids”, or “improve my relationship” or “have more free time to myself” or even “reduce the stress of the workplace to regain my health”.

    So, you’re right, Sue. You’ve got to consider your “why”, and you have to consider it at deeper levels than just “make money” or “financial independence”.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..SocializeMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      I knew you would resonate with this topic and I am sure you are masterful as guiding people into discovering their why.

      I love the exercise where someone asks “and what would that mean to you”. In your example – someone wants financial independence – “what will that mean to you?” gets to the real things. For me I think there is another layer. I can go pretty deep but there feels like there is something else.

      I heard someone say the other day that when they lost their job and were on welfare as all she wanted to do was get off welfare. That was her why. The woman went on to say until our survival is handled we cannot access our real purpose. I am sure that is true too.

      Thank for contributing to this conversation Donna. It is one that I have loved for years.

      Hope your packing and selling is happening with grace and ease.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  7. Darrell Cherry

    Thanks for the the video! Your post reinforces why I follow folks who not necessarily in my so-called niche.

    My why is transitioning to simple living and leading life without following someone else’s principles in return for $.

    Great advice comes from multiple sources. thanks again for your post.
    Darrell Cherry recently posted..Can We Really Trust Our InstinctsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Darrell

      It is an awesome video isn’t it?

      I love your why. They are a transition over time for most of us.

      I love the title of your post here in your link so I will be over shortly to check it out.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment Darrell.

      Have a great day.


  8. Arleen

    I loved the video. I can’t say that making money isn’t important, but I love helping people. I love to please. So when people are happy when they receive our products imprinted with their names on it is rewarding. Everyone loves to see their name imprinted and I am no different so I am able to relate to my customers. I believe customer is important and I love communicating with my customers, again rewarding. Very interesting post
    Arleen recently posted..Alternative Fundraising Ideas Inspired by BuffetMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Arleen

      I loved the video too and had to share it. It was just amazing to me that I kept seeing things on this topic.

      I think we all definitely need more than making money. Of course we all need money and it is what gives us our lifestyle. But making our whole business about making money is never going to make our heart sing. To love helping people as you do is where I believe we can get our satisfaction. Money is a reward and if we help enough people get what they want we will get what we want.

      It is an interesting topic.

      Thanks for your comment here Arleen.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  9. Adrienne

    My first thought Sue was this was going to be just another post on the subject of our why! But thank you so much for sharing this video because it was spot on!

    In giving the examples of dell computers or buying a car, the way Apple does their marketing really is so different. When coming online myself and being presented with this I always thought it was about making the money. Oh my goodness, they made me dig deeper so that you really get to the heart of it and it’s not really about the money, it’s about what the money will do for you. Bingo!

    When you start to market your business in that way so that others relate to wanting the same thing then you’ll have so much better luck actually being on the same page with them.

    Excellent post Sue and again, thanks for sharing this video. He explained that so well and it’s one I think everyone needs to see.

    Adrienne recently posted..Customer Service Nightmare: Why You Lose BusinessMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I am glad you enjoyed the video and yes I think everyone does need to see it. I have never seen anyone explain this so well with examples we can all relate to. Because I had just finished reading the biography of Steve Jobs …. very long, I was so familiar with how he wanted Apple represented. Have you read it? It is clear money is in no way his motivator. He just wanted to make damn good – and the best products. He lived very simply for much of his life.

      Ah digging deeper is what it all about. I think it is why we are here really. What is it we are mean to do. I know when I have thought about it at times I want to shout I do not know. But we all do deep down.

      Thanks for your feedback Adrienne and I hope you are catching up. My internet keeps dropping out too 🙁

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Dan

      Ah so you are very clear on what you are here to achieve. But then that does not surprise me and I am sure you will do what you set out to do Dan.

      I too ma going to read Simon’s book Dan. I just love his clarity of message. Have you read Steve Job’s biography? He was such an amazing leader. Had many flaws but he was still a good leader.

      Thanks for your comment here.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Dan you are welcome!

          Yes I do believe all leaders have flaws. It is a part of being human. Some of Steve Job’s ones were pretty ugly though 🙂

          Have a great weekend Dan.

          Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lisa

      That is a great why Lisa. To help other be successful. It is always a joy for me too.
      And yes when someone realizes they can do something and we know we have contributed in some way is a good thing.

      Thanks for your comment Lisa.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Manny

      You are very clear on your why which is awesome. I am sure such clarity will reward you and help others on the way.

      Thanks for sharing here Manny.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  10. Viola Tam

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for bringing in Simon’s message. It is the most powerful marketing message that I have ever heard.

    Thank you for sharing your personal ‘why’. Here is mine: When I first joined, I wanted many more people to know the benefits of wonderful nutritional supplements that have changed my daughter’s life! My own version of ‘financial freedom’ kicked in when I started to receive monthly bonus (Thank You Pay cheque). Getting premier products for free is such a joy! Like you, my ‘why’ has expanded. I now help other mums to take control of their time as well. I built my business whilst bringing up my teenage children and doing a university course full time. With commitment and good time-management, other mums can start creating an additional income through network marketing too.

    Awesome message that needed to be shared around the net! I appreciate you, Sue.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted..Stay-at-Home Mums – M for ‘Making a Difference’My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Viola

      It was my pleasure to share Simon’s message as like you I thought it was the most powerful marketing message I had heard. It took the use of why way deeper than getting us up in the morning.

      So you have had a journey with your why too. I have heard that often. Thanks for sharing yours. I know when people have an experience like your daughter with great nutritional products that can become a very powerful why for the family.

      It is interesting how life has it’s twists. Your daughter’s health leading now to you helping other women create additional income. That is a great story Viola and one you can easily communicate the way Simon was saying in his video. You probably do it anyway.

      I think that video is one we can watch over and over to get distinctions and also help our teams.

      Thanks for your comment Viola. Have a wonderful weekend.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  11. Dee Ann Rice


    What a great video about why. I have never heard it put that way before and it was so clear and to the point.

    I know that knowing our “why” is the most important thing we need to know when doing our business. I also know that the why needs to be the center point and the reason we get up in the morning. I love how the video explains just how our why affects the success of our business.

    Knowing what I know now makes me want to redefine my why to be more precise as to what my why is.

    I would have to say right now my why is: To have financial freedom so I can spend more time with my family and to be able to enjoy what I love to do most – travel the world. I also want to help others do the same.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Can You Navigate Triberr?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Dee Ann

      It was such a clear message in the video and I like you love the way he explains it.

      I love you why. I am not sure you need to redefine it but I think we can all work on “leading” with it in our communication as Simon said in the video. I intend polishing that up so people know more what I am about.

      Maybe you can think about how to use this type of marketing for your product. I am sure we can all apply it.

      Thanks for your comment Dee Ann and I am happy I shared this video.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  12. Gladys

    Hello Ms. Sue

    Incredible post. Really something to think about and then re-think about it again.
    The “Why” is vital and if someone does not their “why”, they need to speak with someone that will have questions which will make the person think.
    If we know our “why” then we will be on the right road to success.
    My “Why” has always been to help other people see themselves as treasures in this earth.
    Thank you

    Very good post
    Gladys recently posted..Four Ways To Manage Your EmotionsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Gladys

      I agree it is something to think and re-think. That is a very powerful video and one we can all take and adapt our marketing message accordingly.

      I love your why Gladys. That is awesome. Now you need to weave that into all that you do. It is a very powerful why and one people will follow.

      Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  13. sherman smith

    Hey Sue,

    You know I do the same thing. I keep re evaluating my why and it all boils down to not feeling caged in with no way of getting out. I can remember approaching graduating from college that getting a 9-5 just didn’t feel right. I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to be in the industry and that I was going to keep my mind open to whatever’s out there.

    Also I knew that there had to be others that feel the same way. They didn’t want to feel caged in and live this monotonous lifestyle. Slowly but surely i started to attract the people that believe the same thing. This post and the video was a great reminder and indicator that I’m heading in the right direction!

    Thanks for sharing Sue!
    sherman smith recently posted..How Scannable And Valuable Are Your Blog Posts?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sherman

      Good on you for following what felt right for you. It is not the easy way but the most rewarding. It is awesome you made the decision when you were young. Usually when people just finish college as all they want to do is get a good job.

      We do ultimately find people that feel the same. I think the clearer we are about our why the better we can do that.

      I just loved that video so much I had to share it. He explains it so well.

      Thanks for adding to this conversation Sherman.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  14. Barbara Charles

    Hi Sue,
    I know since I entered network marketing 6 years ago what my why was. I know that many people have to be told to find it and focus on it. Mine has never changed although as you noted, the product or the avenue to get to my why has changed. Rarely, but changed on occasion. It’s always good to look at your why and re-assess. I like that you provided this for people to understand.
    Great article. Thanks for your insight. As usual, you are point on!
    Barbara Charles recently posted..Downfalls of Paying for Content TrafficMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Barbara

      I can imagine you are clear on your why. It is interesting how we can change the vehicle but not the reason. It is one of the good things about network marketing I think that we are introduced to these concepts.

      To know our why gives what we do so much more purpose.

      I loved how Simon explained it on that video so had to share it.

      Thanks for your comment Barbara.

      Sue Price recently posted..Do You Know Your Why?My Profile

  15. Eric

    ! posted these comments in another forum, and they seem relevant to this discussion.

    Maslow identified human needs as follows.:

    1. The ”Basic needs or Physiological needs” of a human being: food, water, sleep and sex.
    2. ”Safety Needs: Security, Order, and Stability”.

    These two steps are important to the physical survival of the person. Once individuals have basic nutrition, shelter and safety, they attempt to accomplish more. (These would appear to be a very powerful driver for people entering into Network Marketing – almost a form of desperation)

    3. ”Love and Belonging”, which are psychological needs; when individuals have taken care of themselves physically, they are ready to share themselves with others, such as with family and friends.

    4. individuals feel comfortable with what they have accomplished. This is the ”Esteem” level, the need to be competent and recognized, such as through status and level of success.

    5.T he ”Cognitive” level, where individuals intellectually stimulate themselves and explore.

    6. The ”Aesthetic” level, which is the need for harmony, order and beauty.

    At the top of the pyramid, ”Need for Self-actualization” occurs when individuals reach a state of harmony and understanding because they are engaged in achieving their full potential.

    Usually people in developed countries focus on the third and fourth level of needs while those in less developed worlds focus on the first and second.The first four levels are known as Deficit needs or D-needs. This means that if you do not have enough of one of those four needs, you will have the feeling that you need to get it. But when you do get them, then you feel content. These needs alone are not motivating

    One can postulate that through the first 4 levels the vision (Why) is to reach the next one – a vision which can be achieved by having an excess of income, over and above the current state. Viz one can appeal to to people at this levels with visions of what they could do with extra income.

    Above this level the appeal would need to be different – self-development, a vehicle for projecting posture and success – patronising good works etc.

    Thus ones Why (Vision) reflects one’s current circumstances and is likely to evolve as they change.
    Eric recently posted..What’s THE #1 Best Way to Build Your Network Marketing Business?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Eric

      I am very familiar with Maslow’s theory from my Uni days. As part of my business degree we did some Organization units and this theory took up a lot of it. There are heaps of things I did at Uni have no recollection about but this I do,

      I can see where the different parts of the world would focus too. I also think as more and more of what we know as the developed world has a continued financial crises more people are moving back to focusing on survival.

      I have heard some top income earners in MLM say that their why has developed over time as their success grew and they no longer had to be concerned about survival and the basics.

      As Simon Sinek used the Apple experience and I have just read Steve Jobs biography I think he did not necessarily evolve his why or vision as he satisfied other needs. He was clear in a why when he had no money and had the same clarity and drive when he was a billionaire and dying. Simon did make the point that he and some of the others great minds do think differently than the rest of us.

      Thanks for sharing that info Eric and yes it is very relevant to this conversation.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile

  16. Sonia

    I remember seeing that video and being blown away, by such a simple method. Simon is the man and a brilliant thinker. My WHY in what I do comes from my passion to give back. When ever I learn something new I always go back to explain my pain and frustration getting over a “hurdle” and how I figured it out. It still amazes me to always find someone else that experienced the same thing. That’s my why.
    Sonia recently posted..Hashtags and Facebook: How and When To Use ItMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sonia

      Yes Simon’s explanation is excellent and simple to understand. I had seen some time back but some how now I understood it at a deeper level.

      You do a great job of living my your why as you are always sharing what you have learned – and you do it in such an easy to understand way.
      Thanks for sharing your “why” Sonia and yes there are always people who benefit when you do it how you do. I am sure that is rewarding for you.

      Have a great week.

      Sue Price recently posted..How’s Your Work Ethic?My Profile