Designing a Life with Purpose

I posted a story a couple of days ago that I had received from Dr Fred Grosse. I have since been asked questions about him so I am going to share some of the gems I have learned from Dr Fred.

My life changed in a significant way when I studied with this man. I was part of a group of people that completed a 12 month study course where we came together 4 times at 3 monthly intervals for 2 days each time. Between the meetings there was “homework”.

One of the things Dr Fred teaches is “to design a life with purpose”. He has his students break this down into various activities. The fist thing I remember leaning was the concept of “10’s”. Dr Fred describes a “10” as something that is “an ordinary wonderful everyday magnificent experience”. As part of our homework we were asked to come up with 500 or more things we could do each day – basically experiences that make our heart sing.

My list included things such as my morning exercise (yes I love exercising), breakfast with my husband, playing with my dog, morning coffee, swimming in the ocean, being in nature, watching a sunrise/ sunset, burning candles with dinner, oil burners on, fresh flowers in the house, a glass of wine, listening to music, a hot shower – and another several hundred things.

One benefit of doing this  is that it helps us feel gratitude and focus on the things we like to do. It helped me make sure I included as many as I could each day and to weave my life around them. Since then my husband and I have adopted this language and often refer to our “tens”.

It is a great exercise and I encourage you to do it. I would also love to hear what are some of your tens? What do you love to do each day? And what would you like to do each day?

3 thoughts on “Designing a Life with Purpose

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  2. brand

    looks like your enjoying your life.. i think people must tried life like you do.. hmm.. such a nice info here.. thank you..

  3. Adam Robinson

    It does help us to feel good to accomplish things in our list. I’ve just started this exercise and I must say that it makes my day really exciting. I feel like there’s always something to look forward to everyday. Then I feel grateful that I’ve been able to do all these things. My situation could’ve been different and more difficult.