CashFlow Game

If you have not played the Cashflow Board games I highly recommend them to you. I believe the first game, 101, is fundamental to financial education and causes us to see our behavior and attitudes around money.

The first time I played Cashflow 101 was in 1997 just before it was released in Australia. The game was facilitated by it’s originator Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. There were close to 100 people in the room and we played in teams.

At the time I was Joint Managing Director of a Financial Services company, a Certified Financial Planner and a CPA. I also have a business degree. So I thought I knew a lot about money. Robert was walking through the room saying “how you play the game is how you play in life”. I kept landing on the “Doodads” (doodads are things we waste our money on). I protested loudly that it was not how I played in life!

At the lunch break, as we were in Melbourne near my favourite shoe store, I went shopping – to buy shoes. Not one pair of course I ended up with multiples. I ran into Robert Kiyosaki laden with my shopping on my way back from lunch. I had been sprung!! Of course I was wasting my money on doodads!

Since then I have played the game many times. For several years now my husband and I play with a group of friends and we all continue to grow. It is a fun way to learn however I stress it is essential to understanding yourself around money.

Let me know if you have played the game – I would love to hear your feedback.

2 thoughts on “CashFlow Game

  1. Adam Robinson

    I’ve heard a lot about this game but I haven’t had the chance to play it though. This sounds really interesting and fun. Makes you reflect and want to be conscious about your spending habits.

    1. Sue Post author

      Oh Adam you should play the game. It is one of the best ways to teach people about money and for them to become clear about their habits. It is also a lot of fun.
      I have played it many times.

      Thanks for commenting.