Looking for the Perfect Business?

During my days as a CPA (accountant) and a  Financial Planner most of my clients were small business people. I was fortunate enough to have a real mixture of industries and professions over the years.  It was also  part of my job to assess various business ventures clients were contemplating buying or starting.

Over the coming weeks I will be exploring the choices and options people have when deciding to go into business.

Robert Kiyosaki talks about the “perfect business”. He says “there are only a few ways to create wealth quickly and legally. They all involve having a business of your own.”

Wanting to build wealth may be the motivating factor for many who do venture into business however my experience has taught me many people start a business for the wrong reasons. And even those who start for a seemingly good reason often do not build the wealth they desire.

I have heard people say they want to be their own boss to have freedom – in my experience anyone who has made it in business did a lot of hard work.  I even knew a woman who hated her boss so she started her own business in competition with him!

If you are in business why did you start it? If you are thinking of starting your own business let me know why.

2 thoughts on “Looking for the Perfect Business?

  1. Adam Robinson

    I think starting a business should primarily involve passion. If one’s reason for starting a business is money, freedom, being their own boss, etc. – more often than not they fail. These things are the result and should never be used as a reason as being a business person involves a lot of hard work and responsibility.

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for your words of wisdom Adam. I totally agree with you. Too many people start for the wrong reasons.