Birthday Gratitude

As I celebrate my birthday today I reflect on how blessed I am.  I would like to share some of my blessings with you in this video.


Let me know what you are grateful for in your life.  The more we focus on a an attitude of gratitude the more blessed we become.

26 thoughts on “Birthday Gratitude

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks Ryan. It is so simple when you say it as you have here. I am getting so much better at doing that.
      Take care

  1. Linda G. Cox

    Happy Birthday! To me a birthday is a wonderful experience! I have always seen a birthday as you are seeing it this year! I’m grateful for so many things! I love the people in my life, my husband, parents (three sets), children (8 of them), and friends online and off~ so many!
    I’ve always looked at birthdays as a time to review what I’ve accomplished in my life, acknowledge the good, work on the areas of needed attention, and always feeling grateful for what I have! Thank you for sharing this birthday with us!

    ps. This movie is your best yet! I love the setting
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    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks for the birthday wish Linda. I had a wonderful day. It is great you have always seen birthdays like I now am seeing mine!
      I know you always display an attitude of gratitude. You are an inspiration to many people.
      I like the setting I used for the movie too but the next door neighbor kept hanging near the fence listening to me. In the end I thought what the heck, but it was a bit off putting.

  2. Belinda Cunningham

    Oh Sue you have hit a sore point for me as next month I hit my big 50 and want to just ignore it. I have always wanted to be older and loved being able to tick over the years until this year. I have now come smack head on to the reality of being 50 as it seems so old but now I will have to reframe and see all the things I am grateful for instead. I quite like the idea of seeing it in that light. So maybe I will celebrate yet.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Belinda I Know how you are feeling as I went through the same thing. I also went through it when I turned 30. I love Linda’s comment here as she has always looked at her birthday as I was seeing mine yesterday.
      You know really age is irrelevant anyway. I know people who are “old” in their thinking at 40 and I know some young, fit 70 year olds. Up in Noosa there are a bunch of them them that still surf.
      Our neighbor who is 82 is helping us move. I thought he was about 60 when I met him.
      I hope you do celebrate your birthday.

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  4. Don Enck

    Sue, Taking a walk on the beach and having a nice breakfast afterwards sounds like the perfect start to a wonderful day. Like you I just recently had a birthday too. There are 2 times a year that I tend to pause and reflect on the things in life and that is my birthday and the New Year. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. It was beautiful!
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    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks Don. I have always done the reflection at New Year but not my birthday before.
      Yes walking on the beach and breakfast afterward is a perfect start to the day for me.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Sue Post author

      Thank you Ryan. I did have an amazing day. I appreciate your comment very much.
      Have an awesome weekend.

  5. Oliver Tausend

    Hi Sue,

    a very powerful video. A birthday is a great event to count all blessings, of course counting one’s blessings shouldn’t be limited to birthdays 😉 I feel your grateful vibrations here in Germany. I hope you had a great birthday with your loved one’s and look forward to helping each other out in the future. Of course, thanks again for your wonderful guest post on my blog.

    Take care

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    1. Sue Post author

      Oliver thanks for your comment which as always is very supportive. I am learning to stop and count my blessing much more frequently. Funny you say you felt the vibrations in Germany. Because we can communicate from the other side of the globe so easily now I sometimes forget our physical distance. I love the internet and social media – we are blessed to live in these times.
      I loved doing the guest post for you and I know we will do other things together.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Louise Steiner

    Belated Happy Birthday Sue! I hope you had a beautiful day. I love this video …I’ve never thought about taking stock on my birthday before….it’s something I have always reserved for the New Year, but what a great way to approach your birthday. Something I will certainly take on board next time, especially as the big 50 looms in a few of years time.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Louise
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have never taking stock on my birthday before. I have like you at New Year but not for my birthday. I caught myself whinging (just to myself) that I was getting older and decided to turn it all around. Much healthier 🙂
      I have big one coming up next year and I am going to get myself ready to embrace it.
      Hope you are having a good week

  7. Darlene Davis

    Happy, happy Birthday, my friend!

    Taking an inventory on your birthday and then encapsulating it into a video like you’ve so artfully done, is a powerful message. It shows what a positive, healthy way you approach life. A true leader, I’d say!

    Thank You for being part of my world! It feels like I’ve known you for a long time. I look forward to sharing a lot more birthdays with you:)
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    1. Sue Post author

      Thank you Darlene. I remember you as the first person who made me feel really welcome when I joined PBY. I felt a connection with you from day one and felt like I knew you.
      I am sure we will share many more birthdays together.
      Talk soon

  8. ColeStan

    You need to invite positive energy in your life. As I celebrated my birthday last time, I’ve promised to myself that I will control my temper and focus more on what I’m doing. I need to do all changes in order to improve my outlook in life. In that way, I could start everything in a right way and not just because I want to escape from all of my problems in life.
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    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Cole
      Sounds like you are using your birthday in a very positive way. Thanks for dropping by my blog.