Belief : Believe in Yourself

Belief – to believe in yourself is something we know is essential for success and yet at times most of us doubt ourselves.

Believe in yourself

Recently I wrote a post Expectations – Do You Expect to Win?   where I talked about we get what we expect not necessarily what we desire.

To expect to win, to achieve your goals you also need to believe in yourself. Sounds simple doesn’t it but in our online world there are many people who doubt themselves. I know I have sure been there.

The message of belief and to believe in yourself keeps reappearing for me this week.

I shot this video on the subject and share a time when  my belief was very high and yes success was quick to follow.


It took me a long time to really work out that the success we had in the business as I shared in the video was  not the overnight success.  The success came  on the back of a lot of hard work and learning in our previous business.

How to believe in yourself when you are starting out

When we are starting a new business or totally changing careers we know there is going to be a learning curve.

To have unwavering belief can be difficult.


I have changed careers and industries several times now and here are some strategies I have used.

## Know there is a learning curve and don’t beat yourself up if you are not achieving success as soon as you would like.

## If there are other people achieving the success you desire in that business or similar business then have belief that you will get there too.

## Know you are bringing your skills from other jobs, professions, industries with you.

## Learn how to transfer your skills to the new role you are playing.

## Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed.  If you are starting a business online it is highly probable you will feel overwhelm some times. Stand back and re-prioritize what you are doing.

## Have a daily mode of operation. Know exactly what you need to do each day.

## Hire a mentor if possible. This will shorten your learning curve and keep you on track.

## Make Google your best friend. When you do not know how to do something someone will have made a blog post or shot a video about it. The internet is full of information we can use to learn.

## Invest in your education but do not get stuck in learning mode.

## If your online then find a support group. It can feel very lonely if you try to do it all alone.

Belief : Believe in Yourself

As I shared on the video we need to also have a strong belief in our products or service.

We must believe they are going to help our customers and that what we are doing in our business is making a positive difference.

Please leave me a comment below. Do you have strong belief in yourself? Do you ever doubt yourself? Do you have any tips to help others strengthen their belief?

I also have a similar post on my other blog Belief I Can Do It

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28 thoughts on “Belief : Believe in Yourself

  1. donna merrill

    Hi Sue,

    Believing in ourselves and believing in what we are “selling” is the core of success. I love your message!

    If we believe in ourselves, people will be attracted to that. It is quite transparent when someone doesn’t believe in themselves and/or the product or services they offer. There is sort of that sixth sense we all have picking up on people.

    When it comes to network marketing, one has to believe in themselves and the product in order to lead others that join them. One immediately becomes a “leader” and if they are not prepared, things will fold.

    It all starts with believing in ourselves. I had to learn that the hard way many years ago before I started my off line business. Once I caught on, that business flourished, and is still going strong.

    Sue, you have so much experience in having your own business because you have been doing it for a long time. People need to heed this message you share because it is true!

    I so admire you as a serious businesswoman and great leader in your field. You are not about the sizzle, but the steak and that said, I am so glad we met.


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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Donna

      I think many of us learned this the hard way when we were first in business. I can remember way back looking at the males in my field who seemed to have a natural belief in themselves but then I could sense it was phony. It is not one of those things that used to be taught “fake it til you make it” belief as you say is something others will have a sixth sense about.

      Donna thanks so much for your kind words about me. I really appreciate that. Even though I think we must live at the most geographically opposite ends of the world we connect. Thank you my friend.


  2. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Sue,

    We often forget to what extent a BELIEF will impact everything we do. For example, even the belief that “working hard” is what is going to make us rich, is a stinking belief that MOST people have. But to tell you the truth that’s one belief I’ve been fighting all my life, and never really bought into, because my own mother who is still to this day THE MOST hard working person I’d ever met should have been a millionaire if this stuff was true.

    However, if you have the believe that you need to work hard to make a lot of money, you probably going to have to. I know of a few people who have said that the day they decided to scratch out that belief money started to come much more easily for them. I have no doubt about that.

    All your types are great. Indeed we need to invest in our education and I would add our personal development too. It’s funny how at times people invest in useless things and not in such important things as these two.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful advice.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..How Much Negativity Are You Still Holding On And How To Get Rid Of It?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Sylviane

      Oh yes all those crazy beliefs. I will tell you one that was with me for most of my life – worst than the work hard one. I believed I would always have enough money but that I would have to work harder than everyone else!!! Go figure. One of the speakers I worked with when we were promoting them was a Jewish New Yorker. Very wealthy. He said the work hard ethic was thinking the rich had opposed on the poor to keep them working class. Could be I guess.

      Yes very sadly most people will invest their money in other types of learning rather than on themselves and cleaning up their crazy thinking.

      Thanks Sylviane for your contribution here.


  3. Carol Amato

    Hello Sue,

    This is my first time to your site, and I find it very refreshing. I LOVE your warm friendly smile, and your voice is so soothing! 🙂

    I’d certainly love to visit Australia some time as I’ve seen so much video footage and my nephew was an exchange student in Sydney for 6 months and absolutely loved it. He shared lots of photos with me, and I fell in love with the place!

    Couldn’t agree more with the idea of believing in yourself, Sue, as I’ve had to learn the hard way that mindset is about 90% of what we do in our business. Once I was able to break through the small thinking, I had an Ah-ha! Moment and started making strikes. I still have to get back on track every now and again if I veer off the path, however.

    I love how you were so transparent in the video and were willing be vulnerable like that. I also “mucked around for far too long…” so I can relate to what you did because I did the same thing!

    Your point about using Google to find things that you don’t know… very well taken. I consider YouTube and Google as my friends and have learned to become resourceful over the years, but wasn’t always this independent.

    I used to FLING an email back to my coach at the first minute I didn’t understand something….Of course, now I know that I need to do my best to research the answer using the free tools available to me FIRST, then cry out for help if needed. All in the growing time.

    Thanks for your warm and friendly video message, Sue – I felt like I’d known you all my life, which is pretty rare for me to say….So awesome job!

    I’ll be back. 🙂
    Carol Amato

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hello Carol

      Welcome to my blog and for your very thoughtful comment.

      I am guessing you live in the USA but forgive me if not. Australia is a great place and we are mostly friendly. I have many friends from the USA and have been there quite a few times. Once on a lovely vacation for 6 weeks and all other trips business.

      I agree with you that mindset is I am sure about 90% of how successful we become. It is amazing so many people pay little attention to it. You are not alone most of us had to break though smaller thinking to get some better results.

      I smile at your comment of how you used to email your coach for any little thing. I hope your coach told you to use Google or YouTube to find your answer 🙂 I as like you though but sometimes we just need to learn to figure it out.

      I am glad you had such a connection with me Carol. Sometimes when we meet someone we feel we have known it is because there is a connection and we were meant to meet. Thank you again for your comment and hey nice to meet you.

      Have a great rest of your week 🙂


  4. Adrienne

    Oh Sue, spot on my friend. Without belief in who we are and what we can accomplish how can we expect to get anywhere.

    I love your story about being on stage and that people just gravitated toward you. People who are so confidence with what they’re doing is so contagious but that’s mainly because they believe so much in it.

    I’ve used the example numerous times back when I was in corporate America. I worked for small companies so they were always being bought, changing management or we saw the signs of bankruptcy on the wall. When those times appeared it was time to find yet another job so I would go in search of one with the shear confidence that I would not only find another one I enjoyed but would get a raise in the process. I had so many people doubt me along the way but I never doubted myself and each time I proved them wrong because I got exactly what I asked for. I believed with everything that I am that it would happen and it did.

    I didn’t sit on my hands and pray for someone to just find me, I had to do the work just like anything else in life. If people could just have that belief though that it’s on it’s way then it is. Why doubt it!

    Great message and I’m loving your new do! You are so cute Sue, thanks my friend and enjoy your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Learn From A SuperheroMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Adrienne

      I agree it is that solid belief that is contagious.

      I love your story about finding jobs. Your confidence and belief you would get what you wanted worked and as you say you did not sit around and pray for it to happen you took action. I must have interviewed 100s of people over my time in business. Confidence and people that believed in themselves were always more attractive candidates to me.

      Awe thanks for your kind words about my hair. I used to have is short for years and this is so easy.

      Thanks for your comment Adrienne and you too have a nice weekend. I am going to be working for a lot of mine.


  5. Gladys

    Hello Ms. Sue
    I trust you are doing well.
    First I want to say that I enjoyed your video. You are so precious. It shows that you believe in yourself.

    Core beliefs,positive or negative will determine our success in life.
    I love the pointers you gave. All are vital believing in ourself.

    As a child I was never taught to believe in myself, but thankfully I am a different person.
    Through the years, using any available tool that I was able to get my hands on, I started to believe that I am someone.

    Thank you for this awesome post.

    Gladys recently posted..Releasing The Past AttachmentsMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Gladys

      I am doing well. I trust you are too.

      Thanks for the feedback on my video. It is a topic I so relate to and I had been seeing people online talking themselves down.

      Oh I relate to what you say about not being taught to believe in yourself as a child. I was actually told not to show off if I showed too much confidence. How damaging is that type of thing? Took me a lot of work to get back on track.

      Thanks for your comment here Gladys.


  6. Barbara Charles

    Wow Sue. A powerful message. I can only piggyback on what you’ve already said. Belief is such a powerful motivator for success. It is necessary else we not achieve the things we need and want.

    Belief has been driving me all my life. I knew from a young age, that there was more for me. I didn’t recognize it as ‘belief’ at that time, but looking back I fully understand it was there and that I knew there was something more.

    I’ve always believed in ‘something’ more and still do. Our success depends upon it.

    Great job Sue.
    Have a good week.
    Barbara Charles recently posted..Three Reasons Your Internet Marketing Business Can FailMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Barbara

      Interesting that you knew from a young age there was more for you. I always had big dreams and lived a lot of my childhood in fantasy land. I now share your belief of something more to do and be. I think it is a healthy way to live our lives.

      Thanks for your comment here Barbara.

      Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Angela McCall

    Hi Sue,

    What a beautiful message on your video!! 🙂

    I am a number one believer of “Believe in yourself” and what you can do. You know this reminds me of that little cute cartoon movie…a train that’s going up on the hill and saying, “I know I can…I know I can…I know I can…”

    Yourself is the number one enemy and obstacle for not achieving success! The Power of Mental Psychology of believing in one self is tremendous. Some people do not realize this. Every single success there is…is truly just by believing in yourself.

    Anyway, just passing through. Saw your post at Donna’s and so I thought your link there caught my attention. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Angela McCall recently posted..Video Blogging Challenge 16 | How to Do a Cheap PodcastMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Angela

      Thanks for your comment on my video.

      Ah I remember that cartoon and yes it such a good message.

      I love how you have said it so simply that every single success is truly just by believing in ourselves. We see it in athletes so visually but it applies to all success as you say.

      I am glad you saw me on Donna’s blog and came to visit. I appreciate it and your comment Angela. You too have a great weekend.


  8. Surya Tejaswini

    Believing in ourselves and loving ourselves is the first best thing that we should do to ourselves. Unless and until we believe that we are going to do something, how can others give you a chance to do 🙂 . Just Believing in ourselves could make wonders like never before. I believe it very strongly 🙂
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Surya

      Welcome to my blog. I can see you agree with my message and love how you have put it here.

      Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day.


  9. di

    Hi Sue,

    Your comment of having a daily mode is so important to me to get on track everyday and stay on track everyday. It really is a daily mode of operation and one that takes time and experimentation to establish that cements this believe that we can do this.

    It is so much easier to believe in our products and services than ourselves. We are moving beings that need daily nourishing and reminders hey!
    Thanks Sue for this post
    di recently posted..What is a visionMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Di

      Yes a daily mode of operation is so important but somehow since I have come online I have not been so good at sticking to mine. I am getting better 🙂

      I agree Di it is easier to believe in our products than ourselves at times, especially when we are learning. I think as long as we have a belief we will get there and that we are moving towards our goals we will get there. It is when I hear people saying disempowering things like “I will never be able to do this” I get concerned. As no they won’t if they affirm that.

      Thanks for your comment Di. Have a great week.


  10. Lisa Magoulas

    What a beautiful message. As you know, I’m in the wellnes industry and I find so many people who don’t believe in themselves. It’s very sad, actually. I try to work with my clients to learn to love themselves first and foremost. Once they can accomplish that, then they usually branch out to believing in themselves. I have always been the type of person to set a goal and follow through. There may be bumps along the way, but I use them as learning curves and I move forward. Thank you for sharing. P.S. I love when you do videos, your warm, caring personality comes through and I love your accent. 🙂 Have a great week. Lisa
    Lisa Magoulas recently posted..The Magic 9-Letter WordMy Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Lisa

      I think wellness is very much about loving ourselves. It is sad to see what people do to themselves and I it is great that people like you are there to help them. I am sure you get so much satisfaction by helping people.

      Thank you so much for you comments on my videos Lisa. I so appreciate that. It is funny really because we have so much American movies and television here in Australia we become very used to all types of American accents. I mean I know a Texan as opposed to someone from Carolina etc. But you guys never hear many Aussies.

      Thanks for your comment Lisa and you too have a great and successful week.


      1. Lisa Magoulas

        Hi Sue,
        Thank you. I do get such gratification when I’ve helped someone. It means the world to me. Funny you mention our accents. I was in Vegas last year at a conference and someone asked me if I was from Western Massachusetts. I asked how he knew? People always know Boston accents, which is Eastern Massachusetts. He said he could hear my accent. I laughed and said I had no idea I had an accent. 🙂 Enjoy your week Sue. Here’s to your success and prosperity. Lisa
        Lisa Magoulas recently posted..The Magic 9-Letter WordMy Profile

        1. Sue Price Post author

          Lisa I love that the guy recognized your accent. It amazes me that Australia is such a big country in size but people all talk pretty much the same and you guys have such variances. 🙂

          You too have a successful finish to your week Lisa.

  11. Ravi Chahar

    Hi Sue,

    Such an amazing post.

    From starting I am learning that If we believe in ourselves then no one can stop us to achieve our goal.
    My Mom always says that if I believe that I will be the one for whom people will appreciate my parents then I will. The only condition is to do hard work.

    Having blind faith is not the key to get success.
    Believing in ourselves and the hard work we do decides the rate of our growth. We will see how near we will reach to our goal with the belief that one day we will be there.

    Thanks a lot for this post.

    Hope you are having fun this weekend.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted..How To use CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin For Free?My Profile

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Ravi

      Your mom sounds very wise. Yes there is work to do to achieve whatever we want in life. Blind faith will not work for sure.

      I did have a nice weekend thanks Ravi.

      Thanks for your comment here and you have a successful week.


  12. Monika Sharma

    Believe in Yourself is such a great & strong power of the world ! I have seen the people who Believe in Yourself, Just He & She is successful ! We have a great example of your Legends peoples ! Legends Believe in Yourself & they become Legends !

    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Monika

      Yes believing in ourselves is such a powerful thing to do and so liberating.

      Thanks for your comment here.


  13. Mark

    Great advice Sue!

    Although it may not seem like probable, but we do actually have to learn to believe in ourselves and our abilities!

    It’s not automatic. And if we don’t reinforce the right internal messages, it’s so much harder to develop the right mindset.

    Developing belief in ourselves truly is a full time undertaking! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
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    1. Sue Price Post author

      Hi Mark,

      I actually think when we were all born I am sure we believed in ourselves. Watching kids as toddlers they have a go at anything. It it the bumps and hurdles along the way that take that wonderful confidence from many of us. Then as you say we have to learn and reinforce internal messages.

      Thanks for your comment here Mark and I hope you are having a great week.