5 Tips for Success in Your Business

I heard these 5 tips for success in your business on a live webinar last week. I share the tip then expand it with my perspective. tips for success

There are many people who have written on this subject but somehow some of the fundamentals do not get followed.  Even when we know them!

The person running the webinar was Vick Strizheus and it was actually a Q & A session on generating traffic on the internet.  The questions being asked led to Vick summarizing his tips for success.

5 Tips for Success in Your Business

Tip 1

Vick’s advice – Improve yourself first.  Be the best version of yourself you can be every single day. Be the person others would like to be.  Be emotionally fit, physically fit, and mentally fit.

Vick shared that he goes into “wisdom accumulation mode” at least once a month where he spends a day accumulating more wisdom.

My take – Great advice and I agree this is the most things we need to do to succeed.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know I am a great believer in the importance of our mindset and personal growth.

I have been blessed to be around personal development in a variety of formats for most of my life.

The business I am part of has as part of its core commitments to read daily and listen to a daily audio. I am not referring to the newspaper here 🙂 ,   to read something that expands your mind and listen to an uplifting audio.

I have worked with and know many very successful people and they all are keen readers and learners.

Tip 2

Vick’s advice – Be resourceful.  He said it is very simple to make money on the internet but people are not successful because they are normally not being resourceful. He was referring to finding your own answers and that will make you a step ahead of your competition.

My take – it is about finding a way and going for it. The internet can be very confusing when we are new and it is very easy to go into overwhelm.

Google and YouTube are such great resources. If we do not know how to do something we can always find out by searching these two for starters.

Tip 3

Vick’s advice – Decide to not be typical. If you do what others are not willing to do life will be easier.

He suggests we should read for 30 minutes a day, listen to audio for 30 minutes a day and do this for 30 days straight and see what happens.

My take – Well I have never been typical so to me that is just common sense. But for many people I know they like to fit in.

Chances are if you are building an internet business you are more likely to be like me and willing to be different and take some risks.

Tip 4

Vick’s advice – Do Stuff! But the right stuff. Ask yourself what is the 2% of activity you need to do to get the 98% results. Focus on what matters in business, meaning the income producing activities.

My take – common sense really but how many of us do not do this.  In my offline businesses I was really clear on what it was that made money and what needed to be done first. Online I need to be really careful not to waste time on things that do not matter.

I know people who have built businesses to 6 figures a year part time on the internet and say they did it in 2 hours a day. So it clearly can be done.

Tip 5

Vick’s advice – Expect to win and expect greatness!  Study in your niche and become great.

My take – what we expect we will normally get.

A simple example of this is getting a parking spot. tips for success

If we are going somewhere busy and tell ourselves we will never find parking – chances are we will not.

But if we tell ourselves we will find a spot easily and visualize it happening we will most likely get it.

The parking works for me 98% of the time.  The other 2% of times is when I allow that little voice to tell me how really busy it is – you know that voice J

Do you think these 5 tips for success in your business are useful?

I know there are books and articles naming many more than 5 but I loved the simplicity of these 5 tips.

Do you think any of these 5 tips is more important than the others? Do you have any more tips for success in business?

Make it a great day.







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